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1. Semsei I, Szeszák F, Zs.-Nagy I. (1982): In vivo studies on the age-dependent decrease of
the rates of total and mRNA synthesis in the brain cortex of rats. Arch. Gerontol.
1: 29-42.

2. Semsei I, Zs.-Nagy I. (1983): In vivo stimulation of the nerve cells by phytohem-
agglutinin. II. Alterations in the rate of total and mRNA synthesis in the brain cortex
of old rats. Arch. Gerontol. Geriatr. 2: 307-317.
Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: 5

3. Zs.-Nagy I, Semsei I. (1984): Centrophenoxine increases the rates of total and mRNA
synthesis in the brain cortex of old rats: An explanation of its action in terms of the
membrane hypothesis of aging. Exp. Gerontol. 19: 171-178.
Impakt faktor: 3,535
Citáció: 31

4. Semsei I, Zs.-Nagy I. (1984): Effects of inonic strength on the activity of superoxide
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Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: 15
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its salt dependence in vitro. Free Rad. Biol. Medc. 1: 413-408.

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radical protection. Fed. Proc. 45: 217.
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(1987): Effect of age and dietary restriction on the expression of α2u-globulin. J. Biol.
262: 12821-12825.
Impakt faktor: 6,696
Citáció: 72
9. Richardson A, Semsei I, Rutherford MS, Butler JA. (1987): Effect of dietary restriction on
the expression of specific genes. Fed. Proc. 46: 568.
Impakt faktor: -

10. Butler JA, Rutherford MS, Semsei I, Richardson A. (1988): Molecular aspects of aging:
Changes in protein synthesis and the expression of α2u-globulin. In: Aging in Liver
and Gastro-Intestinal Tract. Falk Symposium Vol. 47, pp. 15-25. Eds.: L. Bianchi et al.
MTP Press Ltd., Lancester, England.
Impakt faktor: -
Citáció: 2
11. Zs.-Nagy I, Cutler RG, Semsei I. (1988): Dysdifferentiation hypothesis of aging and
Neuroimmunomodulation: Intervention in Aging and Cancer. Annals of New York
Acad. Sci.
521: pp. 215-225.
Impakt faktor: 1,682
Citáció: 25
12. Semsei I, Ma S, Cutler RG. (1989): Tissue and age specific expression of the proto-
oncogene myc family throughout the life span of the C57BL/6J mouse strain.
Oncogene 4, 465-471.

13. Cutler RG, Semsei I. (1989): Development, cancer and aging: Possible common
mechanisms of action and regulation. J. Gerontol. Biol. Sci. 44: B25-34.
Impakt faktor: 3,455
Citáció: 37
14. Semsei I, Cutler RG. (1989): Cancer and Aging: Possible common mechanisms of
oxyradicals in destabilizing proper gene regulation. The Theoretical Bases of Aging Research, pp. 110-114. Eds.: L. Robert and G. Hofecker. Facultas Verlag, Wien. Impakt faktor: - Citáció: 1 15. Semsei I, Rao G, Richardson A. (1989): Changes in expression of superoxide dismutase
and catalase as a function of age and dietary restriction. Biochem. Biophys. Res.
164: 620-625.
Impakt faktor: 2,935
Citáció: 104
16. Semsei I, Nagy K, Zs.-Nagy I. (1990): In vitro studies on the OH. and O2.- free radical
properties of idebenone in chemical systems. Arch. Gerontol. Geriatr. 11: 189-199.
Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: 5
17. Semsei I, Cutler RG, Zs.-Nagy I. (1990): The effects of idebenone on DNA and RNA
contents as well as synthesis rates of total and poly(A)+RNA in brain of old C57BL/6J
mice and experimental partial cerebral ischemia of rats. Arch. Gerontol. Geriatr. 11:
Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: -
18. Semsei I, Rao G, Richardson A. (1991): Expression of superoxide dismutase and catalase
in rat brain as a function of age. Mech. Ageing. Dev. 58: 13-19.
19. Semsei I. (1991): Effects of age and turpentine induced inflammation on the activity of
ceruloplasmin from blood of CFY rats. Gerontology 37: 199-207.
Impakt faktor: 1,48
Citáció: 7
20. Semsei I, Tröster H, Bartsch H, Schwemmle M, Igloi GL, Müller WEG, Bachmann M.
(1993): Isolation of rat cDNA clones coding for the autoantigen SS-B/La: Detection of
species specific variations. GENE 126: 265-268.
Impakt faktor: 2,778
Citáció: 22
21. Semsei I, Jeney F, Fülöp T. (1993): Effect of age on the activity of ceruloplasmin of
human blood. Arch. Gerontol. Geriatr. 17, 123-130.
Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: 3
22. Tröster H, Metzger T, Semsei I, Schwemmle M, Mayet W, Bachmann M. (1994): One
gene two transcripts: Isolation of an alternative transcript encoding for the autoantigen
La/SS-B from a cDNA library of a patient with primary Sjögren’s' syndrome. J. Exp.
180: 2059-2067.
Impakt faktor: 15,837
Citáció: 36

23. Van Der Sanden MJT, Nagy K, Semsei I, Zs.-Nagy I. (1995): An in vitro model of aging:
the influence of increasing physical density on enzyme activities of trypsin, xanthine
oxidase and superoxide dismutase. Arch. Gerontol. Geriatr. 20: 273-282
Impakt faktor: 0,681
Citáció: 6

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occurring frequently during unidirectional cDNA cloning in the Uni-ZAP XR vector
system. Anal. Biochem. 225: 366-368.
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cell by immunization with human recombinant autoantigen La/SS-B: Characterization
of the epitope. J. Autoimmun. 8: 825-42.
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inhibitor as a function of age in different tissues of SAMP8 and BDF1 mouse strains. Annual Report of the Japan Foundation for Aging and Health, Tokyo (Japan), pp. 62-75. 27. Takács I, Radványi G, Szegedi Gy, Matolcsy A, Semsei I. (1997): Detection of t(14;18)
chromosome translocation in follicular lymphoma by polymerase chain reaction. Orv.
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Inhibitors as a Function of Age in Different Tissues of SAMP8 and BDF1 Mice.
Mech. Ageing Dev.
97: 249-261.

29. Sebık P, Takács I, Szabó G, Zeher M, Matolcsy A, Szegedi Gy, Semsei I. (1997): A
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. 138: 3301-3305.
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treatment, in vitro. Allerg. Klin. Immunol. 1: 1-6.

31. Grölz D, Tröster H, Semsei I, Bachmann M. (1998): Analysis of expression of the gene
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33. Chang H, Huh MS, Kim HR, Kim IS, Kim S, Lee JS, Semsei I, Grölz D, Bachmann M.
(1998): Cross-reactivity of autoantibodies immunoabsorbed to laminin with
recombinant human La (SS-B) protein. J. Autoimmun. 11: 163-167.
Impakt faktor: 2,812
Citáció: 1
34. Szegedi A, Bakos B, Hunyadi J, Semsei I. (1998): Effect of the UV irradiation on the
expression of La and Ro antigens in human keratinocytes: its connection with
autoimmune diseases. Bırgy. Venerol. Szemle 74: 107-111.
Impakt faktor: -
Citáció: 4
35. Semsei I, Zeher M, Takács I, Urbán L, Sebık P, Szegedi Gy. (1998): A t(14;18)
kromoszóma transzlokáció elıfordulása Sjögren-szindrómás betegek lymphocytáiban.
Magy. Belorv. Arch. 51: 249-254.
Impakt faktor: -

36. Semsei I, Zeher M, Takács I, Urbán L, Szegedi Gy, Bachmann M. (2000): High frequency
of t(14;18) translocation in Sjögren’s syndrome. Artr. Rheum. 43: 951-952.
Impakt faktor: 7,379
Citáció: 5
37. Urbán L, Bessenyei B, Zeher M, Takács I, Szegedi Gy, Semsei I. (2000): A differential
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Impakt faktor: 1,416
Citáció: 2
43. Bessenyei B, Kiss E, Zeher M, Urbán L, Szegedi Gy, Semsei I. (2000): Az La autoantigén
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Impakt faktor: 1,48
Citáció: 1
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Impakt faktor: -
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