Whatman Protein
Fast Flow

Fast, easy and automatable protein precipitation.
A fast, effective protein removal method for plasma PROTOCOL
and serum is vital for high-throughput labs measuring drugs and metabolites. Whatman provides the ideal solution with the Fast Flow Protein Precipitation UNIFILTER®. This high-quality filterplate replaces the lengthy centrifugation process with a vacuum filtration method, making sample preparation three times faster. It allows you to automate acetonitrile precipitation and speed your research. Superior plate construction ensures no well-to-well crosstalk, while two specially formulated filters prevent filter clogging plasma (≤ 150 µL)or serum (≤ 200 µL) Features and Benefits
is three times faster than centrifugation.
• Easy-to-use Filterplate is automatable, less labor-intensive and highly productive • Minimal liquid handling Precipitation and filtration are performed in one well.
Samples (100 µL) of serum and plasma were Precipitation plate and a conventional spin 98.8% 99.2%
97.5% 98.9%
otein Removal
clarification. The centrifugation method was carried out by acetonitrile precipitation of plasma serum
sample in microcentrifuge tubes followed Sample Type
aspiration of clarified sample. All samples Whatman is a global leader in separations technology saline solution and analyzed for protein and is known in the scientific community for providing content using the micro-BCA assay (Pierce).
innovative Life Science products and solutions. Our instinct for simplification accelerates the rate of discovery, reduces costs and saves time. In order to focus on the unique needsof customers, Whatman is organized into four business protein with high efficiency (~98%).
development units: LabSciences, BioScience, MedTech-Diagnostics and MedTech-Devices. For more information, visit www.whatman.com.
Whatman and UNIFILTER are registered trademarks, and UNIPLATE, UniVac and VacAssist are trademarks of the y = 1.096x - 26.841
R2 = 0.973
feine Conc.
(λmax 275 nm) overlaps the protein range (280 nm) so accurate quantitation requires efficient protein removal. Various concen- Observed Caf
trations of caffeine were added to plasma Expected Caffeine Conc.
vs. expected caffeine concentrations, with an excellent correlation (R2 = 0.973).
Tel: + 44 (0)1622 676670Fax: + 44 (0)1622 691425E-mail: information@whatman.com Forty-eight aliquots of plasma containing Precipitation UNIFILTER. The filtrates were otein Reduction
(Pierce) and for caffeine by uv absorbance.
Asia Pacific Whatman Asia Pacific Pte Ltd The results show consistently high protein Singapore 169877Tel: +65 6534 0138Fax: +65 6534 2166E-mail: wap@whatman.com WHATMAN CATALOG ORDERING INFORMATION
Catalog Number
Protein Precipitation UNIFILTER Fast Flow
UNIPLATE™—PP, Round Well, Round
Bottom, 750 µL/96 well

UNIPLATE—PP, Square Well, Round Bottom,
2000 µL/96 well

UniVac™ 3—Anodized Aluminum
UniVac 3—Acrylic
Leaders in Separations Technology
VacAssist™ Vacuum Assist Frame—Teflon®
Teflon/Silicone Sealing Gasket

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