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CAMPER NAME_________________________________________ CAMP CARTER YMCA
Parent/Guardian: Please initial below the over the counter medicines that you will allow us to administer
to your camper should the need arise, then sign and date. Thank you

Parent/Guardian Signature_________________________________________________ Date__________________
The following procedures are general health practices / first aid we follow. Please read.

Bedrest, no outside activities in the hot sun, Tylenol for fever, encourage fluid intake, gargle with
warm salt water for sore throat. If temperature is greater than 103º or sore throat persists for greater than 24 hours, throat culture, then contact this
office for further advice.
EARACHES.Observe external auditory canal. If occluded with white pus-like material, bring to the office for irrigation. If external ear is
moderately tender, but not occluded, Cortisporin ear drops three to four times a day. If unresponsive to this after two to three days bring to office.
NO SWIMMING while having earache.
HEADACHES, TOOTHACHES, AND OTHER MINOR ACHES.Tylenol as per preference or individual sensitivities.
ALLERGIES, ANAPHYLAXIS, AND ASTHMA.Use the patient’s previous medications if at all possible; however, if the patient has no
medications with him and he has rather severe problems then it would be best to contact this office regarding advise. Generally, use a Theophyllize
preparation for asthma, Benadryl for anaphylaxis and allergies or Epinephrine if severe.
SINUS CONGESTION.Sudafed tablets, increase fluid intake.
EYE IRRITATIONS.External irrigation with artificial tears, if irrigation persists, give Neosporin Opth. drops two to three q.i.d. If irritations does
not improve rapidly with this, take to the office for further evaluation and treatment.
NAUSEA, VOMITING, DIARRHEA, AND CONSTIPATION.Use clear liquids primarily to treat vomiting and diarrhea; if unresponsive to
this we can use Kaopectate tablets or Pepto Bismol. If patient is severely constipated, fluid intake should be increased. Metamucil or other stool
softeners may be tried, if not effective then contact this office for further directions. Milk of Magnesia can be used if the patient is not sensitive to it.
MUSCLE SPASMS.Use primarily Tylenol and analgesic balms. If severe, contact this office.
SKIN RASHES.If poison ivy or other poison plant is suspected then topical Benadryl cream or Caladryl solution may be used. If not affective
then Cortisone cream will be prescribed by this office. Doctor would like to see the patient before we prescribe any type of Cortisone cream and
does not want the cream to be used on the face.
SEVERE SUNBURN.Immediate treatment should include cold washcloth compresses, Tylenol.
SNAKE BITES.Keep the camper as calm as possible. Immobilize the affected site and if possible elevate it above the heart level. Contact
emergency services by dialing 911.
ABRASIONS.Area cleaned with antiseptic wipe. Antiseptic or topical steroid applied as necessary and covered.
INSECT BITES.Topical steroid or antihistamine cream applied as needed. An antihistamine (e.g. Benadryl) can be given for discomfort of
swelling and itching as needed, if parents indicate so below.
HEAT EXHAUSTION.Camper will rest in the infirmary, and fluid intake encouraged. Cooled down by cool cloths or cool shower to help their
HEAT CRAMPS.Camper encouraged to drink water and kept quietly in the infirmary for a time. Parents contacted if they persist.
HEAT STROKE.Stay in the infirmary and start to cool them down. Medical assistance sought and their parents contacted.
FRACTURES.Immobilize the fracture and bring the camper to the infirmary if possible. Parents will be contacted and the camper will be taken for
medical attention as soon as possible.
SEIZURES.Maintain an open airway and observe length and nature of it. Medical attention sought immediately, and parents notified.


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