Pharmaceutical crm – why product differentiation using crm or patient relationship management \(prm\) is the key competitiv.

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Pharmaceutical CRM – Why Product Differentiation Using CRM or Patient
Relationship Management (PRM) is the Key Competitive Advantage?

Key words: Product differentiation, Pharma CRM, Competitive Advantage, Product Innovation, Patient
Intelligence, Product Intelligence, CRM (PRM) Analytics, Trials beyond Phase IV

On the average, Pharmaceutical product development reaching consumers after Phase III is a billion dollar
investment, takes 13 years and the product uniqueness patent expires in 15 years. That is, it is difficult to create a
product, takes lot of money, takes more time to take the product to consumers, and ownership of the product
expires sooner than any product created for its uniqueness.
CRM or PRM (Patient Relationship Management) thus helps to get the most revenue from these 15 years of shelf
life by reaching more new patients (consumers), keeping them loyal by increasing their well being and if PRM is
well done, the PRM has the potential to innovate new products and services, there by providing competitive
advantage to continue to thrive in the market and grow.
The key insight here is the product differentiation. “Product differentiation is the modification of a product to
make it more attractive to the target market by differentiating it from competitorsʹ products”. If the product is
great, beats the competition by miles, and it attends to the consumers’ needs, the company can laugh to the bank.
Some times, however good a product is, the competition is always so close by that the differentiation may not look
reasonably well for the consumers to use one product vs. the other. What are companies supposed to do. A great
example is allergy medication. The top 3 medication vying for number 1 position in sales are the following:
CLARINEX, ALLEGRA, Zyrtec. Around the same time the patent was expiring for CLARITIN, Schering Plough
brought out CLARINEX but the product differential of CLARITAN to CLARINEX and among CLARINEX,
ALLEGRA, and Zyrtec are not much. What can Schering Plough do to keep increasing the product differential and
keeping the pressure at the competition?
This is where PRM or CRM can help greatly. This creates more differentiation in product characteristics (a post
product release attribute created and identified with the product), by an intelligent combination of PRM and the
product marketing.
A simple structure for executing the PRM:
Define the ultimate FDA approvable goals of PRM
Execute the PRM
Acquire and Retain patients (consumers) using patient intelligence (CRM – PRM – Analytics)
Structure IT and Analytics keeping with the patient confidentiality and privacy
Continue this cycle with increasing revenue and profitability
Last, but not least (perhaps the most important benefit of PRM) is using patient intelligence for further product innovation. Whether anybody recognizes or not, the on going strong years of patient care intelligence will have so much of knowledge (may be responsibly called – patient voluntary trails) about the product, its efficacy, side effects, co-effects, life-style, pharmacodemographic effects, that it can lead to product innovation. There is gold in PRM – Are you ready for the golden ride?


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