2.0 Email Delivery System
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Email Delivery System
This section contains tools to help plan, execute, and track delivery of any content that can be sent via email, including newsletters, PDF brochures, downloadable applications (such as the Prescription Reminder), and press releases. To begin, select one of the websites or brands listed: Websites:
2.0 Email Delivery System
This is the gateway for Email Delivery tools. Users begin working with these tools by choosing which brand’s email they want to work with. For purposes of this presentation, we will select Email Delivery for
Selecting Email Delivery on the main navigation bar will always bring authorized users to this first screen.
2.1 Email Delivery /
Real-Time Stats
Subscribers this
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Email Delivery /
Newsletters this
Delivered: 21,394
Use this section to plan, execute, and track emailpertaining to the selected brand or website.
Quick statistics on the email subscriber base are located in the Real-Time Stats window. Create new email deliveries to selected subscribers—or review the deliveries already scheduled—byselecting Details.
Plan a New Email Delivery
Frequency Dept.
Active Details
Active Details
Active Details
2.1 Email Delivery /
The main page for Email Delivery is organized similarly to the main page for Visitor Tracking. In the upper right- hand corner, users find real-time statistics about email subscribers and deliveries. At the bottom of the page, there is a list of all the current “subscriptions”—email deliveries that have been scheduled for a specific date, time and group of recipients. By selecting the “Details” link, users can access detailed information In order to find subscriptions quickly, the subscriptions list is searchable. If users wish to plan a new subscription for their product or department, they can select “Plan a New Email Delivery.” For the purposes of this presentation, we will select the subscription type titled “Newsletter,” which is the Celexa Newsletter offered to 2.2 Email Delivery Details: Celexa Newsletter
Forest Labs Online Services
Email Delivery Details /
Celexa Newsletter
Type: Monthly News
Brand/Dept: Celexa PR
Contact: John Smith
Groups: All Celexa
Next Delivery: 05/15/2001
Last Delivery: 04/15/2001
Status: Active
04/15/2001 DELIVERY
View Mailing
03/15/2001 DELIVERY
View Mailing
2.2 Email Delivery Details: Celexa Newsletter
This screen shows the delivery details on the subscriptions to the Like the Visitor Tracking reports, these subscription details can be printed or exported. Details are presented in chronological order, beginning with the most recent delivery.
Users see the date, time, and quantities involved in the delivery. They can open the mailing in any of the three formats in which it was prepared and sent—HTML, PDF, or text file—or they can open and view the delivery “log.” The log contains details about every single email sent, including the address and the time it was sent.
2.3 Plan a New Email Delivery
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Plan a New Email Delivery /
To begin planning a new email delivery, please fill out the form below in as much detail as possible. You should receive a response within 1-2 days.
Please note: it may take up to two weeks to plan and execute an emaildelivery.
Please describe the goals and requirements of this email delivery in as 2.3 Plan a New Email Delivery
Users access this screen by choosing the “Plan a New Email Delivery” link on the main Email Delivery page.
The “Plan a new email delivery” page is a form that generates a letter to the email administrator. It provides the administrator with all the basic information one needs in order to create a new subscription, from the intended mailing date to a an actual copy of the email file.
By following up with a couple of emails or telephone calls, the administrator will be able to set this plan into motion with maximum


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