Megamin is an Italian company who manufacturers capsules containing zeolite powder. The following information is condensed from their websi. There is a lot more information on their website. Some of the translation into Englishis a bit strange.
What is Megamin?
Dietary supplement MEGAMIN is an antioxidant and ion exchanger, it contains
different types of the natural mineral zeolite. It is micronised by a special procedure
creating a big active surface, Megamin has strong adsorption and absorbing abilities.
The body produces free radicals during the metabolic process, these radicals are
also produced by external sources such as air pollution, pesticides, smoke, alcohol,
radiation etc. Even though the body has natural protection, it is not strong enough to
overcome continuous strong attacks of natural and environmental free radicals.
Today, free radicals are recognised as a cause of ageing as well as for some sixty
chronic degenerative diseases including stroke, arthritis, cancer, cataracts,
Alzheimer’’s, Parkinson’’s disease, varicose veins, rheumatism, stress, phlebitis,
haemorrhoids and senility. It is well established that such mineral preparations can
control free radicals and reduce disease by removing them from the body.
Effects of Megamin
In older age shows better tolerance against using up and aging of the cells,tissues and body as a whole Makes psychical and physical efforts easier During and after strong physical activity reduces muscle pain and increasesstamina levels It reduce the feeling of tiredness and weakness Use of Megamin
For the best results, take pill three or four times a day.
If necessary, it can be increased up to ten capsules per day.
It is safe to take MEGAMIN for a longer period of time.

It is important to mention that Megamin does not produce any kind of
side effects while being taken with other drugs.

It is recommended to take MEGAMIN before a meal with a small amount of
When Megamin Helps
MEGAMIN can help when disfunctioning biological processes of the body causediseases such as: Skin diseases
It can speed up wound healing as well as help treatment of infectious skin diseases(herpes), inflammatory dermatitis (psoriasis) and allergies and skin diseases (dermatitis etc.). Besides taking an oral dose, external application of the powder isrecommended from the pill by putting the contents of the capsule on the openwound/diseased part of the skin, few times a day.
(Note from aussiezeolite: We have found that a zeolite lotion like Zeo Calm worksvery well with these skin diseases without dehydrating the skin like the powder cando with overuse.) Malignant diseases
During and after chemotherapy it can help : Reducing needs for analgesics and narcotics, Reducing/removing liquid from the abdominal cavity (ascites), Improves the general health of the patient to enable earlier chemotherapytreatment. Palliating the side effects like vomiting, stomach nausea, loss ofappetite, loss of weight, loss of hair etc., Fungi disappearing, that very often appear during chemotherapy in the mouthand oesophagus and make recovery more difficult, Some connective tissues diseases
Can assist joints to become painless during different collagen diseases (rheumatoidarthritis, lupus erythematosus) and fibrosis.
Spin diseases (the lumbar part)
Can significantly assist in reducing pain during lumbago and sciatica.
Gastrointestinal diseases
It can prevent spasmodical contractions (ulcerative colitis) and pain, alsohelps regulating the bowel movement.
Can contribute in normalising stomach super secretion.
Can help regulate the sugar levels in blood.
By improving microcirculation, it can decrease the complications of diabetes.
Cardiovascular diseases
Can contribute in normalisation of abnormal contractions in the rhythmicalbeats of the heart (exstrasistole of the unknown aetiology, tachycardia), Can also assist towards blood pressure regulation.
Haematopoietic diseases
Can support the normalisation of disordered values of diseases such as anaemiaand the white blood cells.
Central nervous system diseases and neuromuscular disorders
Can help in tranquillising tremors, in regulating of muscle tension, in eliminatingmuscle spasms and pathological reflexes as well as assisting in decreasingfrequency and intensity of epileptic attacks.
Liver diseases
Contributes to the improvement of the general condition and helps liver enzymes(AST, ALT, yGT) in reaching normal values.
Case Studies
Case Report #1 - Complication of diabetes Patient B.B. Date of birth: 1942.
Diagnosis: Diabetes was diagnosed 1982. Up to year 1982. patient didn't have
medical problems.
Medical treatment was based on diet and oral application of hypoglycemic drugs. In1995 his right lower leg was amputated. Since May 1996 he's been taking theinsulin. From march 1999. on the left lower leg ulcerations of various sizes hasappeared. The wounds were bending with rivanol and povidon. There was no doubtthat in very near future his left lower leg also should be amputated. He's been taking Megamin (together with insulin) since Sep 22 1999. orally and byputting the powder from the capsules on the wounds. On Sep 22 on the left lowerleg three ulcers (5, 3 and 1 cm) were visible on the surface . Strong pains in lowerleg with intensive itching with offensive smell around ulcers were present. Effects of Megamin (together with prescript medical therapy): After 7 days - less pain and less itching, better and restful sleep After 10 days - less offensive smell, appearing of the healthy tissue as well as thebeginning of granulation.
After 30 days - two smaller ulcers were completely closed while on the biggest ulcerepitalisation started on the borders of ulcers.
After 75 days - complete epitalisation of the two smaller ulcers and 90% epitalizationof the widest ulcer. There were no signs of inflammation any more.
After 200 days - the biggest ulcer closed completely. It is important to mention that in the period of monitoring the effects of Megamin wasregulated glycaemia too. There are no pains and itching any more. Case Report #2 - Neurodermitis Patient: I.P. Diagnosis: Neurodermitis. Year of
birth: 1969. Anamnesis: - in childhood suffered from the spasmic bronchitis. After
second pregnancy (1995) changes on the skin appeared. They were most visible on
the hands, on the both sides of fists. Medical treatment was based on antialergic
and corticosteroid therapy. Beside prescript therapy skin changes still remained
together with redness, itching and sense of burning. Longer period of corticosteroid
therapy caused bacterial super infections. Fists joints edema was present too.
Patient has been taking Megamin orally and powder since July 1999. 15 days after taking Megamin clinical picture was better as well as less signifficantredness and itching was present. There are no more fists joints aedems, no moreitching and no more burning (Fig 4). Patient is now in position to maintain allhousework without gloves; that was not possible before. Case Report # 3 - Rheumatoid Arthritis Patient A.P. Year of birth: 1948.
Diagnosis: Rheumatoid Arthritis. Diagnosticate: 1992
Medical treatment was based on physical therapy and medicaments (analgesics -Auropan, Ibuprofen). The status on April 1999: Patient had a heavy shape of the inflammatoryrheumatism with edemas of both hand joints, with swollen metacarpal joints, rightelbow was in flexion contraction, with limited flexion and extension of both knees,with edemas on both legs ankles joined with limited mobility. Started with Megamin intake on April 1999. 7 days after the beginning of Megamin intake better mobility of small joints wasnoticed. Also the needs for analgesics decreased, so she took one of them fromtime to time, while she removed the other one from the therapy. 14 days later the mobility of bigger joints improved together with significantly edemasdecreasing. It is important to mention that seven days absence of Megamin symptoms temporallydetoriated. Since than patient takes Megamin regularly and has no problems with mobility andedemas. Case Report # 4 - Morbus Crohn Patient: M.P. Year of birth: 1967. Diagnosis:
Morbus Chron. Diagnosticate: December 1998. Therapy: Sulfosalazin 3x1
Peptoran 2x1 Medrol 2x1
Started with Megamin intake: January 1999. During ten months, the patient had periods without taking Megamin regularly. Thequantity was also different. He took the prescript therapy regularly, but he decreased dosages of sulfosalizin and peptoran and completely removed medrol(steroid hormone) from therapy. Patient increased body weight by 20%, he noticed decreasing of pain; number andconsistence of bowel movement become normal. Case Report # 5 - Cirrhosis biliaris Patient: K.K. Year of birth: 1934. Diagnosis:
Cirrhosis biliaris Anamnesis: - Cirrhosis biliaris was diagnosticate in 1995 (clinically,
laboratory, ultrasound and pathohistology). Weakness, lose vitality, tiredness and
sleepless were present. From time to time pains were appeared under the right rib
ark and spreading towards backside. The edema of the legs ankles was present too.
Therapy: Ursofalk 800 g daily .
15 days after taking Megamin, the patient felt stronger and had more stamina.
45 days after taking Megamin the edema around legs ankles disappeared whilepains under the right rib ark and backside were less significant. Ultrasound results: Jun 1999. - the liver was slightly increased. Patient felt verywell, and was able to perform normal activities without sense of tiredness, December 1999. - the liver had normal size This article was published in "Medical News", year 26., No 141, Nov. 1998 Clinical obseravations at the taking of dietetic preparation
Jadranka Tocilj, MD Ph.D. Clinical center, depart. for lung diseases, 21 000 Split The dietetic preparation MEGAMIN , which contains as the basic substance TMAZ,(zeolite powder) was taken by several patients with various kinds of illnesses undermedical supervision, with the aim to be able to judge about the effect of thispreparation on clinical indicators, the general condition of the persons who fell ill, aswell as the usefulness/adequacy on further clinical observations.
The first group are patients with breast cancer ( 18 ) as well as lung cancer andpleura cancer ( 6 ), prostate cancer ( 5 ), primary liver cancer ( 5 ), ovary cancer ( 3 ) malicious brain tumours of the degree II/III, gullet cancer ( 1 ), and other ( 17 ).
The equality of all patients is that they all have been treated with chemotherapy andray treatment therapies or are still getting them, through which they achieveddegraded haematological results (in most cases anaemia and a deficit of leucozythsand thrombozyths), as well as increased enzymes gGT, LDH, alkaline phosphates.
The general condition was bad, loss of strength and pain.
The second group are patients with system illnesses of the lupus (2), coagenosis (3),and lung fibrosis ( 3 ).
The third group is various, beginning with people with diabetes, as well as variousneurothies up to inglammations of the muscle system ( miocitis ), as well as hepatitisB and C ( 3 ).
The duration of taking and the dosage ( TMAZ ):
The first group has taken on average 15 capsules daily, while heavily fallen ill peopletook the capsules also at night.
If a person has been given chemotherapy he has taken up to 20 capsules.
The second group has taken 10 capsules daily.
The third group of the patients has taken 6 - 8 capsules daily.
The combination of powder and Megamin, that means 5 teaspoons powder and 10capsules of Megamin have improved to the best combination for heavy illnesses.
Side effects:
At a small number of patients higher temperatures and sweat separations werestated and patients who had liver cancer had diarrhoea, peace, good sleep, astronger urinating or sweating and some had headaches.
The beginning of the effect of the taken preparation:
After three days the general condition has become better of all patients. At persons,who have been treated with chemotherapy, has been stated that funguses in themouth area and in the gullet have disappered and they had a better compatibility ofthe chemotherapy.
Clinical indicators
At the first group of the patient's normal haematological biochemical indicators havebeen measured.
It has been stated that the sedimentation, the red and white blood corpuscles as wellas the thrombozyths have become already 7 days aftera the beginning of the takingthe capsules. After approximately 15 days the enuymes ( gGT, AST, ALT ) havemormalised, too, especially fast the LDH normalised, the alkaline phospates havedropped a little but have not normalised.
In two cases of liver cancer the reduction of free liquids in the stomach has beenobserved, the general condition became better.
The general condition of all patients has become importantly better; they gain weightand have needed to eat something.
At the second group of the patients beside the usual haematological biochemiocalindicators also the functional indicators of the lung the capacity of diffusion and theoxygen were stated at their resting condition. It has observed that the enzymes andthe LDH have normalised, in addition the capacity of the contraction of the heartmuscle, because this is a reason for the strengthening of the capacity of lungdiffusion ( this assumption is still being worked out ).
At the third group the rose of sugar was stated while taking 6 capsules of TMAZdaily, the general condition of the patients became better.
The reduction of pain of the muscle system has been watched with measures of themilk acid.
The homeostatic mechanism is being restored and the milk acid salary in the bloodsinks.
Persons with hepatitis B and C had a fast normallisation of the enzymes.
Every 15 days the haematological biomechanical indicators were stated, and everypatient has a detailed medical documentation, which in the equality has not beenworked out on the regulation of the subject. The above mentioned observations havenot been stated due to statistic work out and not due to the basis of a clinicalexamination.
Everything shown is the basis for a clinical examination, which is valuable to becontinued in a defined program.
Report about the experiences (results) of observation at the giving
of TMAZ orally in the form of capsules
The application of the dietetic preparation MEGAMIN at patients that suffer ofmalignant illnesses, anecdotal cases at patients with protracted virus hepatitis,decompensated liver cirrhoses as well as diabetes and other degenerative illnesses.
Patients with malignant illnesses
280 patients were taking the dietetic preparation, the effect of this medicament onthe general condition has been observed in 114 patients.
We followed the general condition, the movability of 21 patients with a brain tumour,who had a bad general condition and who were in the terminal phase, predominantlythey were unmobile and were treated with a symptomatically therapy. Between thethird and the fourth week a visible recovery has been noticed so that the majority ofthe patients get increasingly attack-free, they become progressively mobile with help,some of them are able in the second month of taking to read alone the papers and towatch TV.
At 40 patients with a primary lung tumour, who are in the terminal phase, it has beennoticed that between the third and the fourth week an improvement of the generalcondition has been recorded according to pain reduction, the improvement of therespiration as well as the movability. One patient who died in the third week was theonly one who showed no signs of improvement, but reached rapidly a distinctivecachexis stage.
Furthermore we followed 53 patients with a carcinoma of the digestion section, whoalso were in the terminal phase of the illness with a distinctive cachexis stage, theyshowed a delayed effect of MEGAMIN according to only moderate recovery of thegeneral condition which we put in connection with working place of MEGAMIN(intestinal section). In the third week we had 4 patients with a lethal exit, but wehave to add that the suggested dose has not been taken because of nausea,vomiting and bad general condition.
In this short time period of observation of the effect MEGAMIN has found its place inthe symptomatic therapy. We have noticed that it has come to a better compatibilityof the chemotherapy as well as ray treatment with the addition of MEGAMIN. Atsome patients we could observe doublesonographic (?) and in the three-dimensionalPower-Double-Technique (?) reduced circulation.
Summarised an obvious change of the life quality was stated, in which it comes to aclear improvement of the condition of the patients (movability, appetite, increase ofweight).
Illnesses of the liver - chronic (virus-) hepatitis, cirrhoses
At 20 patients with chronic virus hepatitis already two weeks after giving 6 capsulesdaily, tiredness and flatulence disappeared, and after one month it comes to areduction of GOT, GPT, -GT and bilirubin. We could not prove the marcer (?) of thevirus hepatitis-DANN and - RNA at the majority of the patients.
At the decompensated cirrhoses it comes after seven days to a clear recovery of thegeneral symptoms of aszites.
Patients with insulin in "depending" diabetes (24), who were treated with a peroraltherapy, showed a clear reduction of the glucose value in the blood as well as areduced request for the taking of oral medicaments for the insulin release. Twopatients ended the oral antidiabetic-therapy and are now only on a diet.
4. Neurodegenerative illnesses
An extremely positive effect MEGAMIN showed at the multiple sclerosis in the earlystage, while the results in the advanced stage with extended fibrosiation herd in thebrain turned out essentially more modest. A positive effect was also recorded at theneurodermitis and at muscle dystrophy - respectively in the early stage.
When MEGAMIN should not be taken?
The effect of the dietetic preparation MEGAMIN on the life quality of 58 patients, whohad malignant illnesses, has been examined, the influence on life quality has beenwatched, the reduction of the complaints of the patients during chemotherapy andray treatments as well as the compatibility of the mentioned dietetic preparation.
To the examination I stepped as a person, who wants to help patients who haveheavily fallen ill. The decision, to give this dietetic preparation also to this group ofpatients, fell when some of my family members and friends as well as I had takenMEGAMIN. No side effects were noticeable; on the contrary, we felt psychologicallyas well as physiologically better. We all had blood tests before and during the takingof the preparation. During the whole time there were no deviation of thephysiological results.
The criteria for the choice of the patients were the following: The diagnosis of amalignant illness with a valid medical documentation, not depending on sex and age.
The patients took part at the series of experiments on the request of their own or ofnext relatives, these are patients, who already have had standard treatments. Inaddition we had fixed the exclusion criteria: No definite diagnosis, a declining attitudeof the next relatives, patients in the preparation phase of a bone marrowtransplantation as well as pregnant and stanching women. Breaking of criteria wasover-sensitiveness on the preparation and side effects during the taking of thisdietetic preparation.
We divided all 58 patients up, under consideration of the illness duration, into twolarge groups: Patients who had been stated a malignant illness before March 1997 (at theearliest 1994) Patients who had been stated a malignant illness after March 1997 In the first group 27 patients were accompanied, 12 of these are still alive, while 15patients have died. The second group consists of 31 patients, 23 of these are stillalive and are still in treatment, while 8 of them have died.
We have divided the same group, depending on the condition of the illness, intothree subgroups: Patients with operable malignant illnesses (40 patients) Patients with inoperable malignant illnesses (12 patients) Patients with symptomatic illnesses (6 patients) The patients, who have died, were in the terminal phase of the malignant illness,they were predominantly bedridden and have been symptomatically given therapy(under application of various analgetica, when required).
With regard to the life quality from the beginning of the treatment with MEGAMINuntil the moment of death, the psychological situation has improved from all of them.
It came to an appetite increase, they gained weight and the request for analgeticasank.
Due to the various anamnestic details of the next relatives and due to the contactwith the patients, four patient groups are being distinguished:1.
Patients who are able to leave occasionally the house alone (8) Patients who are able to live at home with still tolerable tumour manifestation (8) Bedridden patients with satisfying emotional and physical conditions, withoutsleepnessesses or stronger distinctive pain, with better appetite and the abilityto i. e. watch TV and similar (4) Patients without or with only short-term positive effect at only irregular andoccasional taking of the preparation (3) During the observation of all patients it has shown, that the support on the part of thefamily is of a great meaning.
Separate representation of the died patients: Diagnosis: Neoplasis Pancreas Head (Sepember 1997) Beginning of takingMEGAMIN: January 1998 Died: End of July 1998 The patient has been mobile until the last week, he was driving the car, hasgone to the sea, has stayed there, has worked in the garden and in the house,has died after a sudden feeling of weakness at the second stationary day.
Diagnosis: Plate Epithel carcinoma lateral left Bronchus (February 1998)Beginning of taking MEGAMIN: February 1998 Died: End of October 1998 The 82-old patient has been dismissed to die at home, soon after takingMEGAMIN she becomes more mobile, she is carrying out housework,sweeping the yard, has a good appetite, is gaining 5 kg of weight and she istelling her neighbours that she has recovered. She is not complaining aboutpain or aggravated breathing, she is full of confidence. In the heat period inAugust, she dies two weeks lying in the bed. Diagnosis: inoperable Rectumblastom (June 1995) Condition after Anuspraeter naturalis sigmoideus definitivus Fistula vesico-rectalis (December 7th,1997). Beginning of taking MEGAMIN: February 1998 Died: End of October1998 The patient spent most of the time in bed, after taking MEGAMIN, however,he more frequently got up, sometimes he even went to his workshop, hedrove a car, visited friends, this summer he distilled schnapps and wassinging in his yard. He watched TV. During the whole illness duration hewent from time to time to the hospital were he was treated with a symptomatictherapy in addition to his blood substitute. At the day of his last hospital visit,he was found dead in the morning. The doctors of the surgical departmentwere surprised that a so heavy ill patient could get by with so low quantities ofanalgetics.
The mentioned people as well as all other patients, who have died, were living longerto the surprise of their general doctors.
Patients who are still under observation (35): All patients have metastases, 20 of them in the lymph node and 15 patients in moredistanced organs (brain, lung, liver, bones). 12 patients had already chemotherapyand ray treatments and 23 patients have just started a zytostatic therapy. At allpatients the life quality has been followed: The emotional situation improved, sleepnessess, depressions decreased, life willincreases. stress- and frustration tolerance increases the physical situationimproves: better movability, pains are less distinctive or not anymore there, theability for carrying out daily works are regained, Appetite increase, weight increase,regulation of excrement, one group of patients who had been treated withchemotherapy or had ray treatment, were more consistent to the therapies, theymore seldomly complain about nausea and are recovering faster afterchemotherapy/ray treatments. Separate representation of the patients in the course of taking MEGAMIN: Diagnosis: Lymphosarcom of the left thigh (Beginning December 1997)Abdomen-CT: multiple metastases (beginning December 1997) Beginning oftaking MEGAMIN : middle of February 1998 Is taking daily uninterrupted 30capsules of MEGAMIN.
The tumour at the left thigh has shrunk from the size of a head of an adult tothe size of a grapefruit. The skin above the tumour has got back its normalcolour; the vessel drawing above the tumour has disappeared. The tumourgrowth on the neck has completely disappeared as well as the 20 otherchanges, which could have been seen on the scalp.
Due to the heaviness of the illness the therapy has been started with threetimes of one capsule MEGAMIN at the first day, the dose has been increasedall two days, until a dose of 30 capsules daily has been reached. Theimmobile patient became completely mobile, this summer he walked daily upto two miles, since one and a half month he is walking just upright as beforewhen he was healthy. He was at the sea, swam, he gained weight about 25kg. On request of his parents, the patient has not been explained about hisdiagnosis, so that he could not be won for the necessary examinations.
Diagnosis: Colon carcinoma, condition after operative intervention (1994)Metastases in the liver and lungs (classified as inoperable). The controlexamination, made in the middle of February 1998, stated metastatic changesas results of the reason illness, namely in the upper segment of the right lungsrag (19 x 13 mm) and in the area of the liver (diameter 6-cm). Beginning oftaking MEGAMIN: Beginning of May 1998.
An ultrasound examination of the liver (October 1998) showed an unobtrusiveecho in the area of the metastasis diagnosed in February. The x-rays of thelung do not show a stamp form of metastasis shadows.
The number of capsules of the dietetic preparation MEGAMIN has also beenincreased of this patient, to take at October 10th, 1998 every half hour onecapsule of MEGAMIN. With the intention to strengthen the effect, he took twocapsules and noticed that the area of the skin above the metastasis in theliver became warmer for some degrees. After that he reduced the dose onone capsule every half-hour, but he enlarged the dose of earlier takenmorphine or other opiates that he was taking at night. Already one week aftertaking this MEGAMIN-dose he is not taking opiates anymore. This patient alsodeclines further examinations since February 1998. Only now since hiscondition has improved, he is prepared to make further necessaryexaminations.
Besides the life quality the compatibility and possible appearing side effects havebeen watched at all patients. All patients have been consistent about MEGAMINand no side effects arose.
With consideration on all these patients who have been observed as well all
those who have been reporting themselves voluntarily with their various
diagnoses, I cannot answer this question: "When MEGAMIN should not be

MEGAMIN not toxic!
TMAZ, MEGAMINs basic substance has shown neither toxic nor mutagenic effectsin acute, subchronic and cronic toxicology studies. These studies (according to theguidelines published by the Organization for Economic Cooperation andDevelopement, OECD) have been carried out in Ruder Boskovic Institute, Zagreb,Croatia.
TAS(Total Antioxidant Status) LEVEL AND NUMBER OF
We have measured TAS level at 33 individuals of which 22 were healthy and 11were sick.
TAS value correlation of healthy individuals (22) shows significant value divergenceespecially of those who take smaller doses of MEGAMIN (1 to 7 capsules). We couldhave expected those results and they can be explained with biological variation andneed of different number of capsules that usually have to be adjustable from case tocase.
The other group that was consisted of individuals with malignant diseases (11individuals with daily uptake of Megamin 12 capsules in average) had satisfyingdegree of correlation r = 0,67 between TAS and the number of capsules.
When the daily amount of MEGAMIN is more than 16 capsules there has beennoticed a fast increase of TAS, what can bee seen in Table 2. These results showsatisfying capacity of MEGAMIN antioxidant effects.
In Table 3 there is a comparison between the healthy individuals who take daily 3 capsules of MEGAMIN in average and the sick individuals with average daily amountof 12 capsules. The Table shows that in spite of good health condition of healthyindividuals their TAS is lower than TAS of sick individuals what is the result ofincreased daily amount of MEGAMINcapsules.
Up today researches show the importance of origination of endogen free radicals aswell as outer agents, which are additional source of free radicals.
Antioxidant therapy, especially on patients with low natural defensive system and onthose suffering from already mentioned diseases, has been proved successful, butnot in final phase of disease and not as a mono-therapy but as an addition ofprescribed therapy.
Measurement of TAS should be practised at chronicle diseases after which theantioxidant therapy should be added. When there are big damages, what clinicallymean progressive state of diseases, daily amount of antioxidant should beincreased. But there has to be emphasised that antioxidants show the best effectswhen they are taken as a prevention.
Please visit the Megamin website for more information ,

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