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Executive Committee Officers:

David Wright, Chairman
Vice Chairman, SC Public Service Commission

Renze Hoeksema, Vice Chairman
Director of Federal Affairs, DTE Energy

David Boyd, Membership
Commissioner, MN Public Utilities Commission

Robert Capstick, Finance
Director of Government Affairs, Yankee Atomic/Connecticut Yankee

Greg White, Communications
Commissioner, MI Public Service Commission

May 2009 – Judgments

- Northern States Power/Xcel Energy - $116.5M.
- PG&E - $42.8 M.
- Carolina Power & Light (Progress Energy) - $82.8 M.
- Sacramento Municipal Utility District - $53.1M.
- Southern Nuclear Operating - $77.1M (Alabama Power $17.3M; Georgia Power $59.9M).
- System Fuels, Inc. - $10M.
- Systems Fuel Inc./Entergy Arkansas - $48.7M.
- Yankee cases (3) - $142.8 M (Yankee $32.9M; CT Yankee $34.2M; ME Yankee $75.8M).
- TVA - $34.9M.
- Dominion - $154.8M (DNC $42.7M; VEPCO $112.1M).
- Boston Edison - $40M.
- Wisconsin Electric Power - $37.7M.
July 2011 – Settlements
For further details see attached October 29, 2010 DOE memo.
Exelon (2004) - Four lawsuits settled. Plants involved - Dresden 1, 2, 3; Zion 1, 2; Byron 1, 2; Braidwood 1,2; LaSalle 1, 2; Quad Cities 1, 2; Peach Bottom 2, 3; Limerick 1, 2; Clinton, Oyster Creek, TMI 1. Utilities involved - Exelon Generation Company, Commonwealth Edison Co., AmerGen Energy Co. Note that the Exelon settlement replaced an earlier attempt to settle some of these cases by a contract amendment device that was invalidated by the 11th Circuit in the Alabama Power case in which Xcel participated as one of the named petitioners. South Carolina Electric and Gas (sometime between 2004 and 2006) - One lawsuit settled. Plant involved – Virgil C. Summer. Omaha Public Power District (2006) - One lawsuit settled. Plant involved - Fort Calhoun. Duke (2007) - One lawsuit settled. Plants involved - Oconee 1, 2, 3; McGuire 1, 2; Catawba 1 and 2. TVA (2008) - Settlement involves Browns Ferry Units 1 and 3 and Sequoyah Units 1 and 2. P.O. Box 5233 • Pinehurst, NC 28374 • Tel/Fax: 910.295.6658
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1998 Lawsuits Judgments and Settlements Page Two – Updated July 22, 2011 FPL (NextEra Energy) (2009) - Three lawsuits settled. Plants involved - Turkey Point 3, 4; St. Lucie 1, 2; Seabrook; FPL Energy Duane Arnold; FPL Energy Point Beach 1, 2; . Utilities involved - Florida Power & Light, FPL Energy Seabrook, Massachusetts Municipal Wholesale Electric Co., Taunton Mun. Lighting, Hudson Light and Power (these last three are minority co-owners of Seabrook), FPL Energy Point Beach, FPL Energy Duane Arnold, Interstate Power and Light (the latter a co-owner of Duane Arnold). Subsequent to the settlement, the FPL Energy companies were renamed as NextEra companies. PSEG Nuclear (2009) - One lawsuit settled. Plants involved - Hope Creek, Salem 1, 2. Note that lawsuits by Hope Creek and Salem former co-owners Delmarva and Atlantic City Electric had been thrown out prior to the settlement. Dominion (2009) – Lawsuit settled. Plant involved Kewaunee. Wisconsin Electric (2011) - One lawsuit settled. Plants involved - Point Beach 1, 2. Note that this settlement involves WE's claims prior to the sale of the units to NextEra. Nebraska Public Power District (2011) - $61M. One lawsuit settled. Plant involved – Cooper. PPL Susquehanna (2011) - One lawsuit settled. Plants involved - Susquehanna 1, 2. Note that although not specifically named in the settlement (or the lawsuit), the settlement covers the minority co-owner Allegheny Electric as well. Ameren UE (2011) - One lawsuit settled. Plant involved - Callaway. Consolidated Edison Co. of NY (2011) - Assuming what we understand is correct, this involved the settlement of one lawsuit. Plants involved - Indian Point 1, 2. Note that this settlement involved claims prior to ConEd's sale of the units to Entergy in 2000. Northern States Power/Xcel Energy (July 2011) – $100 M plus for on-site storage costs at Prairie Island and Monticello plants. Consumers Energy (July 2011) – $120M settlement agreement for damages. Settlement agreement with Consumers extinguishes its DOE liability. Energy NW (July 2011) - $48.7M for storing fuel at the Columbia Generating Station, Richland, WA.


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