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TCS Newsletter
Kindergarten Department
9th Week, Friday 13th July 2012
Last week we started the topic about “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” which has three parts. This week we wil continue the second part of this topic. It may help you to observe your Useful idea Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)Excerpt from the website
1. Examples of a child who has behavior of inattention: They get distracted easily. They often do something wrong because of carelessness. They cannot pay attention to detail. They ignore advice and lose their belongings such as pencils and books. 2. Examples of a child who has behavior of hyperactivity and impulsivity: They keep moving and cannot be stil . They often run, climb or get up from their seat while other children are sitting. They may interrupt people. They cannot wait their turn. However, normal children can also have these behaviors. The criteria to diagnose are as fol ows. These behaviors might happen to the children before they are seven years old. They might continual y and seriously have these behaviors for at least six months. One important factor is that these behaviors might happen in at least two different places such as home, school, public Other diseases that have the same symptoms: It is necessary to identify ADHD from other diseases because it takes a long time to cure ADHD children. Some children are normal but their behavior changes after they leave their parents. Some have communication problems because their ears are infected. These examples are not ADHD children. There are other diseases that may have the same symptoms such as Learning Disability (LD), Apoplexy, Hearing Disability and Anxiety Disorder. ADHD children often have behavior, learning and social problems so they may be depressed, anxious, find it difficult to learn or be antisocial. They may start disobeying the rules, attacking others or themselves when they are not satisfied. If they do not receive appropriate treatment, they may cause serious problems such as stealing or destroying public property. Some who have Tourettes syndrome, face jiggling and eye blinking repeatedly. Cause of ADHD There is no conclusion about the cause of this disease. Some studies suggest
some parts in the brain do not work normal y. Some suggest pregnant women that are addicts to alcohol, smoking or drugs may cause the children brain problems. Also an environment that is contaminated with lead can cause this disease. It is difficult to diagnosis this disease because the childrens’ behavior slowly changes so the parent may not notice. Some ADHD children are noticed by their teacher when compared to other children in their class. Process of diagnosis after meeting with parents, a doctor will follow these steps.
1. Identify the disease, ADHD or others that have similar symptoms? Doctors wil check the home
and school environment to find if there is anything that might cause stress, such as the way the child is cared for, the children’s emotion, other diseases such as Apoplexy, seeing and hearing disability. Al ergies or food that contains caffeine can cause the children to be naughty. 2. In case of incomplete data, doctors may want to observe the children’s behavior at home and
school. 3. Teachers, past and present, wil help the doctor to evaluate the children. 4. Doctors
wil test the children for adaptation ability, EQ, IQ. 5. Doctors wil evaluate the children’s behavior
in different situations such as when they are reading, calculating or playing. We wil continue the last part of this topic next week. Thank you very much, Miss Nettip Kaewla, Kindergarten Department


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