University of South Alabama Biomedical Library Newsletter Issue #62 Fall 2004

In This Issue:
Message From the Director
Welcome all new students and faculty and welcome back all you returnees. The Bio- medical Library faculty and staff are once again ready to provide you with the best medical library services and resources that we can.
We have undergone some serious budget “adjustments” due to financial difficulties and have had to drop many titles, both electronic and print. However, we still have a very viablecollection and we’re sure you will be pleased with what is available. We have over 4,000 journal titles, including about 3,000 in full-text, electronic format. Web of Science, a popular and useful resource albeit very expensive, is being cancelled due to lack of funds to pay for it.
WOS costs the library between $80,000 and $100,000 per year. We still have Science Direct that has virtually all of the Elsevier titles in electronic format. You will be able to access most E titles from anywhere that has an Internet connection.
Over the summer a number of improvements have taken place with our services. Of special interest to our distance education students, we now offer “Live Chat” wherein userscan connect to our system, using their computer, and carry on live chats with a librarian to ask questions or seek any help needed. Librarians can “push” searches or web pages to users.
We are close to replacing all the older Xerox copy machines with new, digital units. With these units you will even be able to print from any of the library PCs. This will be much faster than printing to the current printers.
We hope you have a good year and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any -- Tom Williams
Library Opening at Knollwood
Within a few weeks we expect to be opening our branch library at Knollwood Hospital. It will be primarily an electronic library in that there will be few print materials. But there will bePC workstations to access all of the library’s online resources, including full text journals. The facility will be staffed for a few hours certain days of the week. Check our library webpage for specific times . The library will be located in the hos- pital building, first floor, where the Doctor’s Lounge currently is. The lounge has been reno-vated to divide the room. Half will be the library and the other half will remain as the Doctor’sLounge. Although the lounge will still be available to physicians only, the library section will beopen to students, faculty and staff, including hospital medical personnel.
-- Tom Williams
Journal Costs
The Biomedical Library recently cut 107 print journal subscriptions in order to have a balanced budget. A list of targeted journals, developed based on usage, was submitted to the faculty for review. The final list resulted in a savings of $37,104.
However, this is less than 5% of our total journal costs for 2005.
Another way that we have determined that can save costs is to convert from print to electronic whenever possible. This was done for 30 titles this year, for a savings of approximately $2,835. A recent study by the Council on Library andInformation Resources looked at the cost of print subscriptions vs. the cost of electronic subscriptions. The authors lookedat costs, excluding subscription fees for print and electronic formats at 11 institutions of various sizes. They found that “overtime, non-subscription costs are lower, on a per-title basis, in electronic than in print format.” The authors note that the costof long-term archiving of the electronic journals was not factored into the analysis. Another study published in D-Lib Maga-zine in October 2002 indicated that when all costs are considered, electronic journals are more cost effective than bound printjournals on a per use basis – over 7 times more cost effective. In addition to storage space, print journals also incur bindingcosts and manpower to re-shelve after use. Feedback from USA faculty indicates that they prefer electronic over print. For2006, the journal subscriptions will be reviewed to see if other titles can be converted from print to electronic. One obstaclethat will have to be overcome is that not all publishers supply statistics for electronic journal usage.
A recent report on journal costs (Library Journal, April 15, 2004) indicated that the average cost of a journal for 2004 in the health sciences is $975. This is an increase of 10% since 2003 and an increase of 39% since 2000. According to a study fromthe Association of Research Libraries, the cost of journals has risen more than three times the rate of inflation since the1980’s.
--Judy Burnham
Staff News
General Information:
August 16, 2004 -
January 9, 2005
Geneva Staggs exhibited health infor-
Charles M. Baugh Library (Campus)
Medical Center Site (1st floor Mastin Building)
Tom Williams, Clista Clanton and
Secretary, Bonnie Seibert (251) 460-6885 Public Services and Education:
Justin Robertson, along with other
Children’s and Women’s Site
Vittles; The Southern Chapter Com- Holiday and Extended Hours
The libraries will be closed Labor Day. For library hours around Thanksgiving, Christmas and New cences, will go on sale at the upcoming Regional and Technical Services:
held in Biloxi, MS, Oct 21-25, 2004.
Extended hours for finals will be Dec 3-4 and 10- 11. Campus location will be open until 10:00pm.
BIOFEEDBACK, New Series, Issue #62, Fall 2004
Biofeedback, the Biomedical Library Newsletter, a publication of the University of South Alabama Biomedical Library, is published at irregular intervals. Editor: Geneva Staggs. Contributors to this issue were Judy Burnham, Clista Clanton, Jie Li, Michael Lindsay, JustinRobertson, Geneva Staggs, Diane Williams and Tom Williams. Comments should be addressed to Geneva Staggs, Biomedical Library,University of South Alabama, Mobile, AL 36688-0002 or by email at:
Need Access for Your
Internet Basics
to limit the number of users that can access navigation, printing & saving, searching, our electronic resources at one time. How- ever, if you have an class assignment for yourstudents that requires access to one of the OVID CINAHL
Classes Offered, (251) 460-7045, so Classes Web Page:
we can try to temporarily add some access
Medical Specialties
Pages Get an Update
The Biomedical Library’s Medical Special- ties pages ( specialt/index.html) are currently under “reno- vations.” New links are being added, broken ones repaired and the pages are also getting a new look. These pages have been created by Advantage Internet:
the departmental library liaisons (see: http:// Searching & Evaluating
index.html) in an effort to highlight valuable online resources dedicated to particular medi- cal specialties/careers (e.g. Neurology, Adult Health Nursing, Cardiorespiratory Care etc.).
Workshops for Research Assis-
The links in these pages have been carefully tants & Secretaries
reviewed and selected by the biomedical librar- ians to ensure reliability and informational value.
Library's resources and services, includ- We value your opinion and urge you to let us know how we can make these pages as use- ful and accurate as possible. Please send com- ments to: or the par- ticular library liaison responsible for the page -- Justin Robertson
and create bibliographies in-stantly and automatically in yourword processor.
Dissertation and Thesis Writers
Reference Manager
The accuracy of references in these documents is as important to future re- search as it is to the academic credibility and reputation of the author and the In order to insure the accuracy of your references, bring your reference pages by the library to have them checked by a librarian before submitting your paper for For more information contact Geneva Bush Staggs at (251) 460-6890 or
erences and prepare formattedin-text citations and biblio- Open Access News
According to the Besthesda Statement (, open access journals must 1. The author(s) and copyright holder(s) grant(s) to all users a free, irrevocable, worldwide, perpetual right of access to, and a license to copy, use, distribute, transmit and display the work publicly and to make and distribute derivative works, in anydigital medium for any responsible purpose, subject to proper attribution of authorship as well as the right to make smallnumbers of printed copies for their personal use.
2. A complete version of the work and all supplemental materials, including a copy of the permission as stated above, in a suitable standard electronic format is deposited immediately upon initial publication in at least one online repository that issupported by an academic institution, scholarly society, government agency, or other well-established organization that seeksto enable open access, unrestricted distribution, interoperability, and long-term archiving (for the biomedical sciences, PubMedCentral is such a repository).
Open Access journals are becoming important in the scientific world. Below are some recent updates concerning Open *Some journals, i.e., Neurobiology of Lipids, are making a search box available on their web site to search PubMed *Elias Zerhouni, NIH Director suggested in a recent meeting with scientific journal publishers that all articles based in NIH-funded research will soon have to be available for free. ( -- Judy Burnham
Mobile MerckMedicus
Systematic Reviews
Mobile MerckMedicus comes with the Merck- A systematic review has a clearly formulated question that uses Medicus ( Any health care systematic and explicit methods to identify, select and critically ap- professionals may register for MerckMedicus free.
praise relevant research, and to collect and analyze data from the Mobile MerckMedicus contains the Merck studies that are included in the review. A study reported in BMC Manual, Pocket Guide to Diagnostic Tests, Reuters Medicine ( Medical News, and Journal Abstracts. Users may 2.pdf) indicated that 80% of the systematic reviews published by also input terms for future MEDLINE searches on clinical scientists are published in about 11% of the journals. The MerckMedicus. It requires Palm OS 3.0 or higher, twenty clinical journals that published the most systematic reviews 8.0MB free memory for Mobile MerckMedicus and 1.0 MB for Mobile MerckMedicus Lite (with- out Merck Manual). For Pocket PC, it requires 9.0MB free memory for Mobile MerckMedicus and 1.2MB for Mobile MerckMedicus Lite.
TheraDoc Antibiotic Assistant is available through MerckMedicus. TheraDoc Antibiotic As- sistant provides the clinician the ability to generate a patient-specific and disease-specific evidence- based antibiotic recommendation. The clinician can enter key patient demographic information and then by answering a series of disease specific questions, -- Judy Burnham
receive an antibiotic recommendation tailored to theneeds of the patient. The Antibiotic Assistant is a “My guess is about 300 years until computers are as good tool that can provide true point of care clinical deci- as, say, your local reference library in doing search. But we can sion support. TheraDoc Antibiotic Assistant requires make slow and steady progress, and maybe one day we will get Palm OS 3.0 or higher, and at least 1.9MB free --Craig Silverstein, Google director of technology,
Evidence-Based Medicine Resources
Evidence-based medicine (EBM) has been defined as the “conscientious, explicit, and judicious use of current best evidence in making decisions about the care of individual patients. The practice of evidence-based medicine means inte-grating individual clinical expertise with the best available external clinical evidence from systematic research.”1 The bio-medical library subscribes to a variety of EBM resources, a few of which are described below: Cochrane Library: A regularly updated collection of evidence-based medicine databases, including the Cochrane Databaseof Systematic Reviews and the Database of Reviews of Effectiveness (DARE), two databases that contain systematicreviews. Systematic reviews are summaries of the medical literature that use explicit methods to perform a thoroughliterature search and critical appraisal of individual studies and then use appropriate statistical techniques to combine thesevalid studies. They can be a very important tool in the practice of EBM, as they give a specific answer to a specificquestion. The Cochrane databases are available under Databases/Resources on the Biomedical Library’s web site.
ACP Journal Club: The editors of ACP Journal Club screen the top clinical journals on a regular basis, identifying studiesthat are both methodologically sound and clinically relevant. Enhanced abstracts of the chosen articles are written, providinga commentary on the value of the article for clinical practice. This source can be used by clinicians to quickly understandand apply important changes in medical knowledge, without having to read and synthesize for themselves thousands ofjournal articles. Check SOUTHcat for locations.
Clinical Evidence: Based on thorough searches and appraisal of the literature, Clinical Evidence summarizes the currentstate of knowledge and uncertainty about the prevention and treatment of clinical conditions. It describes the best availableevidence from systematic reviews, random clinical trials and observational studies where appropriate, and if there is nogood evidence it will state so. Check SOUTHcat for locations.
Evidence-Based Practice: This newsletter from the American Academy of Family Physicians addresses the most importantquestions asked by practicing family physicians, using the best sources of evidence in a brief, clinically relevant format. Theanswers are explained by members of the Family Practice Inquiries Network, a national consortium of academic andpracticing family physicians, medical librarians, and others dedicated to translating research into practice. Available at theMedical Center Library (Mastin).
Evidence-Based Gastroenterology: The editorial board of this journal evaluates all of the latest developments by systematicallysearching a core group of more than 40 journals for each quarterly issue. Key studies are summarized on one page withconcise structured abstracts and editorial commentaries. In-depth subject reviews are also included that examine theevidence supporting different therapeutic options for specific gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases. Methodology reviewsshow how to incorporate evidence-based guidelines into practice, and offer new insights into cost-effectiveness analyses,case-control studies, and randomized clinical trials. Available online under the Online Journals & Books link of the BiomedicalLibrary’s web site.
1 Sackett DL, Rosenberg WMC, Gray JAM, Haynes RB, Richardson WS. Evidence-based medicine: what it is and what it isn’t. BMJ 1996; 312: 71-2.
--Clista Clanton
STAT!Ref has recently upgraded your online product! New features: “Include Related Concepts” search function; the addition of concept expansion details on the Search Summary page; a “Did You Mean:” spelling suggestion on the Resultspage for incorrect spelling of search terms; improved Alternative Terms page to allow selection of replacements for multipleterms; and the ability to expand/collapse bibliographic information at the bottom of content documents.
In addition to these features, users will now be asked to agree to terms of use for STAT!Ref. This feature has been implemented to protect institutions from possible end-user misuse. Users will see an End-User License Agreement (EULA)at the beginning of their session. They will only see this once per user, per machine, and usage can resume by simply clicking“Agree.” -- Judy Burnham
It’s Your Collection
In spite of Alabama’s current financially challenging situation, the Biomedi- cal Library remains committed to providing the best collection possible. With that in mind, we want to encourage our students and faculty to suggest booksthat should be added to our collection. If you can think of a book that is related B = Baugh Biomedical Library
to medicine, nursing, and the various allied health disciplines, don’t be shy, feel CW = Children’s & Women’s
There are a variety of ways in which you can make book requests. You can: MC = Medical Center Library
Ref = indicates Reference Collection
· Send an email to Michael Lindsay at, with the book’s name, author and publication date and why you think it should be QS HUMAN ANATOMY
QS 677 W721 2003 [B]
· Call our Reference Desk at 460-7044.
Williams syndrome / edited by Carolyn B.
Mervis. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates,2003.
· Drop by the Biomedical Library and give us a note with the book’s QZ PATHOLOGY
· Complete the materials request form at: QZ 50 S559g 1997 [B]
Genetics, syndromes, and communica-tion disorders / Robert J. Shprintzen.
If you have any questions regarding book requests, please call Michael Lind- QZ 267 C5186 2001 [MC]
The chemotherapy source book / edited by
Michael C. Perry. 3rd ed. Lippincott Will-
iams & Wilkins, 2001.
Maassen. Oxford University Press, 2004.
QZ 269 R1291 2003 [MC]
WV 255 D464v 2004 [B]
Radiation oncology : rationale, technique, WM PSYCHIATRY
results. / edited by James D. Cox, K. Kian treatment / Alan Desmond. Thieme, 2004.
WM 475 E93 2004 [B]
Evidence-based treatment of stuttering :
WV 270 D633m 2001 [MC]
empirical bases and clinical applications / Medical-legal evaluation of hearing loss / edited by Anne K. Bothe. L. Erlbaum, 2004.
edited by Robert A. Dobie. 2nd ed. Singular, WI 149 M6647 2000 [MC]
WV 270 M821i 2003 [B]
WN 110 C457n 2004 [MC]
WL 13 M679 2004 [B - Ref]
disorders / edited by Raymond D. Kent.
MIT Press, 2004.
WT 145 H234 2000 [B]
WX 173 W824m 2001 [MC]
WL 340.2 C614 2004 [B]
edited by Fergus I.M. Craik, Timothy A.
for electronic transmission, privacy, and security of health information / Scott C.
disorders : theoretical issues and clinical Hans van Balkom. Lawrence ErlbaumAssociates, 2004.
Did you Know?
• You can access Lancet electronically via ScienceDirect all the way WL 340.2 S7422 2004 [B]
back to Volume 1, Issue1 - October 5, 1823 Quality PDA Software for Physicians
Pocket Consult
On July 1, MDConsult released its updated version of MDC Mobile: Pocket Consult-the handheld resource. Registered userids may access Pocket Consult from MDConsult or go to If you have questions about accessto MDConsult or Pocket Consult, please contact the Biomedical Library.
What is available on Pocket Consult?
·Access to Mosby’s Drug Consult with over 900 drug monographs
·Mosby’s Drug IX, a drug interaction tool
·20 Free Medical Calculators
·Ability to store and record searches of MD Consult
·Access to abstracts and Tables of Contents from over 400 Journals on PubMed
·Health news and Drug Updates from MD Consult
How is Pocket Consult accessed?
After logging into MD Consult, click on the “My PDA” button located in the upper right of the MD Consult screen. First
time users will have to create a new Pocket Consult account. Then follow the following four steps. Registered users will betaken into their personal Pocket Consult account.
What are the requirements for Pocket Consult?
·Operating System: Windows NT, 2000, 98, ME, or XP
·Free Hard Drive Space: 8MB
·Browser: Internet Explorer 5 or higher (it does not work on Netscape)
·Mobile Device: Minimum 1.5MB of free space
·Mobile Conduit: HotSync 4.1 or Active Sync 3.7.1
·Memory Sticks Supported: CompactFlash, SecureDigital and Sony Memory Stick external storage cards
More from
·Can search journal citations with the focus based on diagnosis, etiology, prog- ·Over 1000 new patient education handouts added ·Clinical Insights added under Current Practice – gives prevalent thinking on ·Printing will now expand images to full size and users will be able to specify ·A “Sort By” dropdown box will make sorting easier -- Judy Burnham
Faculty Publications
Listed below are journal publications by USA faculty indexed in MEDLINE, CINAHL, and Current Contents for May through August 20, 2004. Department chairs are asked to submit citations of recent publications by their department mem-bers. If we missed your latest contribution to the literature, please notify the Editor so it can be included in a future listing. Newfaculty are encouraged to submit their latest publications to the Editor (
Adeniji OA. Barnett CB. Di Palma JA. Dura- Fell DW. Progressing therapeutic intervention King K. Wood BS. Enochs PE. Rodning CB.
bility of the diagnosis of irritable bowel in patients with neuromuscular disorders: a Tensionless spigelian herniorrhaphy using a syndrome based on clinical criteria. Digestive framework to assist clinical decision making.
bilayered prosthetic patch: historical, ana- Diseases & Sciences. 49(4):572-4, 2004 Apr.
Journal of Neurological Physical Therapy.
tomical, diagnostic, and operative perspec- Alaibadi Z. Ezell OL. Preventing and treating tives. International Surgery. 89(2):107-14, diabetic foot ulcers. Clinical Advisor. 7(3):28, Gard AL. Gavin E. Solodushko V. Pennica D.
Cardiotrophin-1 in choroid plexus and the King J. Ofori-Acquah S. Stevens T. Al-Mehdi Alam MS. Goh SF. Three-dimensional fringe- cerebrospinal fluid circulatory system.
AB. Potential role for activated leukocyte cell adjusted joint transform correlation. Applied Gebb S. Stevens T. On lung endothelial cell metastasis to the lung microcirculation. Chest.
Alexeyev MF. Roberts RA. Daugherty RM.
heterogeneity. Microvascular Research.
Koo JH. Gill S. Pannell LK. Menco BPM.
mutagenesis and thiol modification of the Gerges NZ. Tran IC. Backos DS. Harrell JM.
Margolis JW. Margolis FL. The interaction of Rickettsia prowazekii ATP/ADP translocase: Chinkers M. Pratt WB. Esteban JA. Indepen- Bex and OMP reveals a dimer of OMP with a evidence that transmembrane regions I and II, dent functions of hsp90 in neurotransmitter short half-life. Journal of Neurochemistry.
but not III, are structural components of the release and in the continuous synaptic cycling aqueous translocation channel. Biochemistry.
of AMPA receptors. Journal of Neuroscience.
Krieg T. Yang XM. Downey JM. Schaffer SW.
Cohen MV. Augmented taurine release is not Ali S. Davidson DL. Gremse DA. Comparison the mechanism of ischemic preconditioning’s of fentanyl versus meperidine for analgesia in advances in critical care. Current Surgery.
cardioprotection. Amino Acids. 26(3):263-6, pediatric gastrointestinal endoscopy. Digestive Diseases & Sciences. 49(5):888-91, 2004.
Gremse DA. Donnelly JR. Kukulka MJ. Lloyd Lee RR. Treating sports injuries of weekend Balczon R. Wilson M. Bhatnagar YM. Analysis E. Lee C. A novel option for dosing of proton warriors. Clinical Advisor. 7(4):38-9, 43-4, 46, pump inhibitors: dispersion of lansoprazole Chromosoma. 112(2):96-102, 2003 Aug.
orally disintegrating tablet in water via oral Li J. Free quality PDA software for physicians.
Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Therapeutics. 19(11):1211-5, 2004 Jun.
kinase expression by inflammatory cytokines Gross KL. Cioffi EA. Scammell JG. Increased in vascular smooth muscle cells. American activity of the calcineurin-nuclear factor of esterase 5 inhibitor therapies: what’s on the Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology.
activated T cells pathway in squirrel monkey horizon? Molecular Pharmacology. 66(1):11- Casado B. Pannell LK. Viglio S. Iadarola P.
(TM). In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Maggon K. Barik S. New drugs and treatment Baraniuk JN. Analysis of the sinusitis nasal Biology-Animal. 40(1-2):57-63, 2004.
for respiratory syncytial virus. Reviews in lavage fluid proteome using capillary liquid Haist SA. Griffith CH. Hoellein AR. Talente G.
Medical Virology. 14(3):149-68, 2004.
chromatography interfaced to electrospray Malmstrom RR. Kiene RP. Cottrell MT.
ionization-quadrupole time of flight-tandem students’ sexual history inquiry and HIV counseling with an interactive workshop using bacteria to dissolved dimethylsulfoniopro- standardized patients. Journal of General pionate and amino acid uptake in the North Internal Medicine. 19(5):549-53, 2004 May Atlantic ocean. Applied and Environmental immunogenicity of oncofetal antigen/immature Microbiology. 70(7):4129-35, 2004 Jul.
laminin receptor protein. Cancer Research.
Hsia CCW. Berberich MA. Driscoll B. Laubach VE. Lillehei CW. Massaro C. Perkett EA.
Daugherty RM. Linka N. Audia JP. Urbany C.
RW. Mankad VN. Perivascular fibrosis in the bone marrow in sickle cell disease. Archives of N. Warburton D. ATS. Mechanisms and limits Pathology & Laboratory Medicine.
of induced postnatal lung growth. American McGee DJ. Zabaleta J. Viator RJ. Testerman translocase of Rickettsia prowazekii. Journal Medicine. 170(3):319-43, 2004 Aug 1.
of Bacteriology. 186(10):3262-5, 2004 May.
Hubbard TJ. Kaminski TW. Vander Griend RA.
Dougherty FC. Donovan FM Jr. Townsley MI.
arginase, RocF: unique features among the Harmonic analysis of perfusion pumps.
mechanical laxity in the functionally unstable arginase superfamily. European Journal of Journal of Biomechanical Engineering.
ankle. Medicine and Science in Sports and Biochemistry. 271(10):1952-62, 2004 May.
Milanowski DJ. Gustafson KR. Rashid MA.
Faye RS. Aamdal S. Hoifodt HK. Jacobsen E.
Ihida-Stansbury K. McKean DM. Gebb SA.
Holstad L. Skovlund E. Fodstad O. Immuno- Martin JF. Stevens T. Nemenoff R. Akeson A.
magnetic detection and clinical significance of Vaughn J. Jones PL. Paired-related homeobox from the marine hydroid Gymnangium regae.
gene Prx1 is required for pulmonary vascular Journal of Organic Chemistry. 69(9):3036-42, melanoma patients. Clinical Cancer Research.
Pai HV. Kommaddi RP. Chinta SJ. Mori T.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Shift From Print
Rohling ML. Williamson DJ. Miller LS.
Journals to
Battery to diagnose brain damage: a compari- demethylates codeine to morphine. Journal of son of the predictive power of traditional Electronic Access
Biological Chemistry. 279(26):27383-9, 2004 techniques to Rohling’s Interpretive Method.
Clinical Neuropsychologist. 17(4):531-43, D. Pacheco J. Garcia F. Manjon M. Girones Sayner SL. Frank DW. King J. Chen HR.
the library in terms of providing journals induced lung endothelial hyperpermeability revealed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa Exoy.
quick glance at the last Biofeedback tells hypercholesterolemia is an early risk factor Circulation Research. 95(2):196-203, 2004.
Sjoholm A. ALLHAT: a critical assessment.
•91% of the Library’s material budget pathology. Neurology. 61(2):199-205, 2003 allocated for periodicals in 2003-2004.
Pearsall AW. Stokes DA. Russell GV. Internal jugular deep venous thrombosis after surgical with cirrhosis. Southern Medical Journal.
report and review of the literature. Journal of Summers JB. Kaminski J. Inadequate staple Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 13(4):459-62, removal a concern for burn specialists and radiologists. Burns. 30(5):502, 2004 Aug.
Philipp S. Dietz R. Willenbrock R. OCTAVE and OPERA: discordance in antihypertensive good case reports. Journal of Orthopaedic & treatment. Herz. 29(3):266-70, 2004 May.
Sports Physical Therapy. 34(7):410, 2004.
Pruitt WC. Clinical perspectives. Speaking, plugging, and decannulation: caring for the against oxidative stress in murine macrophage patient with a tracheostomy. AARC Times.
line cells and ischemia-reperfused lungs.
American Journal of Physiology - Regulatory obtain journals. With this in mind, we will Integrative and Comparative Physiology.
bronchoscopy. RT: The Journal for Respira- sible from print to electronic, where that tory Care Practitioners. 16(6):34-5, 2003.
and efficacy of finasteride for treatment of hirsutism. Annals of Pharmacotherapy.
JM. Exogenous NO triggers preconditioning nal that you feel must be kept in print.
Tucker JA. Spock A. Spicer SS. Shelburne JD.
mechanism. American Journal of Physiology- and I can be reached by telephone at (251) zymogen material in cystic fibrosis. Ultra- structural Pathology. 27(5):323-35, 2003.
Qin AP. Tucker AM. Hines A. Wood DO.
--Michael Lindsay
reactive oxygen species. Journal of Physiol- intracellular pathogen Rickettsia prowazekii.
*Van Orsdel L, Born K. Closing in on Open Access.
Library Journal, 129(7):45-50, April 15, 2004.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology.
University of South Alabama Headache Center.
Headache as an initial symptom of basilar Rachek LI. Grishko VI. Alexeyev MF. Pastukh VV. LeDoux SP. Wilson GL. Endonuclease III inhibits T cell proliferation and reduces the and endonuclease VIII conditionally targeted University of South Alabama Headache Center.
expression of the TCR zeta-chain (CD3 zeta).
Journal of Immunology. 173(1):586-93, 2004.
negative CT, positive MRI. Headache.
Zhu B. Kelly J. Vemavarapu L. Thompson WJ.
oxidative stress. Nucleic Acids Research.
Strada SJ. Activation and induction of cyclic University of South Alabama Headache Center.
Reilly JP. Kaminski J. Summers JB. The three An alarming triad: diabetes, facial pain, and pulmonary microvascular endothelial cells.
R’s: radiation for restenotic renals? Southern evidence of infection. Headache. 44(7):722, Biochemical Pharmacology. 68(3):479-91, 2004 Medical Journal. 96(11):1094-5, 2003, Nov.
Retzlaff-Roberts D. Chang CF. Rubin RM.
Varner JM. ASNA independent study activity- Ziel KA. Campbell CC. Wilson GL. Gillespie Technical efficiency in the use of health care MN. Ref-1/Ape is critical for formation of the resources: a comparison of OECD countries.
hypoxia-inducible transcriptional complex on Health Policy. 69(1):55-72, 2004 Jul.
Yuskiv N. Andelin CO. Polischuk S. Shevchuk Rezk Y. Huff C. Rizk B. Effect of glutamine O. Sosynyuk Z. Vihovska T. Yevtushok L.
pulmonary artery endothelial cell VEGF gene.
FASEB Journal. 18(6):NIL-116-NIL-132, 2004.
ment in vitro. American Journal of Obstetrics neural tube defects in Ukraine. Birth Defects Zweifler RM. Voorhees ME. Mahmood MA.
& Gynecology. 190(5):1450-4, 2004 May.
Ritchie MH. Fillmore RA. Lausch RN. Oakes JE. A role for NF-kappa B binding motifs in hypothermia in nonintubated subjects. Journal the differential induction of chemokine gene CP. Rodriguez PC. Sierra RA. Correa P.
of Neurosurgical Anesthesiology. 16(3):232-5, expression in human corneal epithelial cells.
TOXNET Update (
TOXNET is a group of databases on toxicology, hazardous chemicals, and related areas. Databases included are: HSDB® (Hazardous Substances Data Bank) is a comprehensive, scientifically reviewed, factual database for
toxic or potentially toxic chemicals. It contains extensive information in such areas as toxicity, environmental fate, humanexposure, chemical safety, waste disposal, emergency handling, and regulatory requirements.
TOXLINE® is a bibliographic database covering the biochemical, pharmacological, physiological, and toxicologi-
cal effects of drugs and other chemicals.
ChemIDplus provides access to structure and nomenclature information for the identification of chemical sub-
stances cited in NLM databases. A new ChemIDplus Lite version is available for Name and Registry Number searchingwithout the need for plug-ins or applets.
IRIS (Integrated Risk Information System) is an online database that contains EPA carcinogenic and non-carci-
nogenic health risk assessment and regulatory information on over 500 chemicals. The risk assessment data have beenscientifically reviewed by groups of EPA scientists and represent EPA consensus. IRIS also contains literature refer-ences.
ITER (International Toxicity Estimates for Risk) contains data in support of human health risk assessments.
ITER provides a comparison of international risk assessment information in a side-by-side format and explains differencesin risk values derived by different organizations TRI (Toxic Chemical Release Inventory) contains information on the annual estimated releases of toxic chemi-
cals to the environment for the reporting years 1987-2001.
CCRIS (Chemical Carcinogenesis Research Information System) is a factual data bank that contains evaluated
data and information, derived from both short and long-term bioassays on over 8,000 chemicals. Studies relate to carcino-gens, mutagens, tumor promoters, cocarcinogens, metabolites and inhibitors of carcinogens.
GENE-TOX is a data bank with genetic toxicology test results on over 3,000 chemicals.
DART®/ETIC (Developmental and Reproductive Toxicology/Environmental Teratology Information Center) is
a bibliographic database covering teratology and developmental toxicology literature published since 1950.
Now three additional databases can be searched via TOXNET: HPD (Household Products Database) is a resource that provides information on the potential health effects of
chemicals contained in more than 4,000 common household products used inside and around the home.
Haz-Map® is an occupational toxicology database designed primarily for health and safety professionals, but also
for consumers seeking information about the health effects of exposure to chemicals at work. It links jobs and hazardoustasks with occupational diseases and their symptoms.
TOXMAP uses maps of the United States to show the amount and location of toxic chemicals released into the
--Judy Burnham
Impact of Health Information on the Internet An article in the July-September 2003 issue of the Journal of Medical Internet Research indicated that 85% of patients have come to the office visit with information obtained from the Internet. Some of the information obtained on the Internetby consumers may be inaccurate or biased. The AVOCADO mnemonic ( can help you and your patients determine the quality of health information from the Internet: Accuracy, Value, Organization, Coverage, Authority, Date and Objectivity
--Judy Burnham
.911 is a resource that incorporates content from Outlines in Clinical Medicine/
Medical Emergencies (OCM/911), The Medical Letter and the Centers for Dis- ease Control and Prevention (CDC) to provide medical professionals with the latestinformation on SARS and other potentially rapidly-spreading diseases, including bio-terrorism agents. It also includes all CDC-SARS health alerts, recommendedresponses, and an FAQ about SARS, along with the latest information on signs and symptoms, treatments, as well as specific recommendations for prevention and control. Other topics via .911 include information on bio-terrorist agents including Anthrax and Smallpox. This can serve as a reference for diagnosis to treatments to available vaccines, and provides doctors, nurses, EMTs and other medical profes- during hazardous materials incidents.
sionals information on these new threats on via their handheld computers at the ARTbeat provides continuously updated content with gold-standard medical
references. PCD is a free channel that’s included with every download of ARTbeat.
Additional free channels include: CDC Spotlights, MedWatch and Connections.
ARTbeat channels automatically smARTlinks with other channel information and with traditional “powered by Skyscape” reference content on the handheld.
Both resources can be downloaded from using Internet is currently available only on Palm OS.
--Judy Burnham
--Judy Burnham
In the pharmacy, at the office, at the hospital, in the classroom, in the examination room, while traveling – wherever you are, you can make informed medication decisions by insuring that you always have the best possible drug information resource on hand – ClinicalPharmacology OnHand. A ground breaking leader in cutting-edge electronic drug information, tools and delivery for over a decade, GoldStandard has leveraged its award-winning Clinical Pharmacology drug database and interactive technology to design an “OnHand”application that provides the most comprehensive drug information and medication management resource to fit on a PDA.
Written by pharmacists who have been formally trained in drug information, Clinical Pharmacology OnHand excels in providing up- to-date, peer-reviewed, clinically-relevant drug content and the necessary tools critical to efficient job performance, effective “think onyour feet” medication management skills, enhanced patient care for better health outcomes, and the avoidance of costly and hazardousmedication errors to safeguard patients and the healthcare professionals/organizations who care for them. Fast, reliable and easy-to-use,OnHand supplies you with a mountain of important, need-to-know drug data that fits right in your pocket, and instantly gives you theaccurate answers you need – when, where and how you need them.
Drug descriptions, indications, interactions, precautions/contraindications, classifications, adverse reactions, pregnancy/ lactation, administration and dosage forms/strengths Pediatric, adult, geriatric, hepatic and renal dosing, and dosage limits, specific to indication, including off-label uses Search capabilities by generic or brand name, indication, classification, precaution or adverse reaction Personal notes capabilities to save your individual reminders and records PLUS, you get a quick-acting, intuitive drug interactions report tool for checking combinations of prescription drugs, OTC, herbal andnutritional products for potential interactions – includes severity rankings and screening for lifestyle factors such as caffeine, food,alcohol, enteral feedings, grapefruit juice and tobacco.
Clinical Phamacolocy OnHand ( is available free for faculty and students of the University of SouthAlabama and can be downloaded when connected at a University IP authenticated site.
SOUTHmed Update
An article published in a 2004 issue of Quality and Safety in Healthcare revealed that librarians could improve the safety of medical care by participating in patient safety initiatives. With patient safety an emphasis by the Joint Commis-sion on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, the skills of a librarian would be an asset to hospitals. The articlestates that “A librarian’s expertise in accessing the evidence base could enhance the safety and appropriateness of carein a clinical environment.” Librarians could apply the knowledge management skills to enhance patient safety. Thisarticle recounts the incident at Johns Hopkins where a 24-year-old female volunteer died during the course of a researchstudy because an adequate literature search had not been conducted. These same knowledge management skills canalso contribute to the business side of medicine.
For information on how the SOUTHmed Information Network can provide you with library resources and services, contact Judy Burnham, or (251) 460-6888. SOUTHmed can provide searches of theliterature, copies of articles, training sessions and much more. Information on SOUTHmed can be found at -- Judy Burnham
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Terrorismo: un término controvertido en el lenguaje político cubano

Terrorismo: Un término controvertido en el lenguaje político cubano La reciente apelación presentada en el 11th Circuit of the Atlanta Court of Appeals en favor de los cinco espías cubanos prisioneros en Estados Unidos, y los últimos actos terroristas ocurridos en Madrid, mueven a reflexionar acerca de la manera parcializada con que el término -terrorismo- ha sido utilizado en el discurs


Wechseljahre / Wandeljahre Gesetzmäßigkeit der Zeitstrukturen In einer Gesellschaft, die an ewige Jugend, den chirurgischen und medikamentösen Machbarkeitswahn glaubt, haben Wechseljahrbeschwerden eigentlich keinen Platz. Hinzu kommt, dass Medizin noch immer von Männern dominiert wird und die Symptome nur bei Frauen auftreten. Aus Wechseljahren ist eine Krankheit geworden, die man bekä

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