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Teacher: Karen S. Blasi
Lesson Title: Who Was Clarina Nichols and what was she known for? a.k.a. Reading
Chapter Books in a Jiffy!

Grade Level: 8th Grade

Lesson Time Length: Three 45 minute blocks (or three days) minimum
Big Idea:

Students understand that there were many unknown crusaders like Clarina Nichols that
worked tirelessly for Women’s Rights that have impacted the rights that we enjoy today.
Lesson Abstract:
This lesson is designed to give students an overview of who Clarina Nichols was and
what she is known for. This lesson uses an adaptation from Lucinda Evans, “Book in an
Hour” concept along with internet resources and the book, Revolutionary Heart written
by Diane Eickhoff. Clarina Nichols was an American reformer that traveled across the
country as a newspaper publisher, lecturer and an al y of mistreated women wherever
she went. She was a lesser known crusader for Women’s Rights.
Lesson Background and Context:
The time period that Clarina Nichols crusaded for Women’s Rights was a turbulent time
period during the 19th century. Reading chapter books in class is difficult due to their
length. Through this lesson the twenty chapters in this book can be easily read and
shared with an entire class in just a few class periods or can be expanded by using the
attached Teacher’s Guide. There are a number of primary source resources that can
be found to enrich or use as a springboard for class discussions. In addition, I compiled
a list of resources that wil expand your knowledge of the specific person and book I
have used. The template for the student activity sheet is also attached and can be used
for other chapter books as wel .
Standards Alignment:
(A) researches and analyzes a current issue involving rights from an historical
perspective (e.g., civil rights, Native Americans, organized labor)
(A) explains the impact on American society of religious, social, and philosophical
reform movements of the early 19th century (e.g., abolition, education, mental health,
women’s rights, temperance).
A Century of Progress Lesson Plan Template 2011
(A) examines a variety of different types of primary sources in United States history and
analyzes them in terms of credibility, purpose, and point of view (e.g., census records,
photographs, letters, government documents).
(A) uses at least three primary sources to interpret a person or event from United States
history to develop a historical narrative.
(A) examines a variety of different types of primary sources in United States history and
analyzes them in terms of credibility, purpose, and point of view (e.g., census records,
photographs, letters, government documents).
(A) explains the issues that led to the Civil War (e.g., slavery, economics, and state’s
who Clarina Nichols was and what she worked for her entire life.
how women were treated during this historical time period.
read, discuss and analyze a chapter book, primary source documents and maps.
summarize and share oral y with classmates.
Teaching Materials:
1) Chapter book, Revolutionary Heart by Diane Eickhoff – torn up and divided into 2) Student activity sheet modified by Karen S. Blasi from Lucinda Evans, “Book in 3) Teacher’s Guide to Revolutionary Heart Quindaro Press, P.O. Box 3463, Kansas City, KS 66103 2009 by Quindaro Press LLC. All rights reserved. May be reproduced for educational purposes only. Reproduction for commercial or non-educational use is prohibited. Published 2009 Printed in the United States of America ISBN-13: 978-0-9764434-9-0 ISBN-10: 0-9764434-9-X12 11 10 09 2 3 4 5 4) Excel sheet to predetermine which student wil read which chapter. You can assign two students to a chapter if desired. A Century of Progress Lesson Plan Template 2011 Vocabulary:
There are a variety of terms in each chapter that the students wil identify on their
activity sheet. Example: Chapter 1 possibilities: expatriate. Pedigree, maliciously,
fraudulently, etc.
Lesson Implementation and Procedures:
1) Teacher opens lesson by asking if anyone knows who Clarina Irene Howard Nichols was? Next, the teacher can share that information or use the bits of information using the circle game, “I have…I need” to provide information about Clarina to the class. The method chosen wil impact how many class periods you wil devote to this. Use the resources list I compiled to help you with your preparation for this. 2) Hand out Xeroxed copies of the student activity page and discuss the requirements to complete the activity, how they wil be graded and how much class time they wil be al owed to complete the activity sheet. 3) Depending on how many class periods you want to devote, you can use the Teacher’s Guide to expand this lesson plan. 4) It wil take one 45 minute class period for the students to read their assigned chapter. The faster readers can go ahead and work on their student activity sheet to al ow others to finish reading silently. 5) One 45 minute class period to complete their student activity sheet. 6) One 45 minute class period to oral y share their chapter. By the end of that period the class the students wil understand who Clarina Nichols was and her contributions to women’s rights.
Technology Integration:
Resource list: websites
MS Word: student activity sheet
Excel: Chapter assignment sheet
Evaluation and Assessment:
Students wil be able to oral y explain how women were treated during this historical
time period.
Students wil share a summarization of their assigned chapter with their classmates.
Students wil write essential questions, discover new vocabulary meanings and draw a
picture to il ustrate their assigned chapter.
Extension and Enrichment:
Teacher’s Guide developed by the author that contains websites and many primary
source document sources.
A Century of Progress Lesson Plan Template 2011 Resources:
Eickhoff, D. (2006). Revolutionary heart: the life of Clarina Nichols and the pioneering
crusade for women's rights
. Kansas City, Kan.: Quindaro Press.
A Century of Progress Lesson Plan Template 2011


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