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FORBIDDEN SUBSTANCES. A horse will not be shown in any class at a show approved by the ABRA or
event held in conjunction with an ABRA approved show, whether or not the event is approved by ABRA , if the animalhas been administered in any manner a forbidden substance. A forbidden substance is defined as any stimulant,depressant, tranquilizer or sedative which could affect the performance of the horse (stimulant and depressants aredefined as substances which stimulate or depress the cardiovascular, respiratory, or central nervous system). Alsoforbidden is any substance, regardless of how harmless or innocuous it might be, which might interfere with the detectionor quantization of any substance defined above. In the event any forbidden substance is administered to any horse forany reason, the owner and/or trainer should withdraw the horse from competition until the drug is no longer present inthe plasma or urine.
2. PERMITTED SUBSTANCES. The following eleven drugs or medications are permitted at standard
veterinary therapeutic levels. Administration of these drugs or medications does not require that the horse be
withdrawn or kept out of competition. (Exception: does not apply if prohibited by government regulations.)
1. Phenylbutazone2. Flunixin3 Ketoprofen4.
May only be administered to horses documented through DNA testing to be Positive (N/H or H/H)for HYPP (Hyperkalemic Periodic Paralysis).
When administered within 24 hours of showing, may only be used under actual observation of eventmanagement (or designated representative) and/or the official show veterinarian, either of which mustsign the medication report form, to aid in the surgical repair of minor skin lacerations which, by theirvery nature, would not prevent the horse from competing following surgery. A medication report formmust be filed with show management as required in section 3 below.
Furosemide or Lasix, when used, must be administered intravenously at least four (4) hours prior to Isoxsuprine. No part of a dose should be administered during the four (4) hours prior to competing. Any medicated feed should be consumed and/or removed at least four (4) hours prior to competition.
CONDITIONALLY PERMITTED SUBSTANCES. In addition to those drugs listed in 2, Therapeutic
Medications (those drugs listed in the ARCI’s Uniform Classification Guidelines for Foreign Substances, February 1995Revised Edition regulations - class 4 and 5 with the exception of any Anabolic Steroid) given for the legitimate treatmentof illness or injury are permitted if ALL of the following conditions are met.
(a) Filing of a completed medication report (available from ABRA or show management) with show management before exhibiting the horse. The medication report must contain the following information: Diagnosis of illness/injury, reason for administration, and name of administering and/or prescribing American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) veterinarian.
Signature of veterinarian or person administering the medication. If prescribed by written instructions, a copy must be attached to the medication report.
Identification of the medicine: the name, amount, strength, and mode of administration.
Identification of the horse: Name and registration number, age, sex, color, and entry number.
(b) The horse must be withdrawn and kept out of competition for not less than 24 hours after the (c) The medication report must be filed with show management within one hour after administration of the medication or one hour after show management is available, if administration occurs at a time other than duringcompetition hours.
(d) The medication report must be signed by show management and the time of receipt recorded on the (e) While this report must be filed only if the administered medication will be present in amounts detectable in the blood and/or urine samples at the time of competition/sampling, exhibitors are hereby cautioned it istheir responsibility to determine whether or not such medication has had time to clear the horse’s system. IF THEREIS ANY DOUBT, A MEDICATION REPORT SHOULD BE FILED.
CAUTION AGAINST MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS. The use of medicinal preparations and tonics
of any kind in which the ingredients and quantitative analysis are not specifically known is also cautioned against as theuse of such may result in a positive analysis of the specimen taken from the horse.
RESPONSIBLE PARTIES. All owners, trainers and exhibitors are accountable for the condition of any
horse which they enter or allow to be entered in any ABRA sponsored or approved event or event held in conjunctionwith an ABRA approved show, whether or not the event is approved by ABRA. Such persons are hereafter referred toas “responsible parties.” By voluntarily entering a horse in an ABRA approved or sponsored event or event held inconjunction with an ABRA approved show, whether or not the event is approved by ABRA, the responsible parties arepresumed to know all rules and regulations of the Association. Based on their accountability for their horse’s condition,all responsible parties are subject to disciplinary action any time a prohibited substance is detected at an ABRA approvedor sponsored event, regardless of the reason the prohibited substance has been administered, and whether or not theresponsible parties had actual knowledge of the administration or presence of the prohibited substance.
INVOLVED PARTIES. In addition to the “responsible parties” as that term is used in this rule, any
person who administers, aids in the administration, causes to be administered, or conspires in the administration of anyprohibited substance will be subject to disciplinary action. Such persons are hereafter referred to as “involved parties.” TESTING BY ABRA OR STATE GOVERNMENT. All drug testing of ABRA approved events will
be done under the direction of the ABRA designated representative unless the show is being conducted in a state whosegovernment has established drug testing procedures. Those shows that are tested by the ABRA will be selected atrandom by the ABRA office, however, the show management of any ABRA event can request that a show be tested ifshow management agrees to be responsible for the cost associated with the testing. Any drug testing performed at therequest of show management will be conducted by the designated show management representative.
LABORATORY INTEGRITY. It shall be presumed that the sample of urine, saliva, blood or other
substance tested by the laboratory to which it was sent is the one taken from the horse in question, that its integrity hasbeen preserved, and that all the procedures of the collection and preservation, transfer to the laboratory, analysis of thesample and report received from the laboratory pertaining to the horse in question is presumed to be accurate and correctreflections of the condition of the horse during the show in which the horse was entered. The burden will be on theresponsible or involved parties to rebut the aforesaid presumption in a hearing conducted by the Association’s ExecutiveCommittee or its appointed committee.
REQUEST FOR SPECIMEN. A request by the ABRA representative or its designee to take a specimen
of urine, saliva, blood or other substance for testing shall not be refused by any person. Refusal to comply with sucha request will constitute grounds for immediate disqualification of a horse from further participation in the show and willalso be considered a positive drug test for purposes of this rule. Artificial induction of urination is at the option of theowner/agent.
10. COOPERATION WITH ABRA REPRESENTATIVE. Cooperation with the ABRA approved
veterinarian and/or his agents and/or Association representative shall include, but not be limited to: (a) Taking the animal immediately to the location selected by the appointed veterinarian and/or his agents for testing the horse and present it for testing and presenting the registration certificate or a photocopy for theveterinarian’s report.
(b) Assist the veterinarian and/or his agent in procuring the sample promptly including but not limited to: removing equipment from the horse, leaving it quietly in the stall and avoiding distractions to it. Schooling, lengthycooling out, bandaging and other delays of this type may be construed as non-cooperation.
(c) Polite attitude and actions toward the veterinarian and/or his agents and/or Association representative.
(d) Failure to cooperate will be considered a refusal.
11. HORSES SUBJECT TO EXAMINATION. Horses in competition at any ABRA sponsored or approved
event or event held in conjunction with an ABRA approved show, whether or not event is approved by ABRA, aresubject to examination by a licensed veterinarian or an Association representative who must be approved by the ABRA.
The examination may include positive identification, physical saliva, urine, blood tests, or other tests or procedures atthe discretion of said licensed veterinarian necessary to effectuate the purposes of this rule. Said veterinarian mayexamine any or all horses in the class(es) in a show, or any horse entered in any class, whether in competition or not,or any horse scratched or withdrawn or which simply fails to appear for competition, by any other exhibitor within 24hours prior to the class for which it has been entered. A horse which has been withdrawn from competition may beadministered a prohibited substance provided the prohibited substances is declared to show management prior to arequested drug testing.
12. TEMPORARY SUSPENSION. At such time as the ABRA receives written notification of a positive drug
test involving a violation of the rule, all “responsible parties” will immediately be placed on temporary suspension anddenied all privileges of the Association, pending hearing on the matter. The ABRA will mail written notification of thisaction to the responsible parties and will also give notification via the telephone when possible. Any responsible partywill be charged a $400 restitution upon receipt of notice to ABRA of a positive drug test.
(a) Post Bond. Each responsible party may post a $500 bond at which time that party will be allowed to participate in all ABRA events and activities until such time as a hearing is held.
(b) Certified Check. The $500 bond must be in the form of a certified check or money order made payable to the ABRA. The bond will become effective at such time as it is received in the ABRA office.
(c) Bond Returned. If is it determined after the hearing that there has been no violation of this rule, the $500 bond will be returned. If it is determined after the hearing that there has been a violation of this rule, the $500 bondwill be automatically forfeited to the ABRA. This bond forfeiture is in addition to any other penalties or disciplinaryaction that may be taken against the responsible or involved parties.
13. HORSE SUBJECT TO PENALTIES. The horse involved, as well as the responsible or involved parties,
may be subject to, but not limited to the following penalties where appropriate.
(a) Barred. Barred from competition.
(b) Forfeiture. Forfeit awards, and/or monies, and/or points and/or placings.
(c) Certificate Relinquishment. Relinquishment of the horse’s registration certificate to the Association for a specific period of time. Although ownership of such horse may, thereafter, be transferred to another party, thetransfer of ownership will not dissolve or shorten the terms of disciplinary action.
(d) Penalties or fines.
(e) Suspension.

Source: http://www.americanbuckskin.org/files/Drugs_Medications.pdf

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