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Blended learning: The impact of vocational and distance learning initiatives on students’ school experiences
TLRI grant holders: Keryn Pratt (University of Otago) and Ken Pullar (OtagoNet) with Ann Trewern and Andrea Robertson (University of Otago) and John Buchanan, Lyn Cooper, Linda Miller,
and Lynda Walsh Pasco (OtagoNet schools) Project start date:
Project Finish date: December 2010
Why is this research important?
Our partners:
Secondary schools are increasingly providing students with a While previous research has shown that distance education can In conducting this research we are working with staff and blended form of learning, involving distance and vocational be effective for secondary students, little is known about the students across the OtagoNet schools. In particular, we are forms of learning alongside more traditional formats. This project effects on students of taking subjects through a combination of working with the following schools and staff: Blue Mountain explores the experiences of students in the OtagoNet classroom, distance and workplace learning approaches, or of College (Kevin McSweeney), Cromwell College (Anne Sinclair), videoconference cluster of schools, both within the ‘classes’ and working with multiple providers. The need for schools to offer East Otago HS (Tony Jenkins), Lawrence Area School (Bill outside of them, their learning outcomes, their needs and the increasingly wide variety of learning opportunities to meet the Lovell-Smith), Maniototo Area School (Alec Campbell), Mt impact this new form of learning is having on them, their call for personalised learning means this research is timely. Aspiring College (Heather Watt), South Otago High School teachers, schools, and communities. Approximately 700 (John Douglas), Tokomairiro High School (Mike Wright), and students and 50 teachers and school leaders from 11 of the What we plan to do
Tuatapere Community College (Wayne Edgerton). OtagoNet schools are involved in this study. Contact details
Students are completing the Learning and Study Skills Inventory This research aims to build on research previously conducted (LASSI) at the beginning and the end of the year. They are also Centre for Distance Education & Learning with the OtagoNet groups of schools, which showed that using completing a survey designed for this research, that asks about videoconference to deliver classes was an effective form of learning and teaching. Students are now often involved in A small group of these students are also participating in combinations of classes that involve face to face classes, interviews at the beginning, middle and end of the year. We are videoconference and text-based distance courses, as well as also interviewing teachers, and employers where appropriate, of workplace learning. This research explores students’ this group of students, at the beginning and end of the year. experiences of this blended form of learning, in particular, the NCEA data of participating students is also being collected. nature of this blended learning, the outcomes for students, and Information regarding the opportunities for students to take part in blended learning, and the types of support being provided for students involved in this kind of learning will also be collected. Analysis
• what non-classroom forms of learning are occurring and how Quantitative data is being analysed using chi-square, t-tests and ANOVAs, as appropriate, to answer the research questions. In • what support systems are in place for students; particularly we wish to identify whether students taking blended • about students’ experiences of this blended learning; learning differ in their LASSI scores at the beginning of the year, • whether blended learning impacts on students’ achievement and whether a difference exists at the end of the year. WE will or progression in terms of learning and study skills; and also compare the performance of different groups of students • whether effects on learning and study skills differ between different groups or example, those from different schools, of different gender or of students, and whether only certain groups of students are taking blended ethnicity, or doing different combinations of learning mode). Interview data will be analysed thematically.


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