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In Recognition of YOU!!
The United States Congress has issued a “Certificate of Special Recognition” to the Chaska Police Department for “outstanding and invaluable service to the victims of Sgt. Jon Kehrberg-Commander Det. Norm Prusinski This award stems from our making CPD a 24-hour drop off site for clothing, food, diapers, water, and many other items the hurricane victims so desperately needed. We collected hundreds of pounds of items for the victims, which we then delivered to our partner – Hope for the City – who in turn shipped the supplies to the Golf Coast. This award is yours, not ours, because you came out in numbers and brought to us the items the victims needed so badly. I accepted this award on your behalf, and we can all be very proud of our community. $1000.00
For the second year in a row Mr. Ted Rogers of Casualty Assurance, Inc., has made a donation to the Chaska Police Department in the amount of $1000.00. We appreciate this donation very much, and will again spend this money to upgrade our IT systems. We consider ourselves to be very A woman reported fraudulent activity on her bank account. Around the Clock
offender withdrew funds from the account. Highlights (lowlights?) of the
A juvenile male was smoking marijuana in his bedroom. His mother called police because she could not control her son. The male was placed in Traffic:
a detox facility and was cited for possessing marijuana, drug paraphernalia and tobacco. While on patrol, Officer Schmidt observed a man Items were stolen from numerous vehicles parked urinating in the parking lot of Cy’s Bar, which had in developments on Village Road. Investigation closed. The man then sat in the passenger seat of a waiting vehicle. The vehicle left the lot and was stopped by Officer Schmidt. The passenger told Officer Reinhardt responded to a report of a him he had wanted to urinate in Cy’s Bar, but had suspicious vehicle on Marcia Drive. The vehicle to use the parking lot when he realized the bar was was located and three juveniles were cited for closed for the night. The driver had consumed alcohol and failed field sobriety evaluations. He possession of alcohol. One juvenile possessed was arrested for DWI and submitted to a breath marijuana and was cited. A bottle of Captain Officer Nelson stopped a Prior Lake woman who Two men argued with each other after being was driving erratically on Hundertmark Road. The involved in a traffic altercation on Kelly Road. They vehicle also had an inoperable headlight. The pushed and kicked at each other. Officers arrived woman was arrested for DWI. A breath test at the scene and cited both men for disorderly Disturbances:
A stolen vehicle from Minneapolis was located in During an argument at their residence, a man the parking lot of Super Target. The vehicle had pushed his girlfriend into a coffee table, causing it been left running and the offender was gone. The to break. He then got on top of her and punched vehicle was impounded for the Minneapolis PD. her head numerous times. Police arrived and arrested the man for domestic assault. The woman Notables:
stated they had been arguing because the man wanted money to buy crack, and she would not Be nice to your sober driver, they’re doing
give it to him. The man told police the assault you a favor…
occurred because she was “nagging” him and kept A woman drove to Shakopee to pick up her ex- mentioning his ex-girlfriends. The man was boyfriend, who had called for a ride. He had arrested in 2002 for assaulting the same woman. attended a party and was too intoxicated to drive. student with careless distribution of drugs. The man became very upset. He yelled at her and made her exit the vehicle. He got behind the This made him more upset and he grabbed the Telephone Numbers
arrived and arrested the man for domestic assa Emergency: 911
He was also charged with DWI. A breath test Police Service: 952.361.1231

Dating in the new millennium…
Dating in the new millennium…
Confidential Tip Line
District 112 Student Tip Line
from Chaska for the past three years. This man consumed numerous Vicodin pills in a suicide attempt. Officers responded to the man’s Knight Watch
man was present. Officers learned the woman h Sundays thru Saturdays
6:00pm and 10:35pm
who reported the suicide. They informed her of the


-Det. Sgt. Jon Kehrberg Between about Midnight and 7:00 AM on Saturday, February 11th, four vehicle owners in the Village Rd area reported thefts from their vehicles. The investigation indicated that at least two people were responsible for the thefts and that they walked through parking lots that were adjacent to Village Rd. The investigation has also resulted in the recovery of probable stolen property that was likely abandoned. Please contact the Chaska Police Department if you have experienced a theft of if you have any information about these crimes.

Source: http://webserver.chaska.net/policeold/4-1-1%20February%2015,%202006.pdf

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