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Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Involvement Scale (AADIS)
Do not give this cover sheet to respondent

Name ID#______________________
DOB Date ______________________

Age: ______
Sex: 1. Male

2. Female


1. African American
3. Caucasian/European American
4. Hispanic
5. Native American Indian
6. OTHER:___________________________

Home Community:_______________________________________
Reason for Screening:_________________________________________


Items B.1-14 are scored. (The weights assigned are basically the same as those originally used on the AAIS.)
For each item B.1-14, add the weights associated with the highest category circled [weights are the numbers in
square brackets on the interview version]. Section A is not scored. If more than one answer is circled, use the

highest. The higher the total score, the more serious the level of alcohol/drug involvement.
AADIS SCORE:______ (Score of 37 or above suggests need for a full professional




Screened By:_________________________________________
Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Involvement Scale: AADIS


For each drug listed, please circle one number under the category that best describes your use pattern. If you are

currently in residential treatment or secure custody, please answer regarding how often you typically used it, before you
entered treatment or were taken into custody. Consider only drugs taken without prescription from your doctor; for

alcohol, don’t count just a few sips from someone else’s drink.

Smoking Tobacco
(Cigarettes, cigars)
Alcohol (Beer, Wine,
Marijuana or Hashish
(Weed, grass, blunts)
LSD, MDA, Mushrooms
Peyote, other
hallucinogens (ACID,

Amphetamines (Speed,
Ritalin, Ectasy, Crystal)
Powder Cocaine
(Coke, Blow)
Rock Cocaine (Crack,
rock, freebase)
(Quaaludes, downers,
ludes, blues)
PCP (angel dust)
Heroin, other opiates
(smack, horse, opium,
(Glue, gasoline, spray
cans, whiteout, rush, etc.)
Valium, Prozac, other
tranquilizers (without
OTHER DRUG___________
These questions refer to your use of alcohol and other drugs (like marijuana/weed or cocaine/rock). If you are currently in
residential treatment or in custody, please answer regarding the time you were living in the community before you started

treatment or were taken into custody. Circle all the answers which describe your use of alcohol and/or other drug(s).
Even if none of the answers seem exactly right, please pick the ones that come closest to being true. If a question doesn’t

apply to you, you may leave it blank.

How often do you use alcohol or other drugs (such as weed or rock)?
e. several times a week
b. once or twice a year
f. every day
c. once or twice a month
g. several times a day
d. every weekend
When did you last use alcohol or drugs?
a. never used alcohol or drugs
e. the last week ago
b. not for over a year
f. yesterday
c. between 6 months and 1 year ago
g. today (or the same day I was taken into
d. several weeks ago
treatment or custody)
I usually start to drink or use drugs because: (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY)
a. I like the feeling
d. I feel stressed, nervous, tense, full of
b. to be like my friends
worries or problems
c. I am bored; or just to have fun
e. I feel sad, lonely, sorry for myself

4. What do you drink, when you drink alcohol?

d. hard liquor (vodka, whisky, etc.)
e. a substitute for alcohol
c. mixed drinks

5. How do you get your alcohol or drugs? (CIRCLE ALL THAT YOU DO)

a. Supervised by parents or relatives
d. get from friends
b. from brothers or sisters
e. buy my own (on the street or with
c. from home without parents’
false ID)

6. When did you first use drugs or take your first drink? (CIRCLE ONE)

d. at ages 12 or 13
b. after age 15
e. at ages 10 or 11
at ages 14 or 15
f. before age 10
What time of day do you use alcohol or drugs? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY TO YOU)
a. at night
d. in the morning or when I first awaken
b. afternoons/after school
e. I often get up during my sleep
c. before or during school or work
to use alcohol or drugs
Why did you take your first drink or first use drugs? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY)
a. curiosity
d. to get away from my problems
b. parents or relatives offered
e. to get high or drunk
c. friends encouraged me; to have fun

9. When you drink alcohol, how much do you usually drink?

a. 1 drink
d. 5 -9 drinks
b. 2 drinks
e. 10 or more drinks

10. Whom do you drink or use drugs with? (CIRCLE ALL THAT ARE TRUE OF YOU)

a. parents or adult relatives
d. with older friends
b. with brothers or sisters
e. alone
c. with friends or relatives own age

11. What effects have you had from drinking or drugs? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY TO YOU)

a. loose, easy feeling
d. became ill
b. got moderately high
e. passed out or overdosed
c. got drunk or wasted
f. used a lot and next day didn’t
remember what happened
12. What effects has using alcohol or drugs had on your life? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY)
f. has gotten me into trouble at home
b. has interfered with talking to someone
g. was in a fight or destroyed property
c. has prevented me from having a
h. has resulted in an accident, an injury,
good time
arrest, or being punished at school
d. has interfered with my school work
for using alcohol or drugs
e. have lost friends because of use

13. How do you feel about your use of alcohol or drugs? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY)

a. no problem at all
d. I often feel bad about my use
b. I can control it and set limits
e. I need help to control myself
on myself
f. I have had professional help to
c. I can control myself, but my friends
control my drinking or drug use.
easily influence me

14. How do others see you in relation to your alcohol or drug use? (CIRCLE ALL THAT APPLY)

a. can’t say or normal for my age
d. my family or friends tell me to get
when I use I tend to neglect
help for my alcohol or drug use
my family or friends
e. my family or friends have already
c. my family or friends advise me to
gone for help about my use
control or cut down on my use

Developed by D. Paul Moberg, Center for Health Policy and Program Evaluation, University of Wisconsin Medical School. Adapted with
permission from Mayer and Filstead’s “Adolescent Alcohol Involvement Scale” (Journal of Studies on Alcohol 40: 291-300, 1979) and Moberg
and Hahn’s “Adolescent Drug Involvement Scale” (Journal of Adolescent Chemical Dependency, 2: 75-88, 1991).
11/16/05 dpm.\adis\aadis-srvy.wpd


Appenglos .pdf

APPENDIX A Appendix A tabulates the monthly cost (US $) of available anti-hypertensive and lipid lowering drugs individually in each SAARC country. For each drug within a class the minimum effective and the ceiling recommended dosage has been listed. For both, the minimum and the maximum monthly cost packages have been calculated. These cost packages are based on the available minimum and max


The following is a list of the most commonly prescribed drugs. It represents an abbreviatedversion of the drug list (formulary) that is at the core of your prescription-drug benefit plan. The list is not all-inclusive and does not guarantee coverage. In addition to using this list,you are encouraged to ask your doctor to prescribe generic drugs whenever appropriate. PLEASE NOTE: The symbol * nex

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