General questions

General Questions
How do I benefit from an online application?
The online application form provides you with fast, direct access to the application process. Your data is added directly to our applicants' database, where it can be accessed by both, you and us at any time. Why do I need a valid e-mail address for the online application?
First of all, the e-mail address you provide is used for unique identification. Also, the initial
communication takes place by e-mail. Therefore, please use a current e-mail address that
you check regularly.
I have registered at the Job Board but am not receiving any E-mails. Can you tell me

It is possible that you provided us with a web mail address, i.e., or,
when you registered. These E-mail providers filter incoming E-mails and move messages
coming from unknown addresses to a spam list. Please check this list from time to time - it
may contain an E-mail from Benteler.
Are all of the positions in the online job market current?
At Benteler, open positions are advertised and updated in a timely manner. As soon as a
position is filled, it is deleted from the job market.

There is a position that I am interested in, but I do not have time to apply right now.
Can I save my search?

Yes, there is a job basket in your profile where you can collect job offers and apply for
positions. This basket can also be emptied at any time.

Do I have to answer all of the questions in the online questionnaire?
You must answer all questions marked with an asterisk. In all other fields it is up to you
whether you want to provide information or not. However, the more information you provide
about yourself, the better the chances of being invited to an interview by Benteler.
What is the maximum size of the files that I can upload for my curriculum vitae?
The maximum size of the CV/resumé document to be uploaded is 500 KB.
What file format should the curriculum vitae have for upload?
Benteler accepts all standard text and rich text formats (e.g. txt, rtf, doc) in addition to files in
PDF format.

How can I be sure that my online application has been submitted successfully?
After you have sent your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt
at your e-mail address.
Can I update my data myself at a later time?
Of course! With your personal login data you can login at any time, change your profile or
upload a new curriculum vitae or delete attachments.
How long will my data be stored?
Unless we hear to the contrary, your data will be stored for 6 months. During this time, your
application can be considered for job vacancies that correspond to your application profile.
What do I have to do if I am no longer interested in a new position?
You can withdraw your permission to store your data at any time. The "Resume / CV
manager" allows you to delete your applicant's account yourself or simply send an e-mail to
I have set up a personal applicant's account and cannot remember my password. How
can I access my settings?

No problem. On the page with the login prompt there is a "Forgot your password?" button.
Click this and enter the e-mail address that you indicated at the time of registration. Within a
few minutes you will receive your password via e-mail.


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