You are advised to bring Rucksack 65L and large holdall for traveling weighing no more than 20 kg and containing:
• 3 season sleeping bag (or 4 season sleeping bag if you really feel the cold)
• Bivibag if you have one
• Lightweight basha/tarp (for sleeping on or under whilst out of camp)
• Kipmat (foam, not inflatable as there are too many spiky ground plants)
• 5m paracord for erecting shelter and repairs
• 5 bungees with hooks at both ends
Desert trekking
• 2 quick dry long sleeve shirts, pale colour
• 1 t shirt. Cotton or poly-pro to quick dry, pale colour
• 2 pair of lightweight quick dry trousers
• 2 pairs of socks
• 1 pairs of shorts, lightweight
• 1 lightweight fleece/ lightweight down (it can get cold at night)
• 1 broad rimmed hat, 360
• 1 bandana/hanky
• 1 pair of work gloves (leather garden gloves)
• Lightweight walking boots
• 1 pair of teva type sandals
• 1 pair of swimming trunks
• 1 quick dry towel/sarong
• Rucksack liner and separate dry bags for equipment
• 1 water bottle, wide mouthed nalgene best and
• 1 2L water bladder
• Iodine with dropper, unless thyroid disease, or other water purifying system (Clearwater etc)
• Prescription glasses or contact lenses with spares and cleaning agents
• Soap
• Shaving brush
• Wet razors, several
• Small flannel
• Toothbrush and toothpaste
• Lip balm
• Small shampoo for base camp use only
• Ladies toiletries
• Suntan lotion P20 (One-a-day) best
• Insect repellent, DEET 100 best
Cooking and eating
• Mess tins 1, own choice.
• Matches, waterproof container (camera film case) and strike board
• Spoon or spork
• Lighter
• Compass
• GPS if you have one
• Small waterproof cover for map
• Camera in case, film, and batteries
• Binoculars (optional)
• Sunglasses
• Torch, head torch best, spare batteries
• Small candle
• Leatherman or Swiss army knife
• Head cover mosinet (can be very handy just to cover face if lots of flies)
• Whistle
• Mug
Personal First Aid Kit
I would normally recommend participants take the kit outlined below, but as medics please feel free to make your own kit.
An Epipen – you never know what you are going to be allergic to. • All regular medication (double quantities to keep in two separate places) • Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory or analgesia of choice • Imodium • Antiseptic wipes • Plasters and Compeed • Gauze pads • Crepe bandage • Zinc oxide tape (blister treatment) • Adhesive tape • Small tub of Vaseline and antifungal powder and cream • Tweezers • Scissors • Safety pins The value of all the items above will become apparent on the course. It is imperative you try the equipment before you arrive in country. Your boots and rucksack are possibly the most important section of items, it is worth spending a little extra on a good system, and ensuring they are worn in before arriving in Namibia. Blisters could easily spoil your trip. Dry bags are cheap and now easy to buy. A good single bag, which lines the whole of your rucksack, with individual dry bags for different sections of equipment, is the best system, and makes it easy to find equipment at night. Rucksacks are difficult for baggage handlers to move and often get thrown around. Cheap large luggage bags can be acquired which cover your bag, make it harder to get into and if nice and bright make your bag easy to spot and easily identifiable if they are lost. We recommend a day sack of approximately 25L with cover, and comfortable clothes for traveling to and from destination and a dry bag to put clothes in to keep clean for return. As well as eye pads and wax earplugs for a good nights sleep. Most of the equipment can be bought from most high street outdoor clothing shops or army and navy stores.

Source: http://www.expeditionmedicine.co.uk/cm/docs/products/Desert_Medicine_Kit_List1.pdf


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