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School is a prime place where looked after children meet other children, make
friendships and can join in and be appreciated. Looked after children often
report that school is a place of consistency and continuity for them, providing
routine in what can be otherwise very turbulent lives. School staff will need to
be aware of the emotional vulnerability of children while at the same time
working to keep them firmly focused on their educational progress.

Looked after children have a right to expect the outcomes we want from every child –
that they should be healthy, stay safe, enjoy and achieve, make positive
contributions to society and achieve economic well being.
To achieve these five
outcomes, school will support our local authority (LA) to ensure looked after children
reach the highest educational standards that he/she can. As a school Hawkley Hall
High School (HHHS) will endeavour to support Wigan Children and Young People’s
Services (CYPS) to meet the statutory requirements of Section 52 duty of the
Children’s Act 2004.

Hawkley Hall High School believes that as Corporate Parents in partnership with
Wigan CYPS we have a special duty to safeguard and promote the education of
Looked After Children.
We are committed to the following principles:
To provide a safe and secure environment, which values education and
believes in the abilities and potential of ALL children, at the same time
promoting social inclusion through the highest possible standards of teaching
and learning.
To meet the needs of all pupils, including those who may be missing out,
difficult to engage or feeling in some way isolated from school life.
To narrow the gap in attainment between looked after children and their peers.
To revisit the question, “Would this be good enough for my child?”

Designated Teacher(s)
There is a designated teacher for looked after children to act as their advocate and
oversee support for them. The designated teacher is Miss A Isherwood (Assistant
Headteacher: Student Welfare and Guidance).
Day to day co-ordination of support for looked after children is delegated to the
Inclusion Manager - Mrs J Rigby.
School will: -
• Maintain a register of all looked after children. Information recorded will Lead Officer for looked after children Status i.e. care order or accommodated Type of placement e.g. foster, respite, residential Name of Social Worker, area office, telephone number Daily contact and telephone numbers where appropriate e.g. name of young person, name of parent or carer or key worker in children’s home Child Protection/Disability information which can/should be shared Baseline information and all test results Named LA officers with regard to issues of exclusion/ attendance/ transition • Ensure that there is a Personal Education Plan (PEP) for each child to include appropriate targets. This must be compatible with the child’s Care Plan and form part of any other school plan e.g. Statement, Transition Plan, Pastoral Support Programme (PSP). • Ensure that someone attends statutory child care reviews and PEP reviews on each looked after child and/or always prepares a written report that promotes the continuity and stability of their education. • Ensure that looked after children are not discriminated against in terms of attendance and truancy and to inform the appropriate senior leaders of any mitigating circumstances that need to be taken into account before considering a sanction for the child/young person. • To be aware of additional in-school and external support services available for all students and looked after children and know how to access them. • Prioritise support i.e. Educational Psychologist/ Behaviour Support/ Funding or • Request early intervention or additional support in cases of: poor attendance (EWO etc); exclusion (supported transfers/internal isolation); child protection (contacts/counselling); • Ensure that should a looked after child be identified as at risk of exclusion, contact is made with the Principal Officer-Student Inclusion (01942 486147) immediately in an effort to avoid this from happening and to discuss alternatives. • Ensure that on admission or transfer, all relevant information is obtained at the • Ensure that systems are in place to keep staff informed about looked after • Ensure that looked after children are listened to and have access to support • Participate in the Celebrating Achievements event organised by the LA each year by nominating appropriate children for awards. • Ensure that the designated teacher/staff participate in appropriate training • Ensure that information on the performance of looked after children is passed • Be aware of the targets to raise educational attainment of looked after • Have regard to and work within the “Supporting Looked After Learners” • Nominate a designated governor for looked after children. • Ensure that Governors attend LA training on the education of looked after • Work in partnership with parents and agencies. • Support carers to value educational achievements and improve attendance. • Celebrate the achievements of looked after children. • Ensure that designated staff have sufficient time available in their timetable to undertake the responsibilities as described above properly.
Monitoring and Evaluation.

Designated staff will ensure that the Governors have access to and consider the
CYPS Annual Report of the looked after child. This should be used as a baseline for
comparing school’s own results for their looked after children. This will include,
where age appropriate: SATs results, attendance figures, exclusion issues, changes
in home placements, reviews and interventions to raise achievement.
Intervention strategies will include study support, learning mentor support, home
contracts, Pastoral Support Programmes, referrals to the looked after children’s team
counselling support etc. The report should also include information about non-
academic progress in extra-curricular activities.
The Governing Body will monitor and evaluate the progress made by individuals and
all the children using the same criteria used for other children in their peer group.
The Governing Body should ensure in discussion with the Headteacher that all
school policies consider the needs of looked after children. These policies, for
example exclusion/admission, should highlight how the school will support/respond to
the needs of looked after children compared to their peers.
This policy uses the template supplied by and meets the needs of CYPS.
Policy reviewed

Next review due


…………………………………………………… (Chair of Governors)


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