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ICON of the Nation EXAM 2013-14
Name .Father’sName.Class.
School Name : .Distt.
Roll No. : .Exam Centre .Test / Date.
c)whether the article is needed or not.
Class 6-8th
d)Only when the article is in demand.
3- The writer considered acquisitive nature to be 1 fn;s x;s “kCn dk mi;ZDr i;kZ;okph “kCn crkb;s b)a bad quality in people.
4- Possessing new things sets a kind of a) competition among neighbours.
d) indifference among neighbours.
5- From the passage it is clear that the writers c)does not want to buy a mixer.
d) is indifferent to buy a mixer.
In each of the following question a word is followed 5 uhps fy[ks okD;k”k ds fy, dksbZ ,d “kCn You have to choose the option that is the most ap-propriate synonyms to the given below.
a) Hesitate b) Pretend c) Deserve d) Attend .
Q7. Goada)Spur b) Restrain c) Purse d) Supersede.
a)Easy b)Obstinate c)Willing d) Pliable(Q9-Q10) In each of the following question a word is followedby four options. You have to choose the option which Q.1 Read the passage carefully and answer the fol- is most opposite in meaning to the given word .
Acquisitive nature has become the hallmark of people in modern times .it a neighbhour possesses a kitchen gadget like a mixer or a grinder, we too have the desire to own the same .All efforts are geared to make this purchase ,whether the item is essential or a) Assured b) Morose c) Cheerful d) Bemused not shopkeepers via with each other to sell these things.
It is as if the whole world has conspired to sell the Pick out the most effective word from the given words mixer or grinder to me whether I want it or not . Of to fill in the blanks to made the sentence meaningfully Q12. Mounting unemployment is the most serious and 2- According to the passage the purchase is made Q13. These medicines are ____ for curing cold.
Q14. Freedom and equality are the _____ right of Q15. How much did it ____ to reach Mumbai by Q6 Find the square root of √3/7 up to four decimal a) charge b) Price c) cost d)estimate .
(Q16-Q18) In each of the following questions, choose the cor- Q7 Using the formula for squaring a binomial , find the Q8 If x+1/x=8 , find the value of x4 + 1/x4 is Q9 Raj is three years older than Ravi. Six years ago , Raj’s age was four times of Ravi’s age . Find their (Q19.-20) In each of the following question out of a)7 years b)15 years c)10 years d)18 years the four alternative, choose the one word which can Q10 The present population of a town is 1600 . If it be substituted for the given word/sentence.
increase at the rate of 5% p.a, what will be the popu- Q12 Find the area of the shaded region. If 7 cm ra-dius cutoff circle to each vertex.
Q.1 Express -24 as a rational number with Q13 The thickness of a metallic tube is 1cm and its Q.2 Three angles of a quadrilateral are is the ration Find the mass of such 1m along tube , if the density a) 750 b) 450 c)1350 d)1050Q3. Simplify -5/9 * (-10 / 13) * ( 21 / 11 ) *(-7)a) a) (7/2)-1 b) (2/7)-1 c) (7/2)1 d) (2/7)1 (a) Kelvin (b) Celsius (c) Both (d) None7. Name the state of matter which consists of super energetic and super excited particles in the form (a)C.O.N.S (b) C.H.O.N (c) C.H.O.P (d)C.H.o (a) Carbohydrates (b) Proteins (c) Glucose (d) Fati Q18 If abc=967, then the value of cba is: Q19 If x% vat is included in the price of a T.V boughr-for y. then original price of T.V is: 13.”Thyroxine” Its deficieney Lead to.
( a) Anaemia (b) Golter (c) Diarrhoea (d) None Q20 Shape of the faces of OCTAHEDRON is : 15. which of the followwing oxides is an acid 16.A lens of which one surface is convex and the 1. A student obsernd a ph charts .He observed that the two colours af the extreme ends of the pH chart 17 In the human eye the image of an object form on (a) Red green (b) Red , blue (c) Green, Blue (a) I’ris (b) Pupil (c)Retina (d) None of the 2 When a drop of an unknown solution x is placed on a strip of ph paper a deep blue colour is (a) 1.8cal g-1 (b) 2.3 cal g-1 (c)3.8 cal g-1 (d) 2.8cal g- 3. Kinetic energy of molecules is highest in (a) Gases (b) Solids (c) Liquids (d) Solutions 20.Energy produecd by the fussion of hydrogen nuclei Reasoning
1. Which one of the following numbers will occupy (2 - 5) Verification of the truth of the statement.
2. What is the most essential in hospital ? (13- 14) Fill the letters in the following series :- a. Judge b. Competitor c. prize d. victory 15. A is the mother of B and C. if D is the husband of C, what is the relation between A and B? 2 - d 3 - b 4 - c 5 - b 6 - d 7 - c 8 - d 9 -c 10 - c 11 - Q.1 Which metal was first used by the vedic Q.2 Grand central Terminal Park Avenue New (c) Longest railway station(d)None of the above Q3 Entomology is the science that studies 7) if α - β * γ, it does not implies that (c) The origin & history of technical &scientific terms.
(d) The formation of rocks In question ( 9 -12) which one of the four inter- changes in signs and numbers would make the (a) Read access memory (b) Read only memory (c) Read other memory (d) None of theseQ.6 Who wrote the song ’Sare Jahan se acha’? Class 9-10th
Q.7 Which planet is known as Red Planet?(a) Jupiter (b) Mars (c) Earth (d) Pluto.
Q.8 The Durgapur Steel Plant is west Bengal wasbuilt with the collaboration of ? 1 fgUnh Hkk’kk dk izkjEHk dc ls ekuk tkrk gSA (a) Germany (b) U S A (c) Russia (d) Britain d&1000 bZ0 [k& 1500 bZ0 x& 1800 bZ0 ?k& 700 bZ0 Q.9 What is the normal duration of hockey game ? 2 bues ls dkSu lk loZuke iq:’k okpd ugh gSA (a) 40 min (b)70 min (c) 50min (d) 30minQ.10 What is the chemical name of lime stone? d& og [k& dksbZ Xk& vki ?k& ge a) Sodium Carbonate (b) calcium carbonate d& lr~&tu [k& lt~&tu x& l&tu ?k& lTt&u 4 ^^xaxk&;equk^^ esa dkSu lk lekl gSA d& vO;;hHkko [k& f}xq x& }U} ?k&rRiq:’k (a) 32 (b) 22 (c) 60 (d)40Q.12 What is the Gate way of Redfort called as ? d& gky [k& vky x& y ?k& ukuh Q.13 What is the short cut key for closing a window d& mid`r [k& d`r/kuh x& d`r?u ?k& d`i.k Q.14 Who won the high quality final match of the 12th d& guqeku [k& foHkh’k.k x& tkeoUr ?k& y{ke.k Asian Billiards championship 2013?(a David (b)Geet Sethi d& Hkklk [k& Hkk”kk x& Hkk’kk ?k& Hkk[kk d& pdok [k& eksj x& xkSjS;k ?k& iihgk Q.16 Who was the India’s first president? (a) Jawahar Lal Nehru (b) Dr. Rajendra Prasad d& bZ”kku [k& vklUu x& vkrJk;h ?k& vktkuqckg Q.17 Who amongst the following was the captain of 1&?k 2&[k 3&d 4&x 5&[k 6&x 7&d 8&x 9&[k 10&?k the India cricket-team which registered in victory intri -series ODI Matches against Australia played on (1-3)Which of the following Antonym question. Give the capital letter pick the one most nearly opposite.
Q.18 The world Environment Day is celebrated on a) Reconcile b)Feign c) Perplex d) Commiserate (a) 5th Oct (b) 5 June (c) 5 July (d)5 Aug a) Manifest b) Thankful c) Tidy d) Prodigal Q.19 Which Indian Freedom Fighter was popu- a) Affluent b) Alien c) Sevene d) Inimicial (a) Bal gangadhar Tilak (b) Jai Prakash Narayan (4 – 6) In each of the following Synonyms question .
Give the capital latter, Pick the one most nearly similar.; Q.20 What line connects the points on a nap that a) Soldier b) Urchin c) Surrendas d) Breeze.
(a) Isobar (b) Isohel (c) Isotherm (d) Isohyet a)Worthwhile b) Serious c) Terminal d) Laquacious.
12-c 13-c 14-c 15-c 16-b 17-a 18-b 19-d 20-d (7-8) There are four different word out of which one is correctly spelt. Find the correct word: a) Embaras b) Embarass c) Embarres d) Embarrass 9. The leaders, with all his men_______________imprisoned.
a) Was b) Were c) Are d) Will10. She ______________ because she had been a. 0 b. 0,4 c. 0,4,-4,-4 d. none of these 2. If the highest common divisor of 6432 and 132 is (11- 12) Some parts of the Sentence have errors and some have none find of the which part is an error.
3. Of the following expression the one equal to is :- I prefer / b) dancing / c)A foot / d) No error (13-15) out of the four alternative, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
a) Defeated b) Surprised c) Perplexed d) Convinced a) Quarrelling b) Heading c) Gorgeous d) Logical15.Indigenous a) Wholesome b) Homely c) Indignant d) Native (16 - 20) Read the passage carefully, and fill in the He was a Hindu and an Indian, the _______ in many generations, and he was proud of being a Hindu and an Indian. To him India was dear because she represented throught the age ________ immitable truth. But _______ he was intensely religious and came to be called the father of the nation which he had _______, yet no narrow relegious or national a. Positive b. Negative c. equal to zero d. equal to one 8. if 2m - 2 m-1 - 4 = 0 , then the value of mm will be been paid at the passing of any other human bring in 9. The product log b. log a is equal to.
history. Perhaps what would have pleased him best were the spontaneous tribute that him from the people of Pakistan. On the narrow of the tragedy, all of us 10. The perimeter of the figure given below correct forgot far a while the bitterness that had crept in.
16) a. Best b) Greatest c) Most d) highest 1-c 2-d 3-b 4-d 5-d 6-d 7-a 8-b 9-a 10-b 11-b 12-b 13-a 14-b15- d 16-b 17-c 18-c 19-b 20-c 1. They bending of ray of light when it travel from onemedium to another is called :a) Dispersion of light b) Refraction of lightc) Reflection of light 3. The type of energy that produces radioactive waste 13. A mother’s age is four times as much the sum of the age of her three childerns, but after 6 year her age will be only double the sum of their age. the age of 14. ABCD is a cyclic quadrlateral. the tangents to the circle drown at A and meet at P if angle ABC =110; b) Non – conductorc) Magnetic subs tone 15. The LCM of polynomial x3+3x2+3x+1, x2+2x+1 5. Which is the following are found between Mass 16. The compound intrest on Rs ‘P’ after ‘T’ year at a. Rs P[(1+R/100)T+1] b.Rs P[(1+R/100)T-1] 6.Which of the following is not a balanced equation ? c. Rs P[(1+R/100)T-100] d.Rs P[(1+R/100)T+100] 17. The number of prime factors in the expression (6)4 18. If the sum of eleven consecutive natural number is 7. The Valency of Copper in cupric Chloride is – 8.The molecular formula of Hydrogen peroxide – 19. if A= x+1/x-1 and B= x-1/x+1 then the value of 9.Oxidation is process which involves – a) Addition of oxygen b) Removal of hydrogen 10.The color of light absorbed by an aqueous solution 11. Chlorophyll is present in which of the organism – a) Bacteria b) Protozoa c) Fungi d) Algae12.Number of Chromosomes in human body cell is a) Glyserol b) Maltose c) Sucrose d) All of above 14. Starch and glycogen are both polymersa) Mannose b) – glucose c) Fructose d) B – glucose The following group , select the odd man out – Answers :-1 – b 2 – c 3 – c 4 – a 5 – a 6 – b 7 – b 8 – a 9 – d 10 – a 11 – Reasoning
13) a) Orange – Lemon b) Men – Boy c) Rose – Fruit 3,4,7 = How is life ?5,6,9 = You were wonderful.
So “you” represented by which word ?(a) 5 (b) 6 (c) 7 (d) 9 1 - a 2 - a 3 - b 4 - d 5 - c 6 - c 7 - a 8 - b 9 - d 10 - a11 - b 12 - b 13 - c 14 - b 15 - a 3. 29 march 2013, north Korea declines “_______” A) Bush b) Tree C) Grass d) Weed5. Palk strait connects India toA) Sri Lanka b) Pakistan C) Myanmar d) None6. Kinhanganga river flows through the state of 7. Zoological survey of india has it head quarter atA) Kolkata b) Chennai C) Delhi d) Dehradun8. Which of the following pair is not correctlymatched?A) V-D- Rickets C) V-C- Beri Beri D) V-E- Neurological Proflems Class 11-12th
9. Union govt has decided to set up rajiv gandhinational aviation university at A) Hyderabad B) DehradunC) Rae Bareli C) Amethi A) Chhattisgarh (33.93%)| B) Jharkhand (36.96%) C) Manipur (36.89% D) A.P (34.67%) Is- 2- fgUnh Hkkjr ds fdrus jkT;ksa dh jkt Hkk’kk gS \ A) Virus Programme. B) Search Engine.
12. A Parallel Port Is Most Often Used By A- 4- buesa ls dkSu lk xq.kokpd fo’ks”k.k ugha gS\ C) Printer D) external stroage device.
13. The Inaugural World Test Cricket Championship d- vdZed [k- ldZed x- la;qDr ?k- iwoZdfyd A) England And Wales. B) West Indies.
C) Australia. D) India,Srilanka And Pakistan.
14. P.V.Sindhu was recently in news, associated d- f}xq [k- deZ/kkj; x- rRoiq:l ?k- vO;;hHkko 15. Who recently created 15 sixes record in odi C) Herschelle Gibbs. D) Xavier Marshall.
16. The word’s satyameva jayante inscribed below the abacas in devangari script have been adoptedfrom - d- lq’kqfIr [k- lqIr Xk- fufgr ?k- v)ZpsrumRrjekyk 1- d 2- [k 3- x 4- x 5- x 6- d 7- d 8- [k 9- d 10- [k C) Kathopnished D) Rig Veda.
17. Ibn-batuta’s work,rihla, completed in 1355, is (3-4) Select the following sentence fromAPPROPRIATE relative adverbs A) Cardamom B) Garlic C) Clove D) Mustard.
20) Most minister model stands for a particular type 4.I asked him how often he had been to the cinema 11-b 12-c 13-a 14-b 15-a 16-a 17-a 18-b 19-d 20-c 7.In these question out of the four alternatives, choosethe one which BEST EXPRESSES the meaning of Q8- If n isa a positive integer, then the number of the given bold word indicate the correct answer.
8.Fill in the appropriate word in the following Q9- Let T denote the number of triangles which can be formed by using the vertices of regular polygon of n sides . If T -T =2,then n is equal to 9. Read the state and find out the grammatical error Q10-If f(x)=sin x+cos x, g(x)=x2-1, then g{f(x)} is At/ all event/ he is a / capable may /No error.
10. Choose the Right synonyms of the following a) Adorn b) Implone c) Censune d) Iustrous.
Q12- The value of lim cos (x/2) cos(x/4) cos(x/8) Q13- if y is a function of x and log(x+y)=2xy, thenthe value of y(0) is equal to Q1- If Z=1+cos ð/5 + i sin ð/5, thensin(arg(z)) is Q 2 If a,b,c, are oddintegers, then the equation Q3The roots of the equaion 2x+2.33x/x-1 = 9 are given by 1. What is the Three dimensional formula of Newton Q5. The coefficient of x8 in the polynomial (x-1)(x- 3.A man cannot see clearly beyond 10 metors.
a)For sight b)Myopia c)Hypermetropia d)None 4. The product of two vector A and B gives ; a) Vector b) Scales c) Magnitude d) Direction5. DNA deffers from RNA in havinga) Uracil b) Adenine c) Cytosine d) Tymine 11.Between 23 ½ 0 N & 23 ½ 0 S of the Equator is a) Acute virus b)Bacteria c) Rabies virus d) Tubercle 7.The “Universal recipient” belongs to blood group- 12. In the supreme court of India the member of judges including the chief justice is now 9.Which is the only mammal which can fly ? 13. The upper house of India Parliament is known 10Which one of the following is used as fuel ? 14. “ Agha Khan Cup” is associated with the games a)Football b)Cricket c)Badminton d)Hockey 15.The biggest state in India in the following a)Bihar b)Uttarpradesh c)Tamilnadu d)Maharastra 2 –a 3 –c 4 – b 5 –c f) 6 –b 7 – d 8 – a 9 – a 10 – b g) 11 –c 12 –c 13 –b 14 –d 15 – d Reasonong
14.What is always contained in amalgams ?a)Iron b)Mercury c)Gold d) Copper a)Protiens b)Enzymes c)Nuclic acids d)All a) 1 –b 2 –d 3 –b 4 –a 5 – d b) 6 –c 7 – c 8 –d 9 – c b) 11 –a 12 –a 13 –b 14 –b 15 – b 3- A,B,C,D and E are five rivers. A is shorter then B but longer then E. c is the longest and D is a little shorter than B and a little longer than A. Which is a) 3 rotation b) 4 rotation c) 5 Rotation d) 1 Rotation 3. The diameters of earth according to ‘At the 4- In the given diagram circle represent strong men, squre represent talll men, triangle represent army a)13,755 km b) 40,075 km c)12,755 km d)12,712 km officer which region represent army officers who are 4. May break & fall on earth (falling star) & called 6. The battle of Buxar held was ….
a) 1964 b) 1764 c) 1564 d) 18647. Lucknow pact signed by Muslim league andcongress which year.
5. How many triangles are there in the following 8. East India company established in .
a) 1600 b) 1800 c) 1700 d) 19009. Who is the Largest continent :-a) Asia b) Antarctica c) Australia d) None10. The topmost crust of the earth on whicha) Irop sphene b) Lithosphere 7- Who has written ‘Abhigyan Shakuntalam’ 8- Which is the highest mountain peak in India? I. The pen is made of stringer metal Than the II. The power of the mond is much stronger than 9-Which of the following are include in the categoryof Direct Tax in India? a) only I b) ony II c) I or II only d) Neither I nor II 7. At what angle the hands of a clock one inclined Select the correct answer using the code given 10- In the Gupta age,Varahamihira wrote the famous book Brihat Samhita. It was a wrote ona) Astronomy 9. If A,B,C and D move clockwise two plots while c) Ayurvedic system of medicine d) Economics.
P,Q,R and K move vertically up two plots then 11- Rafael Nadal won the French Open Tennis Title, which poloceman will be able to catch and of- 12- Which chemical was an important symbol in our 13- Which type/types of pen uses/use capillary action in addition to gravity for flow of ink? Answer1-a, 2-d 3-d 4-c 5-c 6-b 7-c 8-a 9-c 10-d c) Gel pen only d) Both ball point pen and gel pen14- The crew and passenger of a flying aircraft 1- Eritrea, which became the 182 member and suffer generally from chronic obstructive pulmonary member of the UN in 1993, is in the continent of 2- Hitler party which came into power in 1993 is 15- “Race of My Life” Book is the autobiography 3- Which of the following countries is not a perma- 1-b 2-b 3-d 4-d 5-b 6-d 7-b 8-c 9-a 10-a 11-c 12-d 13-c 14-c 4- The headquarter of Indian Mountaineering ^;wFk vkbd‚u* ,oa ^mRlo /ofu* jft0 }kjk ^vkbd‚u v‚Q fn LVsV* dh lQyrk ds ckn bl vk;kstu dks O;kid Lrj ij vc ^vkbd‚u v‚Q fnus'ku* ds uke ls vk;ksftr fd;k tk jgk gSA bl ijh{kk esa çfrHkkx dj jgs lHkh Nk=&Nk=kvksa dks lwfpr fd;k tk jgk gS fd vyx&vyx d{kkvksa ds 5- The mobile handset Blackberry is manufactured by fglkc ls ç'u i=ksa dk çk:i ^Meh isij* ^;wFk vkbd‚u* if=dk ds vxLr&vDVwoj 2013 vad ds lkFk tksM+ dj vkidh lqfo/kk gsrq fu'kqYdçnku fd;k tk jgk gSA lHkh vH;fFkZ;ksa dks if=dk ds lkFk fn;k tkus okyk 6-Who is the first Indian Women to have won a ^lSEiy isij* Hkys gh vaxzsth ek/;e esa miyC) djk;k x;k gS] ysfdu ijh{kk ds fnu fn;k tkus okyk ç'u i= fganh ,oa vaxzsth nksuksa ek/;eksa esa miyC) gksxk ftlls vH;fFkZ;ksa dks fdlhHkh çdkj ls ç'u i= dks le>us esa ijs'kkuh u gksA



Pakistan J. Agric. Res. Vol. 26 No. 1, 2013GROWTH AND YIELD OF DIFFERENT BRASSICA GENOTYPES UNDER Arshad Ali, Imdad Ali Mahmood, Muhammad Salim, Muhammad Arshadullah* and Abdul Rasool Naseem**ABSTRACT:- A field study was conducted at farmer's salt-affected field (ECe=12.3 dS m ; pH=9.7; SAR=46.2) in Hafizabad to test growth and yield response of six Brassica cultivars (BARD-I, Dunkled, Rainbo

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