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For Year End, you will basically be performing three (3) functions: • Making the backup tape that will serve as your month-end/year-end tape. • Running the year-end reports and verifying totals. • Resetting the system to begin the new year.
The steps below will walk you through this process. PERFORM THEM IN THE ORDER
1. Verify that the Day End Update (Transaction Processing menu) for the last day of the year
has been performed. This includes updating all batches pending, i.e. statement and insurance batches. NO NEW BATCHES SHOULD BE STARTED UNTIL STEPS 1 - 3 ARE COMPLETE AND YOU HAVE REVIEWED STEPS 4 AND 5!
2. You will need a backup of your system before proceeding with your year-end close.
a. If you desire, you may use the backup tape from the night before, as long as all work
for month end was updated prior to that tape running. You must check mail for
b. If you desire to run a manual backup, you must execute the following procedures:
Log in as root at the server (or main console). From System Utilities Menu, select “List Users on System” and verify that everyone is signed off prior to proceeding. Then press ‘Enter’ until you see the word “End”, then type “q” to return to System Utilities Menu. From Backup Edge Archive Control Menu, type the letter “B” ( Backup) but don’t press ‘Enter’. Depending on your version of Edge Backup, the option “Master Backup” or “Unscheduled Full Backup” should be highlighted. Press ‘Enter” to select the Master Backup option or the Unscheduled Full Backup option. The Master Backup screen appears with “Execute Backup” highlighted. Press ‘Enter’ to select and execute the backup.
After successful backup, take the tape out of tape rotation and store in a safe location
off site.
This tape will contain all year-end data. To order more tapes, call Carol Polin at
extension 221.
3. Click Modules, select “Practice Analysis”, and then click “Start Practice Analysis”.
4. If you are NOT going to allow your office to key charges or payments while your are clearing
the month and year-to-date totals, skip Steps 5 and 6 and proceed to Step 7.
5. If you ARE going to ALLOW your office to key charges or payments, you must open the
next fiscal period
Click Modules and select “System Management” Click “Fiscal Period Control Maintenance From Fiscal Period Maintenance screen, select the current year. In the “Open/Close/New” field for Period 12, click the down arrow and choose I for
In the very last field labeled “Open/Closed/New”, which is for Period 1 of Next
Year, click the down arrow and choose O for “Open”.
Click Update. The system will prompt “Please Enter Password”. Key the password
and click OK to accept the changes made to the 2 “Open/Close/New fields. (Hint:
Password is the same that is used when processing Day End)

6. Your office can now start entering charges and payments in the New Year. All personnel
will need to be told that when opening a new batch, the fiscal period needs to be 201101 (year
2011, period 01). They will get the following message during transaction and payment posting
until the Year is closed:
* Warning * Tran date is out of fiscal period 201101's beg/end dates

Continue through the message. This message will go away once the month end and year end
process is complete.
7. Be sure to run all reports needed for the month end and year-end. Verify that clinic totals
match on the various reports. Verify Practice Analysis totals are correct. To do this, add (or
subtract, depending upon the sign) month-to-date Practice Analysis totals from these new
reports to last month’s Trial Balance. This total should equal this month’s Trial Balance.
8. Now that all reports are in balance and month-end/year-end backups are complete, you may
clear the month-to-date totals using “Clear MTD Totals” on the Practice Analysis menu. (You
must clear the month-to-date totals BEFORE clearing year-to-date totals.)
9. Now that month-to-date totals are cleared, you need to clear system year-to-date totals
using “Clear YTD Totals” from Practice Analysis Menu. This part of the closing happens very
10. Go into Practice Analysis Reports and print a report to make sure totals are cleared.
11. End Practice Analysis.

12. Verify that the new Fiscal Period Record has been created:
From Modules, select “System Management” Select “Fiscal Period Control Maintenance”. From Fiscal Period Maintenance, select the new year and verify the record exists and is correct. This record should look the same as the 2010 record with the exception of the year (i.e.,
period-ending dates, fiscal year beginning date). Fiscal Period 1 status should be O for
“Open”. Field labeled “Current Period” should be “201101”.


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