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Understanding the
Differences: SAT vs. ACT

TThe SAT and ACT examinations differ in First, the SAT essay is required. The ACT essay The best strategy is to:
is optional. While, knowledge of grammar, analytical thinking skills. The ACT is more usage, and word choice is an important part of ✔ Read the prompt and do not gloss over both essays, the essay comprises 30% of the information contained in the prompt.
“aptitude” and “achievement”. The SAT is writing portion of the SAT, with the writing designed to evaluate innate ability. The ACT portion comprising 800 of the 2400 total points ✔ Do not oversimplify. Explain your thesis measures what a student has learned in high and provide literary, historical, or scientific school. The Princeton Review favors the ACT measure and does not impact the total score.
because it is more knowledge-based and lessambiguous. However, there are other, more The writing prompts require that students ✔ Freely give your opinion. The use of first reference historical, literary, or scientific person “I” is an acceptable strategy.
information. Students must develop a thesis descriptive words, avoid slang, and check sentences and supporting details, and aconclusion. This is tantamount to the five- ten sections - three critical reading, three math, three writing, and a required essay. The ACT elementary school; the issues are just more Similarities and a Word of
contains four sections - English, math, reading, and science reasoning. The ACT also containsan optional essay. Both exams assume a student is capable of writing a five-paragraph essay.
includes math to the level of trigonometry.
forget that they are also similar. Both are one A sense of happiness and fulfillment, not personal gain, is the best motivation and reward Frequency, Scoring and Length
p r o c e s s . B o t h a r e e x a m s t h a t t e l l y o u for one’s achievements. Expecting a reward of of Examinations
whether or not you take standardized exams wealth or recognition for achieving a goal can effectively. Neither exam will tell you or an There is a difference in the number of times lead to disappointment and frustration. If we admissions officer how intelligent you are, the examinations are offered and how they are want to be happy in what we do in life, we your success in school, or even whether you scored. The SAT is offered seven times each should not seek achievement for the sake of year, the ACT six. The SAT exam is scored on college. The best advice is to take the test the basis of 200-800 points per section, for a satisfaction of a job well done is its own reward.
that plays to your strengths. Many colleges combined three-section total of 600-2400. The required essay is scored on a scale of 1-6. The This prompt requires the student to write an prefer one to the other, so it is important to ACT is scored on the basis of 1-36 points. The essay that develops a point of view on this issue.
check with the colleges you are considering optional essay is scored on a scale of 2-12. The It also requires the student to support his or before committing to either examination.
SAT has a guessing penalty of 1/4 point for her position with reasoning and examples taken every incorrectly marked answer. The ACT has Regardless of which examination is taken, begin preparing early by working to build math,verbal, writing, and critical thinking skills. No The length of the SAT is 3 hours 45 minutes.
The length of the ACT varies depending upon whether the student completes the essay. Total segregated time in America is 11:00 a.m. on time for the ACT is 2 hours 55 minutes or 3 Sunday morning. Using what you know about hours 25 minutes with the optional essay. Both Dr. Perrino is Owner and Director of Northern Virginia Tutoring Service, LLC and an Associate Professor of analytical skills, and writing skills.
Sociology at Northern Virginia Community College.
NVTS offers subject-specific tutoring and academic
The SAT and ACT Essays
This essay requires a student to develop a coaching/mentoring to students from elementary to adult thesis statement and provide historical or socio- levels. Dr. Perrino can be reached at 703-534-5779 or The essay has generated much discussion and via email at The website for concern. It is important to note several things.
understanding of this period of history.


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