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Technical Data Sheet
X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN
High performance epoxy novolac coating for concrete and steel

Product Description
X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN is a high performance, high build epoxy novolac protective coating suitable for use in a wide range of applications including those requiring extremely Advantages
• Can be applied to steel and concrete Typical Uses
• Protection of concrete and steel structures from • Wall and floor coating for industrial facilities Specification Compliance
Application Properties
X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN is not suitable for use with the Property Typical
Dry film thickness
Chemicals at greater concentrations than shown above Application temperature
Recoat time
Ethylene glycol momoethyl ether Formic acid Full cure
Volatile Organic Content
Chemical Resistance
X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN is suitable for use in contact with the following chemicals discoloration of the coating may Theoretical Coverage
4m² per liter (158ft2 per gallon) per coat. Actual coverage will depend on wastage and surface profile and can be up to 20% higher than theoretical Packaging
Shelf Life
UV Resistance
18 months when stored below 35C (95F) under shade in X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN is resistant to ultra violet radiation from direct sunlight and will maintain its chemical and physical properties. As is typical with all Installation Guidelines
epoxy coatings, the color will change slightly on X-Shield EpoxyLock EPN should be applied by experienced coating crews. X-Calibur provides detailed method statements on all its products for use in various Limitations
applications. These must be referred to prior to starting work. The information below is a summary intended for Surface Preparation
Apply only on to slabs that have a waterproofing system The substrate must be structurally sound. Loose or installed in order to prevent blistering due to osmosis. unsound concrete should be removed and made good. Surfaces must be entirely free of oil, grease, paint, Health and Safety
corrosion deposits, dust, laitance or other surface This product is for industrial use only by trained
deposits. The surface should be prepared by light grit operatives. It is potentially hazardous if not used
blasting or high pressure water blasting to produce a correctly. Please refer to the Material Safety Data
lightly exposed aggregate surface. The use of a primer is Sheet (MSDS) prior to the purchase and use of
not normally required on good quality well prepared this product. The MSDS can be obtained via our
substrates. However if the substrate is very porous or website www.x-calibur.net.
subject to high loads then the surface should be primed with X-Shield SF Primer. If the substrate has a relative Authorized Technical Specialist
humidity >75% then prime using X-Shield MT Primer. Please note that only X-Calibur Authorized Technical Any bug holes should be filled with an X-Shield BugFill. Specialists (‘ATSs’) are permitted to change any of the information in this data sheet or to provide written recommendations concerning the use of this product. Surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned and degreased to Visit www.x-calibur.net for a full list of X-Calibur ATSs. SSPC-SP1 prior to blasting. All sharp edges, protuber- ances, welds, etc should be ground down to remove any Datasheet Validity
sharp edges. The degreased surface should now be grit X-Calibur makes modifications to its product datasheets blasted to a minimum SA 2½ in accordance with BS7079 on a continuous basis. Please check the datasheet Part A1 or equivalent. This means very thorough blast update section on www.x-calibur.net to ensure you have cleaning using chilled steel grit to provide near white metal 85% clean. The surface shall be free from all foreign matter. A surface profile of 45 microns is the Warranties
recommended finish. All dust and abrasive residue must X-Calibur supplies products that comply with the be removed from the surface prior to application of the properties shown on the current datasheets. In the first coat. Depending on the level of corrosion protection unlikely event that products supplied are proved not to required, an anti-corrosion or holding primer may be comply with these properties, then we will replace the non-compliant product or refund the purchase price. X-Calibur does not warrant or guarantee the installation of the products as it does not have control over the Add the hardener ‘Part B’ into the base ‘Part A’ and mix installation or end use of the products. Any suspected using a slow speed drill (500 rpm) with an X-Shield defects must be reported to X-Calibur in writing within Coating Mixer Paddle for 3 minutes or until both five working days of being detected. X-Calibur components have fully dispersed and are uniform in Construction Systems Inc. makes no warranty as to
color. Be sure to rotate the mixer throughout the drum. merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose
and this warranty is in lieu of all other warranties
express or implied. X-Calibur Construction Systems
Inc. shall not be liable for damages of any sort including Apply in two coats of 250 micron (10.5mils) wet film remote or consequential damages, down time, or delay. thickness using brush or roller. The first coat should be applied in such a manner as to ensure a good bond. X-Calibur Construction Systems Inc.
Allow first coat to dry for at least 8 hours at 20C (68F) or 4 hours at 35C (95F). For application by airless spray consult X-Calibur before use. Clean equipment using T (954) 885 9912 F (954) 885 9913
E tech@x-calibur.net www.x-calibur.net

Source: http://www.x-calibur.us/files/X-Shield%20EpoxyLock%20EPN.pdf


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