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February 2013 WDS Parents: Listed below, by grade(s), are the recent activities and Hebrew learning that has taken place throughout this past month. Kindergarten: This month we learned the plural forms “boys” and “girls” and practiced the sentences: “Who are you?” “I am.”; “Are you a boy or a girl?”, “I am a.” We learned the verb give (noten/notenet) and the word kiss (neshikah), and reviewed family members. Before Purim we sang and danced and learned the words for clown (leitzan), mask (masekhah), and happy (same’ah/smehah). 1st grade: We introduced five new letters: , vocabulary for each letter. While learning Khaf Sofit we talked about the concept of the Sofiyot - the letters that have a special shape when at the end of a word. We are practicing reading longer words in Hebrew by sounding out the different vowels of new words and spotting key-words. to the vocabulary for each of the letters. We are also practicing writing sentences and using full sentences in a conversation. We learned about the differences between HaMotzi and She’haKol blessing ( תכרבו ו םחלה איצומ”"). We prepared for Purim by reading the story of Megillat Ester and learning about the main characters in the story. We also learned a few Purim songs. 3rd grade: Our main subject this month was “What I can do in Hebrew by myself?” The students are building sentences describing their abilities using the verbs can, read, write, play, hear, pray, etc. Before Purim we learned about the Mitzvot and Minhagim of Purim, Purim songs, and the Brakhah said before the reading of the Megillah. 4th grade: We completed the subject “wise in many ways,” discussing our different strengths: strong musical gifts, friendship and empathy, strength in using words, and more. Each student wrote and drew a booklet explaining the different ‘wisdoms.’ In the next few days, we will videotape ourselves presenting the different skills. In celebration of Purim we learned songs, played games, and learned about Mitzvot and Minhagim; what we do during Purim and why. 5th grade: In conclusion of the personal characteristics subject, each student began researching and writing a paper about one chosen trait (curious, kind, diligent, etc.) The paper will focus on definition, people who exhibit the chosen trait (for example, Baron Edmond James de Rothschild - generosity), and more. The research is done with guiding questions and the writing process will follow several drafts written only after the research part is completed. For Purim we learned the Mitzvot and Minhagim in depth, and played a few Purim games. Middle School: The students finished reading the story “The Cap Merchant” based on a familiar folktale “Cap Merchant and Monkeys,” and prepared comic-strips based on the story. In conclusion of “The Thinking Caps” subject, the students are engaged in a creative project in which each has to present one or several of the thinking caps in a manner of their choice. These will be shared with the class (and graded). We learned about the Mitzvot and Minhagim of Purim and began reading parts of Megillat Ester. We will finish shortly and move on to something new. All the best, Morah Anat, Giveret Eliyahu, and Morah Maayan

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