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Circular No. 23/ITDA/HYD/2011
Date: 17-05-2011
Sub: TWD- Development and implementation of Comprehensive Proposal submitted by CGG Lr. No. CGG/edev/DA/ 2010-11 dated 27.04.2011 1. Several representations are received about infrastructure in schools, service matters, court cases, financial issues etc., whenever action is proposed to take; it is noticed that neither the Head Office nor the Field offices have complete and reliable data of all the institutions, man power and financial issues. As a result, whenever any information is required, it is being sought from field offices, which is taking lot of time. Even after collecting the information, very often it is noticed that there are several errors, corrections of which is taking much more time. Lack of automation is noticed to be responsible for undue delays and inefficiency in the management of information and its use in decision making. TW Department already developed software separately for ROFR implementation, for monitoring TRICOR activities and for APCO supplies. 2. In this backdrop, the need to develop a comprehensive software package to manage and monitor certain important functions of Tribal Welfare Department is felt. A workshop has been conducted on 26th and 27th April 2011 for Senior Officers of Commissionerate of Tribal Welfare, POs of Page 1 of 11
3. Based on the discussion in the workshop, the following areas have been identified for computerization duly identifying TW officers responsible for 4. Simultaneously, the matter has been taken up with Centre for Good Governance (CGG) which is helping in streamlining and implementing the E-pass system. CGG has demonstrated their basic modules for School Information System, Human Resource Management, accounts & Payroll and court cases to officers nominated as above who in turn gave further domain requirements to develop full-fledged software module for implementation as well as monitoring. CGG finalized Andhra Pradesh
Schedule Tribe e-gov portal (APSTEP) vide Ref-cited; wherein 6 to 7
5. Accordingly, CGG has informed that the data entry module for school information system is ready. Based on the above, following action plan is a) The basic module for data entry will be finalized by CGG by 16th May. Page 2 of 11
b) The data entry will be taken up at the District level between 26th May to
31st may 2011.
c) Further module of work flow will be by 15th June.
d) Full-fledged implementation will commence in all district by July 2011.
6. All POs, DDs & DTWOs are hereby informed to take the following action. Log on to and use their e-pass password and User In the school information system, module of APSTEP, the residential schools managed by GURUKULAM, Ashram schools, Hostels, Alternative Innovative Schools, GPS (32 detailed categories) are included. They should print requisite number of forms from the website (Format enclosed in Annexure-I) and send one form to each school, for collection
of data and filling up the form manually. It should also be ensured that the local teachers should be present in the school for opening the building and providing information to the data collector. • For the purpose of speedy and accurate data collection, services of good HWOs, Teachers may be utilized as data collection officers. They should be identified @ one per 10 schools of data collection based field visit. Care should be taken to ensure that the data is collected based on the actual field visit and only after visiting the school/ institution. • A detailed proceeding should be drawn allotting schools. Data collection officers shall be given requisite forms and GPS instruments with instruction to fill the form accurately and collect atleast one coordinate of each school • Each filled in form should be signed by the data collection officer. Atleast 10% of the data should be super checked by senior officers so as to ensure • All hard copies of data forms should be preserved as permanent record until • The data collected shall be taken up at the district/ ITDA office for data Page 3 of 11
At the district / ITDA level for completion of data entry in a time bound manner, at least one system and data entry operator should be positioned for 7. The schedule of operation is shown below: 1. Print all data entry forms (should be equal to 20.05.2011 2. One person (HWO / Teacher) shall be identified 20.05.2011 for 10 institutions for filling up the data and 3. Collection of all filled in forms to District Head 27.05.2011 4. Establishing Data Entry Centre (one system for 25.05.2011 Further instructions on other modules will be issued shortly. All officers are requested to comply with above instructions scrupulously. A copy of this circular is placed at Assistant Project Officer, (F.A.C). I.T.D.A. Plain Areas, Hyderabad. 1. Project officers of ITDAs 2. Deputy Directors of ITDAs 3. All DTWOs 4. All officers in TWD Copy Submitted to the Principal Secretary to Government (Tribal Welfare), Social Welfare Dept.A.P. Hyderabad. Page 4 of 11
Page 5 of 11
Staff Details Total Number (Non-Teaching) Page 6 of 11
Page 7 of 11
Page 8 of 11
Page 9 of 11
Annexure-II (Fields for the specified serial number) Govt. Primary School (TW)- Multi Lingual education Govt. TW Ashram Upper Primary School (Boys) Govt. TW Ashram Upper Primary School (Girls) Govt. TW Ashram Upper Primary School (Co-Ed) APTW Residential School (for PTG) (Boys) APTW Residential School (for PTG) (Girls) APTW Ekalavya Model Residential School (Boys) APTW Ekalavya Model Residential School (Girls) APTW Ekalavya Model Residential Junior College (Boys) Intermediate APTW Ekalavya Model Residential Junior College (Girls) Intermediate APTW Residential School of Excellence (Co-Ed) Intermediate APTW Residential College of Excellence (Co-Ed) Intermediate Page 10 of 11
APTW Residential Junior College (Boys) Intermediate APTW Residential Junior College (Girls) Intermediate APTW Upgraded Junior College (Boys) Intermediate APTW Upgraded Junior College (Girls) Intermediate APTW KGBV (Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas) Alternate Innovativ Education Schools/ Education Guarantee Scheme District Institute of Education and Training (TW) Intermediate & above TW Post-Matric College Hostel (Boys) Intermediate & above TW Post-Matric College Hostel (Boys) Intermediate & above Best Available School (Private school/ English Medium/ Telugu Medium/ Hyderabad Public SEMIS Code is Secondary Education Management Information System (SEMIS) Page 11 of 11


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