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Curriculum Vitae

Neil A Martinson
Postal Address
27 Illovo Rd
Emmarentia 2195
Tel: +27823316756
Educational Qualifications
University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, School of Public Health, Johns Hopkins University, Board certification as a Family Physician
Employment History
June 2002-present Deputy Director Perinatal HIV Research Unit.
July 2006-present Assistant Professor. Division of Infectious Diseases,

Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Dr Martinson returned to South Africa from the US in 2001 where he graduated with
a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and completed a 6-month
post doctoral fellowship paid for by scholarships from the Fogarty International
Program at the School of Public Health.
At the Perinatal HIV Research Unit (PHRU), he was initially employed to manage a
large randomized controlled trial of preventive treatment against TB in HIV-
infected adults. However, during the start up phase developed an interest in viral
resistance in women exposed to single dose nevirapine and started a USAID funded
Wellness clinic for adults living with HIV. The latter program was implemented at
two sites (Soweto and Tintswalo Hospital) using primary care nurses as the major
health providers. Another of his projects is a US government funded private sector
ARV treatment center
located in the inner city of Johannesburg
( which provides ARV care to over 700 people, pre-ARV care
to 1200 HIV-infected adults and VCT to people who can afford to pay for a portion
of their care. Dr Martinson currently is the principal investigator of four large studies
each with over 1000 participants and has a total staff complement of 30 including
doctors, research nurses and data staff reporting to him and an annual budget of
approximately USD2m. He is the PI of a Fogarty International Center grant for
TB/HIV research training. From being a research associate in the School of Medicine
at Johns Hopkins University he is now an Assistant Professor in the School of
Medicine at Johns Hopkins and and a Deputy Director of the Perinatal HIV Research
Unit where he chairs the Protocol Review Committee (the PHRU’s protocol review
board) and deputises for the directors Professors Gray and McIntyre. He has
published numerous papers in international journals which reflect his many
international and local multidisciplinary collaborations and has had numerous oral
and poster presentations at international AIDS conferences.
Sept 1996 – May 2000 Executive Officer: Community Health, Eastern
Metropolitan Local Council, Johannesburg

July 1998 – May 2000 Acting Executive Officer: Urban Environmental

Management, Eastern Metropolitan Local Council,

Dr Martinson managed the local government primary care services for the now-devolved Eastern Metropolitan Council of Johannesburg which included the eastern areas of Johannesburg. The area he was responsible for was an amalgamation of 100 members of staff – over half of them nurses- from three local councils all with differing conditions of service. The first challenge was to get them to work together as colleagues but more difficult, was to get them to start offering comprehensive primary care at each of the 13 clinics in his jurisdiction. Over a period of the first three years of his tenure all clinics became TB and STI diagnosis and treatment centers and about half the nurses were sent for primary health care training. Moreover, he project managed the budgets and contracting of the building or renovation of four primary clinics in his health district, three of them in Alexandra and one in Yeoville. Furthermore, the East was able to overcome traditional animosity between Local and Provincial Government with the result that staff from both tiers of government worked side-by-side in almost all clinics. He was actively involved in the Gauteng Provincial TB control programme and was a board member of the Alexandra Health Center and University Clinic and succesully campaigned for the integration of the Clinic into the district health services and for the continuation of their subsidy from the Provincial Health Department. In addition to the position of Community Health, on the resignation from the Eastern Metropolitan Council of Dr Angela Mathee, he acted as the Executive Officer of the Urban Environmental Management portfolio. This added a further 150 staff member from a diverse range of disciplines from park rangers to health inspectors and included 30-strong public facilities unit. During this time he managed a major food poisoning outbreak at the All Africa Games and was involved in the containment of an Ebola virus potential epidemic. Prior to leaving the Eastern Metropolitan Council, he chaired the committee for the City of Johannesburg’s health portfolio that was redesigning Municipal services.

Sept 1995 – Aug 1996

Senior Medical Officer, Pretoria City Council
(Tshwane Metro)

He was in charge of the TB and STI services and had a staff of 5 doctors reporting.
This was when the new national TB and STI guidelines were being implemented.
During this time, he was selected for management training by the City Council of
Oct 1994 – Aug 1995
Medical Officer, Riverfield Lodge Drug and
Alcohol Rehabilitation Center, Johannesburg

Jan 1992 – April 1994

Medical Officer, Soweto Community Health

He worked as a medical officer in Soweto while and after his vocational training in
family medicine.
Jul 1991 – Dec 1991
Senior House Officer: Pediatrics, Chris Hani
Baragwanath Hospital

Jan 1991 – Jun 1991

Senior House Officer: Orthopedics,
Johannesburg Hospital

Aug 1990 – Oct 1990

Locum tenens, Hospitals in the UK NHS

Feb 1990 – Jun 1990

Medical Officer, Bethesda Hospital Kwa Zulu /

Jan 1989 – Dec 1989

Intern, Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital

Best Research Presentation, Health Systems Trust Annual Conference.
Award for oral presentation to annual Surgical Research Day University of the
2005 Travel grant from IAS to attend IAS Conference in Rio de Janeiro
Travel grant to attend CROI 2006.
Fogarty International Fellow to attend MPH program at Johns Hopkins School
Peer-Reviewed Publications.
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among children attending an international sports event in Johannesburg. S Afr Med J 91(5): 417-21
Letters, Case Reports and Non-Peer-Reviewed Articles
1. Martinson N. A. 1997. Primary care-continuity v. segregation. S Afr Med J 87(6): 765
2. Martinson N, Morris L, Gray G, McIntyre J. 2004 Prevention of mother-to-child
Transmission: A report-back from the XV International AIDS Conference, Bangkok, 11 - 16 July 2004. Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine Vol.16 August 2004: 17-21. 3. Martinson N, Hausler H, Churchyard G, Lawn S. Dealing with the dual epidemics of
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1. Martinson NA, Radebe B, Mntambo M. Violari A. Antiretrovirals. In South African
Health Review 2002. Health Systems Trust Durban 2003


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