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Arab British Academy for Higher Education 
Event Day
It’s finally here! The big day! After all the planning, prodding and producing, you’re
probably feeling a range of emotions from excitement to nervousness to sheer
. Use those feelings to keep your energy up (you’re going to need every
ounce of it today!) but don’t give in to the jitters.
To ensure the day goes as smoothly as possible, make sure that everyone with a key
role is given an event itinerary so they know where they should be and what they
should be doing throughout the day. A sample itinerary is shown on the next page. Here are some other tips to make event day a success: • Arm your volunteers, workers and suppliers with telecommunications
equipment (such as 2-way radios and cell phones) to enable them to have
easy access to you, each other and emergency contacts.
• Wear comfortable shoes and clothing that won’t restrict your movement.
• Keep your program binder (or whatever holds your paperwork) with you at
all times. This is the blueprint for the entire event and will tell you where everyone should be at any given moment and what they should be doing. • Remember that even seasoned event planners have the unexpected happen. Designate someone (such as your assistant) to be your backup. Make sure
she knows what should be happening during the event, and has copies of
important papers from your program binder. If you are pulled away to deal with
something, she should be able to jump in and take over for you.
• Prepare an emergency kit that includes pens, paper, tape, extra name tags,
walkie talkies, contact numbers, aspirin, extra keys to facilities or storage areas, and a couple of energy bars and bottled water. • Try to maintain control of your emotions at all times. In an April 2003 article at
Meetings and Conventions Online, Louise M. Flesher offers this advice for keeping your cool: “Keep breakdowns private. Never let them see you cry. Just as you
have mapped out emergency routes for attendees, find emergency
meltdown stations — your hotel room, a stall in an empty bathroom,
behind a large ficus plant. Knowing you have a secret hideout for a
brief implosion can be a natural Prozac that prevents an emotional

Arab British Academy for Higher Education 
Sample Event Day Itinerary
Groundbreaking Event
April 19, 2006
Our group will be picked up at airport and taken to XYZ Building Meeting of support staff who will be coordinating groundbreaking www.abahe.co.uk 
Arab British Academy for Higher Education 
Bus or van service from the Civic Center to the airport Groundbreaking ceremony at Construction Project site Luncheon guests begin to arrive at the Civic Center www.abahe.co.uk 
Arab British Academy for Higher Education 

Source: http://www.abahe.co.uk/b/Event-Planner/What-an-Event-Planner-Does/event-day/event-day-and-sample.pdf


Yes, the third term has now arrived; my how the year passes. Because of the large number of deadlines and that only one and a half weeks of this term make up April, we are going light on events. This also means having too many deadlines is no excuse!As you all know, your wonderful committee has put a lot of effort into making the society the best it can be this past year. In fact, this effort

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