The unmerciful servant

Leaping Lepers

Bible Story:
Leaping Lepers (Jesus heals 10 lepers) • Luke 17:11-19
Bottom Line: Take time to say thank you.
Memory Verse: ―Give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God‘s will for you in Christ
Jesus.‖ 1 Thessalonians 5:18, NIV
Virtue: Gratitude—letting others know you see how they‘ve helped you.
Basic Truth: I should treat others the way I want to be treated.


Bo enters and is quickly trying to pick things up in the garage as Worship Leader exits. He is exhausted and has dirt smeared all over his face.
―Hey, everybody! As you know, I have been cleaning my Uncle Ed‘s garage all month long.
I have been working around the clock this week, and do you think I have made any progress?
No! Of course not! Do you know why? Because my Uncle Ed and his riding buddies keep
bringing more and more stuff in here for me to clean, file, put away, and tidy to their liking. I
know I should have a better attitude. After all, I did learn that [Impress] you always have
something to be grateful for
and that it‘s good to [Impress] take time to adjust your
I am trying to do that, but I‘m very frustrated today. There is just so much to do.
Call three kids out of the audience during the next line. They will come onstage and help with three different tasks. One will clean a Crescent® wrench, one will wipe down the toolbox, and one will clean a hubcap with Windex®. ―Oh, I‘m supposed to remind you all of the virtue before I begin cleaning. I SO do not have time for this. Wait! I have an idea! Can any of you come up here and help me out? I will need a bunch of help to get this done today! Are any of you willing to help me? Ad lib as you get kids in place. They will begin cleaning as you reveal the virtue. ―Okay, now that they are in place, our virtue for the month is gratitude. CG: Virtue Slide 2011 Orange. All rights reserved. • ―Gratitude is letting others know you see how they‘ve helped you. Can you say that with me?
Gratitude is letting others know you see how they‘ve helped you. Great job.

Reference kids in the next paragraph, throwing them offstage (not literally), one by one. Be funny with this dialogue and not degrading. We don’t want to hurt any kids’ feelings. ―UGH! Are you guys done yet? Look at this! This wrench isn‘t even clean yet. I‘l take it from here. ―And look at this toolbox. It‘s stil a mess. I will also take this one from here. ―Last, but not least—the hubcap. I thought for sure you would be finished, or at least a little farther along by now. I‘l definitely take this one from here. ―I just don‘t have time for this. I have to go. I‘l try to be back, but I just have so much to do before my Uncle Ed comes back today. Some of you might be asking, ‗Didn‘t you forget to say something to everyone who helped you?‘ Tease like you’re going to say thanks to the kids, but you never get to it. ―The answer is yes, I did. Why didn‘t you guys work faster? UGH!‖

Telling the Bible Story
SFX: Trumpet music

―From New York, it‘s ‗Late Night with David Lepperman.‘ Tonight‘s lead guest is
the Healed Leper. Plus, we have Paul Crater and the JBS Orchestra. Now here‘s your Bo, the
man who invented neutral penicil in, David Lepperman.‖
SFX: Applause track

Shannon enters, waves to the crowd, and takes center stage. You can use a spotlight if one is available. 2011 Orange. All rights reserved. • Shannon should ad lib with things like, “Good evening,” “Welcome to the program,” and “Good to see you” until the music stops.
SHANNON (as DAVID LEPPERMAN): ―Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the
program. I‘m your host, David Lepperman, and I am happy to report that I am free of the West
Nile Virus.
SFX: Laughter track
SFX: Applause track
―In all seriousness, wasn‘t it a beautiful day outside today? Hot here in New York City, though,
wasn‘t it? In fact, it was so hot that I saw one of the Pharisees asking Jesus if He could perform
a miracle by creating an air freshener!

SFX: Laughter track
SFX: Applause track
―They come around when they need something. Right, Paul? They always come around when
they need something! I don‘t know if you saw, but headdresses are apparently going out of
SFX: Audience gasps

―It‘s true. They have been said to be replacing them with these.
CG: Photo of Queen Elizabeth’s hat

SFX: Laughter track
SFX: Applause track

Take your place behind the desk during the sound effects and begin dialogue for the introduction of the guest.
―We‘re glad you‘re here with us tonight. Boy, we have a
kil er lineup for you tonight. It‘s a show made right out of heaven, I tell ya. Our first guest is
unlike any other we have ever had on the show. He is someone who has been made famous in
this New York Times best seller. (Hold up the Bible.) Some of you may know it. It‘s the Bible.
Read from cue cards as you make the introduction. 2011 Orange. All rights reserved. • ―It says here, wow, that he was made famous for showing gratitude. Wel , I‘m not sure what that is all about, but ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our first guest, the Healed Leper. Healed Leper enters as the music begins, shakes the Shannon’s hand, waves to the audience, and takes a seat.
SFX: Trumpet music
SFX: Applause track
SHANNON: ―Good to see you, my friend. You look well!‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Yes, most would look well if they had been through what I have.‖
SHANNON: ―Yes, indeed. Well, most of us are not familiar with leprosy. Can you describe it to
us? What is it, exactly?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―That‘s a good question, Dave.‖
SHANNON: ―Yes, I thought so.

SFX: Laughter track
SFX: Applause track
―In all seriousness, though, what is this terrible disease?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Well, leprosy is a disease caused by the bacteriwhich causes damage to the skin and the peripheral nervous system.‖
SHANNON: ―In English, Leper! English!‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Leprosy is a skin disease. It makes you look real y, really bad.‖
SHANNON: ―Thanks. And is it true that you could actually have a limb, like an arm or a leg, fall
off due to this disease?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―No, that is not true. That is folklore that has never been proven. However,
your limbs can become numb and diseased as a part of the disease.‖
SHANNON: ―Boy, that is just horrible, isn‘t it? I mean, just horrible. This was a part of your life?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Yes, nine other people and I were infected with the disease.‖
2011 Orange. All rights reserved. • SHANNON: ―Okay, yeah, we‘re getting to that. My goodness. You never know what you‘re
going to get on this show. So tell us, what happens when you‘re infected with a disease like
HEALED LEPER: ―You‘re treated like an outcast. You have to stay away from healthy people
so you don‘t make them sick, too, so you leave your family and friends behind.‖
SHANNON: ―So what I hear you saying is that you‘re treated like a disease-ridden pile of filth
and the scum of the earth, am I right? But then—BOOM—a miracle happens to you. That‘s what
it says in here (referencing the Bible). I, for one, was in shock as I read this. I mean, after all, it‘s
not every day you have the chance to get a makeover in the form of a miracle.

SFX: Laughter track
SFX: Applause track
―That was horrible. I apologize.‖
―It‘s okay, but let‘s get back to what happened. Jesus was approaching the
10 of us. We were on the border between Samaria and Galilee. When He approached us, He
saw that we had the disease. Al 10 of us stood up and screamed out, ‗Jesus, Master, have pity
on us!‘‖
SHANNON: ―So Jesus is approaching you, and that‘s what you all screamed out?‖
―Yes. See, we had heard of His power, and we wanted His help. In an
instant, Jesus said, ‗Go, show yourselves to the priests.‘ As we went, we were cleansed.‖
SHANNON: ―What do you mean you were cleansed?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―We were healed.‖
SHANNON: ―Just like that?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Just like that!‖
SHANNON: ―Real y? Then what happened?‖
―I went back to thank Jesus. I pretty much threw myself at His feet because I
was SO thankful.‖
SHANNON: ―About that . isn‘t that unusual? You know, since I read in your biography that
you‘re, uh . a you know .‖
2011 Orange. All rights reserved. •
HEALED LEPER: ―A Samaritan? Yeah, Samaritans and Jewish people don‘t real y get along,
but nothing was going to stop me from saying thanks. I mean, I‘m WELL! Look at me!‖
SHANNON: ―So what about the other nine? Did they say thanks?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Wel , no. It was just me.‖

―Wow, this is a very touching story.‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Yeah, and it gets better.‖
SHANNON: ―Hey, whose show is this?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―Sorry. I‘m just excited. Then Jesus said to me, ‗Rise and go; your faith has
made you well.‘ Wasn‘t that awesome?‖

SFX: Applause track

―That is awesome. Yeah, give it up with a round of applause. That is quite the
story. I am so glad you went back to thank Jesus. You showed gratitude in a way that can teach
us all. No more jokes for tonight—or maybe just for a few minutes.
SFX: Laughter track

―I want to ask you, why did you show gratitude when no one else did?‖
HEALED LEPER: ―It only took a few minutes of my time. Jesus did so much for me. It was the
least I could do. That‘s why I wanted to [Impress] take time to say thank you.”
SFX: Applause track

SHANNON: ―That‘s good. Wow. In fact, that is so good that I think our studio audience should
say that with us. Let‘s all say that together, even you viewers at home.‖
CG: Bottom Line Slide

SHANNON and KIDS: [Impress] “Take time to say thank you.”

SHANNON: ―Let‘s try that again.‖
SHANNON and KIDS: [Impress] “Take time to say thank you.”

2011 Orange. All rights reserved. • SHANNON: ―It has been our pleasure to have you on the program tonight, my friend. In fact, my
opinion has been changed. Thank you for sharing your story. Up next is a Pharisee who went to
find the real truth about Jesus. We‘l be right back.‖
SFX: Applause track

Lights: Blackout

SFX: Walking music plays

―I‘m back. I was watching that interview from backstage, and feel really bad about the way I
treated you all earlier. I didn‘t [Impress] take time to say thank you. I didn‘t treat you the way I
would want to be treated. Hey! That is something we talk about here each week: [Recycle] I
should treat others the way I want to be treated.

―Where are the kids who helped me out earlier? Can you raise your hands out there in the
audience? I see you! I would like to take a moment to thank you for helping me earlier. I was
being selfish, irritable, and angry. I am so sorry. I hope you can forgive me. I learned today to
[Impress] take time to say thank you. So I am going to ask you the same question. Who do
you need to take the time to thank? When you go back to Small Group, I want you to talk to your
Small Group Leader about that.
―Wel , back to cleaning my Uncle Ed‘s garage. This place is stil a mess. If I‘m going to finish this
by the end of the month, then I best get crackin‘. You can head to your Small Groups.‖
SFX: Play high-energy music as the kids exit.
2011 Orange. All rights reserved. •



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