Order Form and Tax Invoice
The Cancer Council Victoria ABN: 61 426 486 715.
N.B Upon payment, this form can be used as a Tax Invoice. Please photocopy this form for your tax records.
 Please send order to:
On this order form
You can order resources for
• people who want to stop smoking• people from Non-English Speaking Backgrounds • researchers• places that want to go smokefree PLUS how to find more resources and help online at www.quit.org.au.
Using this order form
For simple, small or repetitive orders and one page faxing 2 Date of order
Write the resources required using the blank rows below.
Make sure you write the title of the resource as it is listed in the order form and include the listed cost if one is incur ed.
Write the total cost (if any) at the bottom of this page.
Complete the appropriate payment method details, if needed (6).
3 If using resources for a special event
Write the number of each resource required on each page of the order form.
4 Postage charges
Add up the costs incur ed using the subtotals boxes for each section Victoria
Write the total cost (if any) at the bottom of page 4.
Other states small orders allow $4.40; larger orders will be invoiced
5 How to order
Resources required
Quit Victoria, PO Box 888, Carlton South, Victoria 3053, Australia (03) 9635 5510 (international +61 3 9635 5510) include your fax or phone number in case of poor fax quality 6 Payment method – cheque, credit card or bill
(Method A)
For amounts under $75 (inc GST) we require a cheque or credit card payment
with the order.

made payable to The Cancer Council Victoria Credit card
Credit card payments must be for $16.50 or more including GST.
Other states
Resources to help people stop smoking
Stopping smoking:
further information sheets
Victorian orders – One copy free (can be photocopied), bulk copies bil ed at 33c each.
Also available on our website www.quit.org.au
Smoking & Your Health - Information for Smoking, Your Mouth, Your Health brochure Clearing the Air - Talking with Children & Audio visual
Important Information for Fathers Who Smoke video
Secondhand Smoke and Your Children brochure Reducing the Risks of Cot Death brochure (1 only) Give Your Baby a Great Start to Life card Baby Breathing door hanger (Vic – limit 20 per Material in languages other than English
Languages available
AlbanianAmharic Arabic Bosnian
BurmeseCambodianChinese CroatianDari Greek Hindi Italian Karen Korean Kurdish Macedonian
Pe Polish Russian Serbian Somali Spanish SudaneseTigrinyaTurkish VietnameseQuantity$ Vic $ Else
Secondhand Smoke & Your Children brochure Stopping Smoking is the Only Healthy Option Enjoy Life More, Quit Now poster (Chinese) Protect Children From Cigarette Smoke poster Multi-language resources
Lung Tumour poster
With information in English, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Italian, Korean, Spanish, Turkish, Vietnamese.
With information in English, Arabic, Cambodian, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Turkish and Vietnamese.
* For online resources visit quit.org.au/multicultural
Resources for research
Background Briefs
Victorian orders – One copy free (can be photocopied), bulk copies bil ed at 33c each.
Also available on our web site www.quit.org.au
What You See is What You Get - tobacco pack Australian Smoking Rates, Diseases, Secondhand Never Give Up Giving Up - New Year poster Never Give Up Giving Up - Cravings poster Herbal Cigarettes, Kretecs, Bidis, Rol -Your-Own, Never Give Up Giving Up - Ways to Quit poster Mental Il ness & Smoking Cessation: An Urgent Never Give Up Giving Up - I want to know how Never Give Up Giving Up - The perfect reason Never Give Up Giving Up - Three great reasons Stop Smoking to See the Future (Eye Health) Resources for schools
When They Are Young (for teachers) poster When They Are Young (for youth workers) poster Materials for Aboriginal communities
Aboriginal smokefree stickers (4 stickers in 1) Tobacco Action Packs – Available to download from our website at www.quit.org.au
Give Your Baby a Great Start to Life card Passive Smoking (Sickness Goes into Family) poster What Cigarette Smoking Does to Your Body poster Quit Evaluation Studies 1 – 11 available to download from our website at www.quit.org.au
Tobacco in Australia: Facts & Issues 2008 3rd edition can be found online at www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au
All costs listed in this order form are inclusive of GST
Find resources online at:
International No Smoking Symbol decal (for use Many of the resources listed on this order form can also be found on our website. You can also download more copies of this order form.
International No Smoking Symbol with durable plastic holes in each corner: 30cm x 30cm There is online help for people who want to quit smoking including the Quit Coach, where smokers can get free personal advice tailored to their needs.
View the Quit Book online at:
As well as the online Quit Book, there is also information available on this website in a range
of languages that can be viewed on your screen, downloaded and printed.
Total cost of order (Method B)
Resources to help quitters
Audio visual
Stopping smoking info sheets
Material in languages other than English
Resources for schools
Organisations wishing to purchase any of the fol owing DVD titles
should contact:
Materials for Aboriginal communities
Phone: 03 5433 3854 Email: front_desk@themedia.com.au Resources for research
Background briefs
• Hot Water DVD package, includes leader’s and teacher’s manuals – for additional Tobacco pack warnings fact sheets
• My Last Last Cigarette DVD includes 1 Manual and 20 Worksheets Merchandise
Other states
If you want to stop smoking, call:
The Quitline is a confidential telephone information and advice service. For the cost of a local call, professional telephone advisors provide encouragement and support to help smokers quit.

Source: http://www.nmml.org.au/content/Document/AQ333_Quit_order_form_and_tax_invoice_upd_Mar11.pdf

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