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Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej KKS-Pilgrimage:
Kagyu Moenlam in Bodhgaya
November 26 th. – December 08 th. 2009
Additional Travelinformation
- Travelcosts:
Below shown Total-Travelcosts (Flighttickets Accomodation in a Double-Room [Twin- Bed] incl. Breakfast and all Transfers in India per Person) could be slight change. The final Price for the Group will be known after the Deadline for the Travel- Registration. There are also some other factors, which my influence the total Travelcosts like the Developement of the U$-Exchangerate, or changes of the If somebody wants a Room on his own, a Single Room Supplement has to be paid in addition to the total travel costs. Single Room Supplement has also to be paid if no Roommate is available, or if the Roommate has cancelled his travel before From / till VIENNA

Member of KKS*
Non-Member of KKS
04-06 PAX
07-09 PAX
10-14 PAX
16-19 PAX
20-24 PAX
From / till FRANKFURT

Member of KKS*
Non-Member of KKS
04-06 PAX
07-09 PAX
10-14 PAX
16-19 PAX
20-24 PAX
Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej From / till PARIS

Member of KKS*
Non-Member of KKS
04-06 PAX
07-09 PAX
10-14 PAX
16-19 PAX
20-24 PAX
Member of KKS*
Non-Member of KKS
per Person
*Members of KKS are People, which support Karma-Kagyü-Sangha, Vienna monthly with a
Karma Kagyu Sangha

Buddhist Center
Fleischmarkt 16, 2. Stock, Tuer 23
A-1010 Vienna, Austria
Tel. + Fax: +43 / (0)1 / 5137728
Mobil: +43 / (0)676 / 4857825

- Visa for India:
Entry in India is possible only with valid Passport and issued Visa.
Please apply Visa on time and before Departure! 2 photographs are needed for the
Visa application. Passport must be valid for a minimum of six months.
Costs for Visa (India): EURO 50, Tourist Visa valid for 6 Months,
Please request „Multiple Entries“!
Embassy in Austria:
Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej Download Visa-Applicationform (Austria): Embassy in Germany:
Embassy in France:
- In addition to your Travelapplication I would need following Information
from you: (please fill out the Travelapplication-Form which we have
provided you at our Website: Registration-Form for this Group-Travel .)
- Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Nationality, Passport-Number, Place of issue, Date of - India-VISA No., Place of issue, Date of issue, valid till. - Vaccination: Please contact your next Travel Medical-Center in your Area. Following Vaccination is recommended: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Typhus, Japan B, Japan- Encephalitits. Malaria prophylaxis (Lariam or Malarone or Vibramycin als Standby) Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej This Vaccination-Suggestion is a guideline! A personal consultation of a Travel On our Travel we will visit following Areas in India: Delhi, Bihar (Patna, Bodhgaya), Uttar Pradesh (Varnasi) - Flightdatas: (VIE=Vienna, FRA=Frankfurt, CDG= Paris)
Departure: for KKS-Pilgrimage
Nov.26th, 2009: VIE-DEL AI6033
Nov.26th, 2009: FRA-DEL AI126
Nov.26th, 2009: CDG-DEL AI7148
Nov.28th, 2009: DEL-PAT IC0409
Dec.06th, 2009: VNS-DEL IC0405
Returnflight: for KKS-Pilgrimage via Frankfurt to Vienna
Dec.08th, 2009: DEL-FRA AI127
Dec.08th, 2009: FRA-VIE OS128
Dec.08th, 2009: DEL-FRA AI127
Dec.08th, 2009: DEL-FRA AI7147
- Airline: Long-distance flight from Vienna to India with Austrian Airlines as
Cooperation Flights with AirIndia. From Frankfurt and Paris to Dehli with AirIndia. Domestic Flights in India with India Airlines. Returnflight from India to Frankfurt and Paris with AirIndia. From Frankfurt to Vienna with Austrian Airlines. - Meals an Board: Standard Menu, vegetarian Main dish on Long-distance Flights
- Accommodation: Hotel with Breakfast, Hotel list with Address and Contact. (see
- Overnightstay at KIBI/Delhi: Room (Twin-Bed) incl. Breakfast. The Bathrooms
are new renovated. Please take a Towel and Toilet paper for the stay at the KIBI with you. Linen for each Room will be provided from the KIBI. Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej - Meals: Room with Breakfast is included in the Price. Lunch and Dinner is optional.
- Lunch in Bodhgaya: For the time in Bodhgaya (Nov. 28th. – Dec 03th. 2009) we
suggest our Participants to take the Lunch buffet (vegetarian) at the Hotel. A lot of Participants will be expected for the Kagyu Moenlam and Bodhgaya don’t have so - Meditation Scarf: In case you have a white or pale Meditation Scarf, if possible
take it with you to India. Women wear it over the left Shoulder; Men wear it over the right Shoulder. It symbolize that you are an „Upasaka-Practitioner“. This is a suggestion for our Pilgrimage-Participants. - Meditationtext: For the Kagyu-Moenlam we need following Text:
„Samanthabadra’s Path of Aspiratin“. This Text will be recitated in Groups and in Tibetan-Language at the Area of the Mahabodhi-Temple. At each holly Place of our Pilgrimage, we will use our time also for a Group-Meditation/Recitation of following Text-collection:
- The Sutra of the Recollection of the Noble Three Jewels (included in our Mahayana-Sojong Text)
- The Sutra of the Purification from Downfalls on the Bodhisattva-Path (included in our Mahayana-Sojong Text)
- The Heart Sutra (included in our Mahayana-Sojong Text)
- Averting of Obstacles (included in our Mahayana-Sojong Text)
- Der Weg eines Sugata, a short practise on Buddha Shakyamuni (only tibetan/german Translation)
- Maitreya’s Path of Aspiratin (only tibetan/english Translation)
- Samanthabadra’s Path of Aspiratin (only tibetan/german Translation)
All mentioned Text or Sutras are available at our Shop of Karma Kagyu Sangha,
Vienna. Don’t forget to take your own Practise-Text-Collection with you to the
- Meditationseat: There will be a lot of People expected for the Kagyu Moenlam.
So we are not able to tell you know where our Group will sit at the Area of the Mahabodhi-Temple. Therefore please take also your Mat and your Meditation - Mahayana-Sojong-Practice: Wednesday, December 02nd. 2009 is a Full-Moon-
Day. By this Opportunity, our Pilgrimage Group will do the Mahayana-Sojong-Practice at the Area of the Mahabodhi-Temple and we will take the Mahayana-Sojong-Vows. Basically it is also possible to take the Mahayana-Sojong-Vows during the whole time of the Kagyu Moenlam. (it’s up to you!) - Earplugs: India could be noisy country, in Bus, Trains and even sometimes during
the Night. To provide you a pleasant sleep we suggest you to take some Earplugs Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej - Climate: November/December will be pleasant warm in Bodhgaya. It could get
colder in the Evenings, therefore please take a Pullover or Sweater with you to India. - Optional Travel Insurance:
It is your own choice to sign a Travel-Insurance for this Travel. You will find more information about this insurance at the Website of - Distance Information:
Usefull Hints for our Pilgrimage:
- Use proper Cloths during your visit at the holy Places in India and in Nepal - Small Flashlight (India could be sometimes very “dark” during Nighttimes) - Shower Cap and Universal Washbasin Plug - Padlock and Chain for Hotel Wardrobe and to lock the Suitcase at the Train - Anti Mosquito Spray and maybe also a Mosquito Net
Book Recommodation (english):
Buddhist Stupas in Asia, Lonely Planet, ISBN 1-86450120-0
India & Bangladesh Road Atlas, Lonely Planet, ISBN 1-74059019-8
India, Lonely Planet, ISBN 1-74059421-5
Our Hotels at the Internet:
- KIBI (Karmapa International Buddhist Institut), Delhi: Karma Kagyu Sangha, Vienna Gerold Jernej Usefull LINKS at the Internet: (Bodhgaya) (Bodhgaya) (Bodhgaya) (Bodhgaya) (Varanasi) (Sravasti) (Patna) (World cultural heritage of Unesco, see (Ganges) (Information about Trainconnections)


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