11 people on a rope

P O BOX 51283, RAEDENE, 2124
PBO No. 9300531845
Chairman: Mrs Sheila Haydock, Tel: 011.488.3548/728.5403 Office Manager/PRO: Mrs Sandra Colombick, Tel: 011.728.2292 Treasurer: Mrs Marlene Karpen, Tel: 011.436.1832 Secretary: Mrs Yvonne Thomé, 011.680.9147
Hello everyone
Time is just galloping by and it is almost time for the next ANNUAL GENERAL
MEETING, which is planned for 26th August 2008. After the Stroke Aid business
has been discussed, Sandra has arranged some terrific entertainment for us to enjoy
with a special TEA. Jenny and Les Dex and the Edenvale Senior Citizen Choir [some
20 members] will play music and sing for us. It promises to be a very enjoyable
morning, so remember to put the event in your diaries.
The deadline for the members who submit reports for the AGM Booklet is: 28th

hand them to Sandra in the office. Thank you.

Unfortunately because of ever-rising fuel costs, we have to ask those
members using the Combi to pay R10 per meeting day as from 1st July
2008. These are circumstances beyond our control and we hope that you
will still be able to attend. If you have a problem please speak to Sandra
in the office.
We regret to tell you that four of our members have died in the past two
months – Ian Jamieson, Ralph Harris, Margaret Wilmot and Solly Meltzer.
We send our sincere condolences and prayers to their loved ones, families
and friends. We also send sincere sympathy to the new leader of the
Soweto Group, Daphne Mnyandu, whose sister recently died, and also to
Mavis Tshabalala, former leader of the Soweto Group, whose son, Victor,
has died. Our thoughts are with you all.
We wish Sybil Mills a happy trip to the Kalahari Gemsbok Park with her family.
Congratulations to Julie Pienaar, our Social Worker, on the birth of a grand daughter,
who has been named Emma.

Stroke Aid is having great difficulty to keep running and we therefore thank the
following donors for their support – they make our job a little easier.
Ayesha Pillay
Kurt Scheurer – proceeds from his Birthday party, given to Stroke Aid in memory of
his beloved wife, Livia.
Dorin Fermo
Eckie Friedman, Tommy Firkser and Pearl Pleaner – in lieu of a Birthday present to a
Doreen Reed – blankets and shawls
Charles Wilmot – An array of medical necessities, napkins, etc.

Please bring any clothing in good condition, shoes, blankets, sheets,
curtains, etc, that can be sent to our Soweto group for them to sell.
They are also in need of funds and we try to help them as much as
possible. Please ensure that the jumble is clean.

Eleven people were hanging on a rope,
under a helicopter - 10 men and 1 woman.
The rope was not strong enough to carry them ALL, so they decided that one
had to leave - because otherwise they were ALL going to fall.
They weren't able to choose that person, until the woman gave a very
touching speech.
She said that she would voluntarily let go of the rope, because, as a
woman, she was used to giving up everything for her husband and kids or
for men in general, and was used to always making sacrifices with little
in return.
As soon as she finished her speech,
all the men started clapping!

Sauce of Health
A daily dollop of tomato sauce slashes cholesterol levels, say scientists. Eating
the sauce every day was shown to attack “bad” cholesterol in the blood, which is
linked to heart disease and strokes. Volunteers who ate 30g daily or drank a few
glasses of tomato juice saw levels drop 13% in three weeks. The Sun, London

The following article taken from the Jerusalem Post, 5.10.07 was sent to us by
Shirley Abrams – Thank you Shirley!

Giving a stroke victim minocycline – a common antibiotic used to treat acne and other skin infections – within 24 hours reduces the brain damage caused to the patient, according to researchers at Wolfson Medical Centre in Holon. Dr Yair Lempel and colleagues, who published their discovery in the prestigious journal Neurology, said it was a breakthrough, as the antibiotic is widely used and its safety record is known. However, more research is needed to determine the exact dose that has the optimal effect on stroke patients and when to give it. Lempel, who is chairman of neurology at the hospital, said that the critical “window” after a stroke – in which oxygen-rich blood is prevented from reaching brain tissue – is the first three hours. This is when damage is most significant. The team gave minocycline to 74 patients within 24 hours of the stroke and compared effects on 77 stroke patients who did not receive the anti-biotic. Those who received the drug improved significantly compared to the control group, and there were no significant side effects in any who received minocycline. Minocycline hydrochloride, also known as minocycline, is a member of the broad-spectrum tetracycline antibiotics and has a broader spectrum than the other members. It is a bacterio-static antibiotic with a long half-life. Minocycline was originally discovered by Lederle Laboratories. Wolfson director-general, Dr Yitshak Berlovich said he was proud of the professional work of the researchers and of their accomplishment. “This is another step in the program to establish a multidisciplinary centre for treatment of stroke at Wolfson”. Judy Siegel

Source: http://www.strokeaid.org.za/May-June%2008%20News.pdf


Individual Plan Medical Underwriting Guidelines M U G Insurability Because of the potential additional risk associated with certain medical conditions, some Applicants will be declined for all coverages. However, based on underwriting evaluation PacifiCare Individual PPO plans may be offered at a 20 percent


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