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Maximum Success: Become an Employer of
Dr. Bhavna Agarwal , Swati Gupta
Director, SDCMT, Ghaziabad, Research Scholar, Ph.D, Singhania University, Rajasthan Abstract-As we always say in the HR:
personal achievement, satisfaction, individual Satisfaction drives commitment, commitment purpose and security. Where there is synergy drives engagement, and engagement drives performance. We know that our people are challenges, and organizational achievement. In crucial to our success. Success depends on the simple terms it means that [quality] people performance, potential, enthusiasm and will choose to work for you and they will: dedication of our employees. Employees are the face of a company. When they are engaged and committed to the organization, they are more likely to deliver the brand promise – whether it is customer service, innovation, or others. In short, if we can be the employer of choice for the best employees - both those who exceptionally attractive inducements.
are with us already and those who are not then we can meet our business goals.Employer Employers of Choice, able to attract, optimize, of choice is a term used to describe an and retain top talent, will enjoy a substantial employer whose practices, policies, benefits tactical advantage over their competitors. They and overall work conditions have enabled it to successfully attract and retain talent because power to respond quickly to the marketplace, employees choose to work there. A definition widely recognized in the USA is "any employer of any size in the public, private or not for profit sector that attracts, optimizes and holds turnover. This strength will allow them to win talent for long tenure because employees more business and maintain high levels of choose to be there. The primary objective of customer service and loyalty. They are often any business is (or should be) to create a high able to achieve higher levels of profitability, performance workplace and high performance workplaces are characterized by their The phrase “Employer of Choice” has picked up a considerable amount of popularity lately, but most employers really don’t understand the Key words- Employer, Employer of Choice,
buzzword; it is representative of a whole new design of corporate culture. It means that Introduction
people will choose to work for you. It means Workplaces where people choose to work and that people will choose to really dedicate give freely of their energies and feel a sense of themselves to your success. In the years ahead, workforce stability will be a company’s Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice
KKIMRC IJRHRM Vol 1, No.2 Dec-Feb 2011-2012 ISSN: 2277 -1190
competitive edge. In these turbulent times, tremendously. People work better together exacerbated by a tight labor market, employers when they know each other better. There’s a will be continually challenged to locate, higher level of comfort, and of trust. Long- attract, optimize and retain the talent they need term employees understand the processes, the to serve their customers. The most successful suppliers and the customers, and they become more efficient and effective in a team-centered inspire highly talented workers to join them environment. Having made the choice to join the company—and to stay with it—people will feel better about working there because it is a 1. Marketing and Recruiting
4. Reduced Turnover, Enhanced Loyalty
Certainly, the happier the employees are, the less turnover there will be. This reduced considerably easier. People will even approach turnover will have a positive effect on the bottom line as well the morale and dedication employment opportunities. This attractiveness of each and every employee. Higher levels of loyalty will result in stronger relationships and expense in marketing and recruiting to attract objective will shift from just getting people to quality of service. This higher level of quality, apply to choosing the best of the best.
as well as reducing re-work, scrap, and after- sale problems, will build profitability for the 2. Optimizing Performance
company and pride for the employees.
productivity will become significantly higher.
5. Less Stress, More Fun
As the company is able to hire the kinds of people they really want, it will be able to help workers achieve a higher level of performance Employers of Choice have less stress and more fun. It’s that simple. There will be less consistency. With a higher calibre of worker— disruption in attendance, and there will be less a worker who has longer experience with the disruption in the workflow when people who employer—tasks get done more quickly, more have chosen to join the company choose to thoroughly, and more accurately. The people stay there and choose to make the best of their performing the work are more confident about relationship with the company and their co- what they’re doing, so their time is used much workers. Managers and supervisors will have a much easier time in doing their jobs because 3. Choosing to Work, Choosing to Stay
they will not be working against resistance People will choose to join an employer, and there. Working with employees who are there may also make a conscious choice to stay.
by choice is a much more enjoyable When people remain with the organization for experience. The focus of these managers and a longer period of time, the higher level of supervisors can then be more on coaching, teaching, and supporting than on managing, Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice
KKIMRC IJRHRM Vol 1, No.2 Dec-Feb 2011-2012 ISSN: 2277 -1190
controlling, and disciplining. This shift of critical in a relationship-based environment.
focus will enable these employees to be much Customers like to deal with the same people among supervisors, reducing difficulties in relationship builds stronger bonds and gives supervisory performance and significantly the customers a greater sense of comfort, enhancing the value supervisors bring to the confidence, and security. Employers of Choice will enjoy a reputation for reliability, because they will be able to respond more legitimately 6. Planning for Continuity
expectations of their customers. Because more When a company is an Employer of Choice, it will be much easier to plan ahead, much easier customers, they’re able to take good care of to forecast, and much easier to use corporate them. Customers appreciate when employees resources efficiently over a long period of know their services and merchandise.
time. The employer will enjoy a dependable 9. Exciting Environments
quantity and quality. The company will also Employers of Choice will typically be growth- oriented, although some will be content to employees who depart on an all too-frequent maintain their status quo. Those Employers of basis. Low turnover will result in a higher level of corporate knowledge remaining within expansion will generate an excitement in their the organization, thereby building efficiency workplace that will continually stimulate the people who have chosen to be there. That very reducing re-work, accidents, and confusion.
workers as well as better opportunities for 7. Greater Attractiveness to Investors
companies and their employees. The long-term health of any given organization will support Employers of Choice will be more attractive to that company’s image in the marketplace—as investors because they will be recognized for an Employer of Choice—and will enable the their stability and their ability to respond more workers and the customers they desire. As the fluctuations. Employers of Choice will be company continues to grow, more promotional more financially healthy as a result of their opportunities will be available to those who stability, because millions of dollars will not have chosen to be a part of this preferred employees and marketing to new hires.
Choice will clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors in the employment, predictable future. The more predictable the customer, investor and supplier environments.
future, the more positive the future, the more This contrast (or differentiation) will build a attractive the companies are to investors. They higher level of profitability, security, and significant portion of their markets.
Factors that make an organization an
8. Increased Attractiveness to Customers
employer of choice are:
Employers of Choice will be more attractive to 1. The quality of working relationships
customers as well. This attractiveness will be Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice
KKIMRC IJRHRM Vol 1, No.2 Dec-Feb 2011-2012 ISSN: 2277 -1190
friends, colleagues, and co-workers.
2. Workplace leadership – how the
10. Autonomy and uniqueness – the
3. Having a say – participating in
11. A sense of ownership and identity
4. Clear values – the extent to which
12. Learning – being able to learn on the
understanding of the whole workplace.
5. Being safe – high levels of personal
13. Passion – the energy and commitment
6. The built environment – a high
14. Having fun – a psychologically
7. Recruitment – getting the right
15. Community connections – being part
8. Pay and conditions – a place in
The Downside
There is a disadvantage to being an Employer of Choice. Other employers will know that you’ve been able to attract really good people.
Your company will become a hunting ground employers. The good people—who gravitate to 9. Getting Feedback – always knowing
recruiters several times a week. But—and this Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice
KKIMRC IJRHRM Vol 1, No.2 Dec-Feb 2011-2012 ISSN: 2277 -1190
addition is an important “but”—they brush off the advances from these head-hunters to stay where they are. They choose to stay where The Decision
Once one made the smart choice—the decision to be an Employer of Choice—it’s time to look more specifically, more concretely, at how to go about initiating the processes of change in your company. In fact, the first thing one will need to look at is just that—the company. How does it operate? How does it behave in the become an employer of choice. J. Org.
employees in today’s competitive market? What sorts of things have other companies References
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Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice
KKIMRC IJRHRM Vol 1, No.2 Dec-Feb 2011-2012 ISSN: 2277 -1190
23. Employee Relations Today. 31(2): 67– Mrs. Swati Gupta is a research
Resource and her key interest is in making the About the Authors
employer in today’s competitive scenario and how an employer can retain talented employee to fulfil the goal of the organization. She is doing her doctorate in the same field. She is an business and actively involved in Education Dr. Bhavna Agarwal, an
outstanding management Professor. Her areaof specialization is Strategy, Innovation &Marketing. She is Commerce Graduate. She isGold Medalist and university rank holder. Shedid her one Masters Commerce and anotherone in Business Administration & Doctorate inManagement. She is having rank in amongTop 10 in University of Meerut. Dr. Agarwalhas undergone in the training at IndianInstitute of Management, Ahmedabad, whichis a dream place of every professional. Shewas also invited by IIM, Bangalore for roundTable Conference to discuss about strategy onInnovation. She is now working as a Professor& Director in Management. Dr. Agarwal is avery sound professional whose achievementsinclude more than 15 research papers inrenowned Journals Conferences. She is alsoinvolved in providing consultancy to manyNational & Multinational Companies. She isalso guiding various people at senior level inCorporate e.g. Nokia & Tublient organisys fortheir research works (Ph.ds).
Maximum Success: Become an Employer of Choice


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