Ranlhe project conference

Faculty of Education, University of Seville Day 1
Thursday 7 April 2011

10:00- 10:15 Room
Welcome: Prof. Lourdes Munduate, Pro-Vice Chancel or for International Relationships,
University of Sevil e.
Dr. Francis Ries, Vice-Dean of International Relationships, Faculty of Education,
University of Sevil e.
10:15-10:30 Room
Opening Plenary Session: Salón de Actos / Assembly Hall
RANLHE Project Aims and Objectives .
Barbara Merrill/Paul Armstrong
10:30-11:30 Room: Salón de Actos / Assembly Hall
Plenary Address:
‘Challenging Normality: how do non-traditional students view their world?’
John Field
Chair: Ted Fleming
11:30-12:00 Break
12:00-13:30 Conference Papers Session 1
Access, Policy and Practice (Room )
Chair: José González Monteagudo
1. On the opening of higher education institutions to new publics: the Portuguese caseJose Pedro Amorim, Joaquim Azevedo & Joaquim Luis Coimbra 2. Estudiantes adultos matriculados en la universidad EspaniolaAna Cruz, Begona Learreta, Paloma Huertas, Blanca Rodriguez & Montse Ruiz 3. Non-traditional students ‘ access to university through formative cyclesCarlos Bejarano Ruiz and David Flores Martin Retention and Drop-out (Room )
Chair: Barbara Merrill
4. The progression from Foundation Degree (Level 5) to Honours Degree (Level 6): the
perspectives of students and staff at a UK university
Julia Morgan
5. Experiences of full-time adult students in Chinese formal higher educationQun Ding Theory & Research Issues (Room 3)
Chair: Paul Armstrong
6. Transitions and learner identity: the play of outer and inner worlds
Linden West and Mehri Holliday
7. Moving forward towards a transformative model of widening participationKarla H. Benske, Julie Brown and Ruth Whittaker 8. Walking the path. Open University studies in adult students’ Life Histories (roundtable)Laura Pellikka 13:30 – 14:30 Lunch Break
14:30 – 15:30 Room: Salón de Actos / Assembly Hall
Chair: Agnieszka Bron
Plenary address:
‘The Role of Imagined Social Capital in the Access and Retention of Non-traditional
Jocey Quinn
16:00- 17:30 Conference Papers Session 2
Access, Policy and Practice (Room )
9. Motives for entering, dropping out or continuing to study in higher educationCamilla Thunborg, Eva Edström and Agnieszka Bron 10. Profile of teachers of physical Education: are they non-traditional students?Maria del Carmen Campos 11. Adult students enrolled in Spanish universitiesBegona Learreta and Ana Cruz Retention and Drop-out (Room )
Chair: Fergal Finnegan
12. Widening participation, retention, achievement and support for BME students
Mary Andall-Stanberry
13. University classrooms: hurdles and support for students with disabilitiesRosario Lopez Gavira 14. Strengthening retention in higher education: constructing successful learning trajectories of Polish students through social networkingEwa Kurantowicz & Adrianna Nizinska Theory & Research Issues (Room )
Chair: Paul Armstrong
15. Researching HE access, retention and drop-out through a European biographical
John Field & Barbara Merrill
16. The contribution of case study research in American Higher Education to the involvement of non-traditional students in Dutch higher educationMary J. Amsing 17. ‘Telling the story … and telling it right’: race, culture and gender in higher educationJoanna Oliver 17:30 – 18:45
Symposium on access, retention and drop-out and doing research
Agnieszka Bron, John Field, Ted Fleming, Camilla Thunborg, Linden West & Barbara Merrill
18:30 End of Day 1
Day 2
Friday 8 April 2011

Conference Papers Session 4
Access, Policy and Practice (Room )
18. Students’ ethnic identity in higher education: does it matter? Agnieszka Bron, Eva Edström & Camilla Thunborg 19. Pre-university orientation to college: the case of the University of SevilleJosé M. Fernandez-Batanero, B. Bermejo, G. Areta and I. Garcia Lazaro 20. Access, retention and drop-out: the findings from IrelandTed Fleming and Fergal Finnegan Retention and Drop-out (Room )
Chair: Camilla Thunborg
21. Promoting success for non-traditional students in Portugal: a preliminary diagnosis
Joana Bago, M.A.C. Foncesca, Lucilia Santos, Teresa Gonçalves, Helena Quintas,
Miguel Ribeiro and Antonio Fragoso

22. A multi-disciplinary approach to retention and drop-out: a response to institutional concernsPaul Blagburn and Sophie Cloutterbuck 23. Reducing university inequalities and the risk of academic drop-out: an exploratory research study with students with a visual disabilityMaria Francesca Freda, Giovanna Exposito, Nunzia Rainone, & Paolo Valerio Theory & Research Issues (Room 3) Chair: Paul Armstrong
24. Barriers and aids in the university: a study from the perspective of students with
disabilities. Is the university inclusive or exclusive?
Victor M. Molena
25. Retention in music education degrees: an attempt towards a global analysisMery Israel Saro & Alejandra Pacheco Cosata 26. Let’s speak about it: self-education for uncertainty at the universityLaura Formenti 11:00 – 11:30 Break
11:30- 12:30 Plenary Address Room: Salón de Actos / Assembly Hall
‘The Unwanted Student: closure tendencies in European universities’; The case of Germany
Peter Alheit
Chair: John Field
12:30 – 13:30 Lunch Break
1330 - 1500 Conference Papers Session 5
Access, Policy and Practice (Room )
27. Exploring the needs and experiences of non-traditional students in the University of SevilleM. Teresa Padilla-Carmona, Inmaculada Martinez-Garcia, Aureo Correa-Cuberos, Jaime Gonzalez-Romero and Abigail Hernandez-Solis 28. Fitting in and making yourself useful: strategies and characteristics of successful teacher trainee studentsRowena Passy 29. Access and success – European models for lifelong learningSonja Moissidis, Jochen Schwarz, Liz Marr, Saara Repo & Sabine Remdisch Retention and Drop-out (Room )
Chair: Miguel Angel Ballesteros
30. A university counselling service as a means to overcome academic impasse and
provide a new meaning to students’ maturation
M. G. Adamo Simonetta, Antonio Prunas, M. Rosaria Fontana, Emmanuele Preti ,
Marisa Riffaldi & Irene Sarno

31. Barriers and university support from the social science students’ perspectives with a disabilityAlmudena Cotán Fernández 32. Returning to learning: what are the academic development needs of mature and part-time students? What works to support and retain these students?Louise Frith and Allia Wilson Theory & Research Issues (Room )
Chair: Paul Armstrong
33. Has the metaphor of the ‘learning journey’ any value in the analysis of research data
on access, retention and ‘drop-out’?
Paul Armstrong
34. Educational (dis)adjustment from a gender perspective: university and employmentRosario Gil Galvan 35. Learning styles of new students in physical activity and sport sciences degrees at the University of SevilleGonzalo Tamirez, Francis Ries, Augusto R. Rodriguez & Joaquin Piedra 15:00-15:30 Break
15:30 – 17:00 Conference Papers Session 5
Access, Policy and Practice (Room )
Chair: Linden West
36. What are the strategies of male and female students after failing the entrance
examination of veterinarian schools?
Christine Fontanini
37. The academic study of non-traditional students at the University of SevilleB. Bermeji, L.M. Camacho, J. M. Fernandez-Batanero, & I. Garcia 38. Using e-learning resources to ‘level the playing field’ between traditional and non-traditional learnersVerity Bird Theory & Research Issues (Room 3) Chair: Paul Armstrong
39. Learning from emotion: a theoretical and empirical approach to teachers’ specialisation course in Italy.
Maria Grazia Strepparava, Deborah Corrias & Fiorella Sestigiani 40. Participatory action research to address education vulnerabilityRocio Valderrama Hernandez, Noelia Melero Aguilar & Dolores Limon Dominguez 41. Improving biographical work with non-traditional adult students from marginalised communities Andrea Galimberti 17:00- 17:15 Closing Plenary and Farewells , Barbara Merrill

Source: http://www.dsw.edu.pl/fileadmin/www-ranlhe/files/programme.pdf

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