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I first went to see Dr. Chung because my left ear was blocked from a sinus infection. I had tried Western medicine, done 2 rounds of steroids, and gone to an ENT, none of which worked. Dr. Chung saw me for about 4-5 months (once every 2-3 weeks) and finally my ear opened up. (During this time, I also took some herbs prescribed by Dr. Chung to help clean my digestive system and I gave up drinking coffee because Dr. Chung said that coffee is 5% good for you when prescribed for a medical condition and it is 95% bad for you.) After my ear was back to normal, I asked Dr. Chung to listen to me breathe (exhale) because I had spent the entire previous summer coughing, even though I was taking my asthma medications as directed. Dr. Chung took one listen and said, “You are pre-emphysemic.” This was very scary. I began seeing Dr. Chung once weekly for acupuncture, tried to improve my diet (with her guidance), and began doing the “heart and lung” exercises that Dr. Chung taught me. When I first started, I could only do about 10 repetitions before coughing my fool head off. I did 50 total reps and tried to add 5 or 10 reps each day, twice per day, morning and evening, heading for 200 reps each session. I didn’t keep good track, but it took 5-7 months before I could do all 200 without having to stop to cough. But as I progressed, I began feeling much better and coughing much less. During our visits, I figured out that the Western drugs that I had been taking (Advair, albuterol, singulair, flonase, Nasacort, etc.) for my asthma (for 16 years) were “treating” my asthmatic condition but not “curing” it. So about 2 months after beginning to work on my emphysema with Dr. Chung, I made the decision to stop my medications altogether. I was also taking different herbs during this process as deemed necessary by Dr. Chung. During this time, my brother, Scott, had cancer (type B lymphoma) two different times, once treated with radiation and the other time with chemotherapy. After the chemo, he developed terrible psoriasis. His is another (much more dramatic) story, but when he came to Dr. Chung, I decided to do his diet regimen (given by Dr. Chung) with him and I lost 10 pounds, and took another big step toward improving my health. All along, Dr. Chung would also teach me additional exercises, sometimes for a specific ailment, others just for general health and well being. Simultaneously, I have been having trouble sleeping (menopause) and had been taking lorazepam to be able to sleep. Well, we took care of that too. We tried 2-3 different herbs and finally found the one that works for me and now I am sleeping well and not taking lorazepam either. This is just a snapshot of a 2 year relationship and journey together. But the most important aspects of my story, I believe are: 1. I am off all Western medications 2. I am healthier than I have been in years 3. I had no sinus infection all last winter (can’t remember the last time that happened) 4. Dr. Chung treats your whole being – not just needles, not just herbs, not just diet, not just exercises – all of these things together, but in the appropriate balance. 5. I know my own body much better than I ever did before and I am better able to understand what is going on and what I need


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