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بيان حول تقرير الامم المتحدة الخاص بحالة حقوق الانسان في العراق لعام 2010

The Iraqi Turkmen Council
(Iraqi Turkmen Eli Parliament)
Ahmet Hurmuzlu

Visibility and Aspiration
Signs of an idea of political project to unite the Turkmen House ,looms in the horizon, to dissolve the ice of the handicaps of the joint collective work under an important and hard phase of the destiny of the Turkmen people and their being as an entity and a component of Iraq .There are discussions and shuttle movements among the Turkmen parties and foundations to set forward the almost stagnant situation and develop a political ,legislative and executive Turkmen system able to withstand the soon coming challenges . Writings started to emerge within this concept ,whether passive or positive ,pessimistic and optimistic with good or bad intention ,confusing and useful .In my opinion ,these writings in both ways are healthy because they make an intellectual movement that works to adjust or try to change the reality towards aspiration and the future .And away from names and nominations the idea ,as it is now ,is rotating around the Turkmen council or Turkmen Parliament (Turkmen Eli ) aiming at enlarging it or rebuilding its structure, or even changing it .Hence the important points in this setting ,in my opinion, are as follows : 2 - Formation of the council and its specialized committees and the automations of voting. 4 - Financing the council and the Turkuman parties and foundations . 5 - The method of evaluation of the performance of the parties and foundations and allocating financial support to them. Each point of the above represents an essential and important axis in rebuilding or building any establishment on sound basis to ensure participation and continuance in working for the achievement of the desired aims . I will try as much as possible to answer the above mentioned points with an open-minded vision ,and this is an invitation to everyone to participate with their opinions and ideas so that we can come out with an acceptable idea and formula to all ,keeping us away from the domination mania or intellectual destruction ,and approximating in us the ideological and political diversity. After setting out some of the main points about how to establish a Turkmen council leaning on actuality with the starting of the discussions and entering its real stage of activity among the Turkmen parties and establishments ,the most important points that may compose the first episode or knot in this subject ,is how to choose the members of the council ,and their number ,and the basis on which this is made then we come to the second important thing which is establishing the council and its specialized committees and the automations of voting. At the beginning a preliminary institution should be chosen to superintend the organization of constructing the council which should include the present chief of the Iraqi Turkmen Council, and a number of educated and jurist Turkmen who are well-known of their competence, to be chosen in agreement among the Turkmen parties and establishments .Their total number should not exceed 9 This institution will be dissolved once the council is established. The method of choosing the members of the council The members of the new Turkmen Council should be defined according to precise standards within this frame taking into consideration the magnitude of population of the Turkmen in Iraq and their regions (without the need to mention numbers or analyzations since it is known to all ),hence the assumed number for such council should not be less than 80 members nor more than 100 ,and within such motion the biggest number of Turkmen representatives could share in the council . 2. The motion of distribution of the chairs of the council. First: Representatives of the Turkmen parties, and here it should be defined what is meant by Turkmen parties whether it is the parties registered as an official party or the parties that are registered officially by the Supreme Delegation of Elections or all the Turkmen parties disregarding whether registered or not and what is the status of the Turkmen parties that are financed and connected to other than Turkmen agendas whether inside or outside Iraq ?(it should be defined which parties and establishments are represented in the council and justifying the refusal of the others ,giving the requirements for the membership in the council. Second: The Independents and the Turkmen emigrants and tribes The presence of independent and competent persons who are not connected to parties is important for the suggested council to combine a bigger number of consensus and variety. The Turkmen abroad and the emigrants as well as the disloged should also have their vote in such council even though with a limited representation .The tribes play a role in society in general, hence including them would give the suggested council an additional push. Third: An assumption suggestion should be adopted after establishing the council granting two honorary seats for each of Arabs, Kurds and Christians to strengthen the links with the components of Iraqi society ,building trust procedures showing the democracy of Turkmen ,as granting these seats is important ,provided that they are consultary with limited participation in introducing and discussing cases without the right of voting. 3-Motion of the special principles of seats distribution This point is considered as one of the points that are spinning in a vicious circle in the course of the introduced discussions ,where some see that the active Turkmen political entities in the political field (The Iraqi Turkmen Front , Turkmen Eli Party, Turkmen Adalat (Justice) Party ,Iraqi National Turkmen Party ,Iraqi Turkmen Resolution Party ,Islamic Union of the Turkmen of Iraq , Iraqi Turkmen Devotion Movement .)these should take the biggest space in the foundation ,as the other parties are less active in general according to the opinions of some .In my opinion the distribution of seats with the officially registered parties and the registered ones in the Supreme Delegation of the Elections should be essential as for the number it should equal 8seats for each party of the ones mentioned above, in case the council consisted of 80 members adding two or three on the highest measure if the discussions got violent between the entities about the relative representation of the parties . As for other Turkmen parties it would be enough to give each party a seat provided the party is registered and official (till the circumstances would allow choosing the council by election ) and this is an evidence of good intention and effective participation of all .With this opinion I do not deny the right or the existence or vitality of any party or Turkmen political entity, but this is a suggestion liable to discussions and development and to be adopted for one time ,and it is up to the established council to find an automation for the election of the second session .(the validity of the first session will be two years and a half .) I am aware that this could not be considered a fair distribution of the seats .and it is assumed that we should ask for elections where boxes are put in each Turkmen region ,and each party does publicity to bring the biggest number of electors ,and in this way the Turkmen are stimulated as the other ways neglect the voice of the Turkmen human being and keep him inactive , but much to our regret there are no financial or logistic possibilities for the time being which allows direct election of the members . As for the seats of the independents and Turkmen abroad and the tribes a political consultant institution (one member of each of the 7 parties mentioned above in addition to the members of the preliminary institution of the council) ,would elect them,5 seats for the independents and the same for the Turkmen abroad and 7 seats for the tribes . The representation of women should not be forgotten in this council, their number should not be less than 20% of the council, each party and political Turkmen entity participant must have their women representative. Also the youth (20-30 years) should be represented in a percentage of 18%-15% and according to the percentage of seat distribution. With such variety in the establishment we insure real and active participation of all the elements of Turkmen people .In this frame we should not forget that the choice will not be limited to people from Kirkuk or Talafar or Tuz or Baghdad .etc, but should include as much as possible the geographic distribution of all Turkmen. In case of withdrawal afterwards a percentage of seats of the withdrawn party should be added to the whole and would be distributed equally. The Formation of the Council and its Specialized Committees and the Automation of Voting The council consists of a presidential committee consisting of a president and two deputies and a council secretary, this system is adopted in parliaments and local councils in various countries of the world. The presidential corps is elected by the majority of two third of the whole number of members (not the present members) to insure a bigger possible extent of legality for the presidential council. In case of the quorum is not complet in two successive sessions the majority of two third of present members would be enough provided the official quorum of the council will not be less than the half plus ten members . In the first session of the council, there will be a corps named the consultant political corps (set up of one representative of each of the seven parties mentioned above and a member representing the independents and one of each of the Turkmen abroad and tribes and will be elected in the forthcoming sessions) ,this corps will undertake limited jobs within the authorities of the council . Committees of the council : Six committees to be formed each consists of five members to be chosen by the majority of half plus one according to the official quorum of the council : Committee of legal affairs and security. Committee of financial and economic affairs. Committee of social affairs and Turkmen parties and establishments. The automation of voting of the committees is by the simple majority and it is possible to define the duties and the work of the committees in a brief way in forthcoming stages since it is not possible to be mentioned here. Each member in the Iraqi Turkmen Council has the right to authorize another member to replace him, (according to special pattern prepared by the council) in case of absence due to travelling or sickness or any other reason (this procedure is made to avoid the problems of absentees and incomplete quorum.) Establishing an organized structure for an important Turkmen council needs efforts and opinions and relinquishments as well as understanding from all Turkmen people to reach an agreed upon formula . Of course the above mentioned points are only an opinion which is liable to discussions and adjustment.



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