Dear Parents/Carers,
Thank you for all your help and support in preparing the children for their SATs tests over the last term.
The children have worked incredibly hard and have acquitted themselves superbly this week. They have
shown excellent, resilient attitudes and a real desire to do as well as they can. As a reward for this, we will
be having a SAT’s party on Tuesday afternoon. Children can bring a change of clothes and will be provided
with ice cream. If they have any allergies, please let me know.
Below is some information about the children’s final half term at school, as detailed at the Year 6 Parent
Information Session a fortnight ago.
Teaching and Learning
Rigorous teaching of the Basic Skills will continue after SATs. Children will also take part in a number of
other project based opportunities, linked to art and ICT, amongst others. These will not be based around a
central theme, but will allow children to continue to develop skills across the curriculum. We will also be
preparing for our Leavers’ Production (see dates below).
Homework will continue over the final half term, on a weekly basis. However, in preparation for secondary
school, it may not always cover maths and English, and may not always be set on a Friday. Children might
be asked to complete a task for art or PSHCE, and it may be set on a different day than usual. This form of
routine will help prepare children for the different demands that a secondary school homework timetable can
present. At all times, however, I expect the children to continue reading and practicing basic mathematical
facts using websites such as Mathletics. School will remain open from 8.30 am for Year 6 to help facilitate
Your child may already have spoken to you about the work being completed in PSHCE about drugs
education. This will continue over the half term and is aimed to ensure children are aware of the benefits
and dangers of different types of drugs. We will also be revisiting the sex and relationships education that
was completed last year. A drop in session will be held later in the term (see dates below) to give you an
opportunity to discuss any elements of this scheme of work. Finally, we will be looking closely at e-safety,
social networking and appropriate behaviour on the Internet.
Email: office@hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk Website: www.hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk
As detailed in a previous letter, swimming lessons will begin on Fridays after half term. Please ensure that
children have the necessary kit for this (swimming costume or trunks and towel) and a packed lunch to eat
before walking back to school. Many thanks to those who have volunteered to walk with us. If anybody is
able to give up a couple of hours on Friday mornings to walk with us, please let me or the office know.
As part of the transfer to secondary school, there are a number of opportunities for children to discuss
transition. They will all be able to visit their new secondary schools, and in PSHCE we will discuss
children’s concerns and worries and how these can be addressed. As Hemingford Grey Primary School is
part of the St. Ivo catchment, there will be teachers visiting to deliver model secondary school lessons with
the children. Though not all children are transferring to St. Ivo, the level of teaching, and experience of
being taught by a secondary teacher, will still be relevant.
Year 6 Coffee Morning
7th June, 14th June, 21st June, 28th June, 12th July, 19th July (all Fridays) – 10.00am Thank you for your continued support. If you have any queries about anything in this letter, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Mr Clarke Email: office@hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk Website: www.hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk Email: office@hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk Website: www.hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk

Source: http://www.hemingfordgrey.cambs.sch.uk/upload/Year%206%20sats%20ltr%20may%202013.pdf


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