Behold I am with you always; yes, to the end of time. RU486 now to be prescribed by family GPs

Family doctors al over Australia wil soon be able to prescribe the
abortion cocktail, fol owing a decision recently made by the
Therapeutic Goods Administration to al ow the two drugs to be
imported by a company.
Inside this issue:
This drug is not a medicine. No one’s health is better after taking it. It
has caused death and serious side effects. In fact, since the drug
became available in a very limited way in 2006, 22,500 women have
taken it up until December last year. Of these women, 822 have
reported adverse events where the drug was a suspected cause.
- 132 failed abortions - 29 infections or suspected infections - 23 haemorrhages which needed a blood transfusion - ruptured or perforated uteruses - and 1 death. Such ‘side effects’ of harming the mother as well as the intended death of the child, were considered acceptable on the grounds that a chemical abortion is less efficient than a surgical one. The medical Director of Family Planning NSW, Dr. Deborah Bateson, said simply
that the possibility of fol ow-up surgery was a known complication.
Australian Doctor 24/8/12
The drug effectively starves the child to death, after the first dosing,
which is mifepristone. It is registered for abortion use up to the 7th
completed week of pregnancy, and is meant to be taken in the
presence of the prescribing doctor. This seems to mean the mother
wil have a medicare funded visit to the GP, col ect a script to get
fil ed at the chemist, then go back to the doctor for a second
appointment to swal ow it. Do we taxpayers then pay for two
medicare funded visits? The mother herself, later, takes the second
part of the death cocktail, misoprostol, to expel the dead baby from
the womb.
The staged cocktail is not listed on the PBS, yet, but Marie Stopes
are reportedly considering applying for that as well
. If they
succeed it means we’ll al have to fund the cocktail from our
taxes. Marie Stopes have not yet said what that cost wil be.
The drug wil be distributed through MS Health, a not-for-profit
pharmaceutical subsidiary of ‘Marie Stopes International
Australia’ (MSIA) Medical Observer 7/9/12. Cairns gynaecologists Caroline de Costa and Michael Carrette have expressed concern over some il effects needing emergency care and how rural women may be affected. MJA 2012 ; 197: 257-58;282-86.

Responsibility for these complications will now be shifted from
Marie Stopes to the GP and the mother, who wil be fending for
herself in a bedroom abortion. Deaths have also been reported
in the USA, Canada, the Philippines, China and France, where
the Government has since issued a warning that the drug should
only be given in conditions resembling high level care facilities.

Marie Stopes deluges GPs
GPs across Australia have recently been swamped with offensive
Marie Stopes literature – at one point it included little baby teddy
bears arriving in the mail. As a not-for-profit body, Marie Stopes
puts its surplus funds into ‘ sexual and reproductive healthcare
services to mil ions of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable
people’. Michel e Warwick NSW/ACT State manager Dr. Marie MSIA
MSIA appears at health conferences in Australia under the
bannered slogan
“saving and changing lives in developing countries”
In their bulk advertising they claim to provide free, impartial, non-
directive counselling over the phone. They also claim that most
women are able to make a decision after just one session with a

Marie Stopes counsellor. Marie Stopes ‘counselling’ explores nine
areas. Their approach is loaded, with focus on
- ‘how she feels having a child wil affect her current or future career’ - ‘how she feels having a child wil affect her current or future relationships’ - ‘…the financial support she expects to receive from friends and family’ The cold, arithmetic style of Marie Stopes counselling steels the
mother’s heart from giving toward cost-counting. True counselling
knows the love each mother feels, or will feel, for her child is
nourished by the warm support of others.

Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, Pray for us. Dr. DeIrdre Little, Bioethics Convenor, CWLA-NSW inc. BIOETHICS NEWS


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