Fisher BioReagents® Antibiotics
and Antimycotics
In many life science laboratories, the in vitro culturing of bacterial, Optimized for cell culture
plant, and animal cells is a routine task. High quality antibiotics and antimycotics from Fisher BioReagents can be used to ensure success-ful growth of cells by eliminating unwanted bacterial strains and fungi while maintaining the health and vitality of the desired cells.
t High quality - antibiotics and antimycotics meet rigorous quality
control tests, including verifi cation of potency, purity, and solubility using microbiological and chromatographic methods.
t Built for selection - excellent choice of antibiotics for selection of
antibiotic resistance genes in both bacterial and mammalian cells.
t High purity and stability - ultrapure antibiotics ensure successful
growth of target cells and reproducible results.
t Maximum convenience - antibiotics and antimycotics come in both
Catalog No.
Product Description
Mode of Action
Susceptible Organisms
Inhibitor of protein disulfide isomerase. Interferes with BP2950-1
building blocks of peptidoglycan bacterial cell wall. Inhibitor of bacterial cell wall synthesis. Eliminates BP2951-1
Agrobacterium species after inoculation.
Alters membrane permeability and allows potassium ion BP2949-5
Interferes with peptidoglycan synthesis in bacterial cell BP2955-5
Interferes with synthesis of bacterial cell wall. Inhibits BP2959-50*
protein synthesis; binds to 30S ribosomal subunit. Interferes with synthesis of bacterial cell wall. Inhibits BP2960-50*
protein synthesis. Interferes with bacterial cell division.
Interferes with synthesis of bacterial cell wall. Inhibits BP2961-50*
protein synthesis.
Disrupts the integrity of DNA, and blocks S-phase entry BP2962-100
Interferes with cytoplasmic membrane.
Inhibits formation of peptidoglycan polymers of bacterial BP2958-1
* Molecular weights are not available because products are mixtures. Table 2. Selective antibiotics used in transformation studies
Catalog No.
Product Description
Antibiotic Resistance Genes
The aph4 gene (also known as hph or hyg) encodes an enzyme, hygromycin phosphotrans- BP2952-1MU
ferase, which confers resistance to hygromycin B. This antibiotic is particularly useful as a selective agent for the incorporation of aph4 in plant tissue.
Phleomycin resistance is conferred by the Sh ble gene from Streptoalloteichus hindustanus BP2962-100
which encodes a protein that binds to phleomycin, inhibiting its DNA cleavage activity. Useful in transformation studies involving plant and mammalian cells.
Selection agent for cells transformed with pac gene. Used for stable transfection of DNA into BP2956-100
Resistance to spectinomycin may develop by mutations in rpsL gene that prevent this BP2957-1
antibiotic from binding to the 30S ribosomal subunit and inhibiting proper translation; streptomycin resistance is recessive.
Table 3. Additional antibiotics available from Fisher BioReagents
Catalog No.
Product Description
BP928, BP2645
Hygromycin B
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