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Regulations: Ex 12:1-14, 21:27; Nu 9:1-14, Dt 16:1-8 Regulations: Ex 23:16,34:22; Lev 23:33-36, 39-43; Dt see also 2 Ki 22:21-23; 2 Chr 30:1-27, 35:1-19 Requirements: Slaughter of a year old lamb or kid Requirements: This festival is kept when the harvest is over Blood placed on the lintels of the house Ex 12:1-14 The lamb is roasted & served with bitter herbs & unleavened The people rejoice by waving branches Lev 23:40 bread in the evening Ex 12:1-14, Dt 16:4-6 Reasons: To remember God's redemption & passing over the Reasons: To celebrate the completion of the year's harvest & houses of Israel sparing the firstborn Ex 12:27 Nature: Day of celebration and family fellowship with God Nature: Originally modelled on the farmers protecting their In the later O.T. it became a pilgrimage feast celebrated at crops by living in the fields, it became connected to nomadic life in the Exodus. It was a particularly joyous celebration A covenant ceremony may have been part of the celebrations Regulations: Ex 12:15-20,23:15; Lev 23:5-8; Nu 28:17;Dt 16:3 Regulations: 1 Maccabees 4:52-59; 2 Maccabees 10:1-8 Requirements: Begins with the removal of all leaven from the Requirements: Lights are lit in reminder of the oil that did not house & the celebration of Passover Ex 12:14-15 For 7 days unleavened bread is to be eaten & offerings are Reasons: To celebrate the rededication of the temple by the Macabbees after the desecration by Antiochus Epiphanes The Festival concludes with the offering of the Firstfruits Reasons: To remember the bread of affliction in Egypt Dt 16:3 Nature: Probably originally associated with the agricultural feast for the first harvest of the year - barley, but now also Reasons: To celebrate God's deliverance of the Jewish people associated with salvation from slavery.
from the evil intentions of Haman while in exile.
Regulations: Ex 12:16; Lev 23:9-14; Nu 28:26-31; Dt 16:8 Regulations: Ex 20:8-11, 23:12, 31:12-17, 34:21; Dt 5:12-15 Requirements: The sheaf of the first harvest is brought to the Requirements: Primary biblical requirement is that it is to be a priests who elevate it on the day after the sabbath Lev 23:11 day of rest for the family, its slaves, its animals & its fields.
Sin offerings & grain & drink offerings follow Lev 23:13 Secondarily it is to be a day of worship Lev 19:30 After this the first products made from the new grain may be Priests offer a male lamb morning & evening as sin offerings + grain & drink fellowship offerings Nu 28:9-10 Reasons: To celebrate the first fruits/ harvest of the New Year Reasons: To celebrate God's completion of creation (which is Nature: A celebration of the safe arrival of harvest & dedication very good) on the seventh day Ex 20:11, 31:17 of the first fruits to God, acknowledging his ownership of To remember God's redemption from slavery Dt 5:15 Regulations: Ex 23:16, 34:22; Lev 23:15-21; Dt 16:9-12 Requirements: Additional sacrifices made in the temple Requirements: 7 weeks after the first harvest a freewill offering Reasons: To mark the New Moon & the beginning of each An offering of new grain is presented - 2 loaves of bread Sin offerings & sacrifices are made Lev 23:19 Reasons: To celebrate God's blessing on the harvest Dt 16:10 Nature: A festival of thanksgiving for God's goodness at the end Requirements: On the 7th year to let the fields lie fallow On the 7 x 7th year starting on the Day of Atonement a year of liberty is to be proclaimed with trumpets Land is to be restored to its original owners & Israelite Requirements: The trumpets are blown & offerings made Reasons: To remind Israel that the land & the people belong to Reasons: Possibly as preparation for the Day of Atonement Nature: There is no evidence that the Jubilee Year was regularly celebrated nevertheless it marked an important theologicalidea Regulations: Lev 16:1-34, 23:27-32; Nu 29:7-11Requirements: Sin offerings to cleanse the temple are made The scapegoat is consecrated & driven into the wildernessOfferings are made to purify the people & the priests Reasons: To atone for the sins of the people through the yearNature: A very solemn, serious day of self denialTabernacles9festivl.lwp

Source: http://www.eharper.nildram.co.uk/wemtc/docs/102fest.pdf


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