• Some women may experience bleeding or spotting after taking the ECP and some may experience an earlier or later start to • It is important to have a pregnancy test 3 to 4 weeks after taking the ECP to ensure that you are not pregnant even if you have a period in the CLIENT INFORMATION AND
• There is no evidence that the ECP will affect the unborn baby if you do become pregnant.
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FUNDED BY MIDCENTRAL DISTRICT HEALTH BOARD The ECP does not give you any ongoing protection against pregnancy.
Using ECP as a regular form of birth control is not recommended. It is important to use condoms or another form of contraception for ongoing protection against pregnancy. You can talk to a health professional about this, there is contact information enclosed.
Emergency Contraception does not protect you against sexually transmitted infections.
You can arrange a check up 2 weeks after you have had unprotected sex. Check-ups can be done at your GP or at Sexual Health Services, contact information enclosed.
Some women need ECP because they were forced or coerced into having sex. This can be difficult to PO BOX 4217
discuss, if this is an issue contact a specialist Sexual PALMERSTON NORTH 4442
Abuse Service, contact information enclosed.
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Your General Practitioner
Te Runanga O Raukawa 0800 742 6666
If you have sexual intercourse and you do not use contraception you may become pregnant. You may Youth One Stop Shop (YOSS)
also need emergency contraception if you have missed WHAT IS THE EMERGENCY
Best Care Whakapai Hauora
• The ECP is a high dose contraceptive pill Raukawa Iwi Medical Services
containing a hormone called levonorgestrel.
• It is thought the ECP stops pregnancy by UCOL Student Health Centre
the ovary, it may also cause changes in the Te Kete Hauora-Dannevirke
lining of the uterus (womb) that discourages Massey Medical Centre
• The ECP can be taken up to three (3) days following unprotected sexual intercourse.
Family Planning Helpline
• The ECP prevents the majority of pregnancies and is most effective if taken within 24 hours.
Women’s Health Collective
• The ECP can be used at any time during the Sexual Health Services
If unprotected sex occurred more than three (3) days Abuse & Rape Crisis Support Manawatu (ARCS)
ago it is advisable to discuss your options promptly with a health professional. Contact, Sexual Health, your GP or Family Planning as there maybe better options (contact information included on this leaflet).
Hono Wahine Resource Centre
• Take the ECP as soon as possible. As some Otaki Women’s Health Centre
women feel sick after taking the ECP it is best • If you vomit within three (3) hours of taking the Otaki Community Clinic & Services
ECP you should return to your healthcare provider as you may need to take it again.
• If you are already using a regular method of contraception such as the oral contraceptive pill, continue to take this at your regular time.


Priftin (rifapentine)

HIGHLIGHTS OF PRESCRIBING INFORMATION ————————————— WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS ————————————— These highlights do not include all the information needed to use PRIFTIN® safely and • Do not use as a once weekly Continuation Phase regimen with isoniazid in HIV seropositive effectively. See full prescribing information for PRIFTIN. patie

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