Monthly statements and trade confirmations commanding file space. Annual reports
and prospectuses squeezing through mail slots. All that paper, all that clutter.
Now you can reduce the amount of paper mail you receive by having those bulky
documents delivered electronically with UBS e-Delivery. Instead of paper, you’ll receive
an e-mail with a link to access your documents.
Sign up now for e-Delivery in four easy steps.
1. Read the Agreement and Terms and Conditions that are described below
2. If you agree, click the “reply” button
3. Type “Enroll me!” in your reply e-mail

service you prefer: “Enroll in All” (statements,
confirms and shareholder communications) or “Enroll in just _____.”
• Please indicate which accounts: “All accounts” or “Just _____.” Please
include only the last two digits of your account numbers in your reply.
4. Click “send”

Benefits of e-Delivery

With e-Delivery, you benefit from less mail and:
• Streamline filing and recordkeeping
• Store and retrieve your account information easily • Receive important documents faster, including: • View all accounts in one place You have the flexibility to choose which communications to view online and which to receive by regular mail. And with e-Delivery, you always get: • Online security for your important documents • Reduced impact on the environment Enrolling in e-Delivery is easy, just reply now to this e-mail and indicate if you would like one or all services added. To get important financial documents electronically, just reply now to this e-mail.
2009 UBS Financial Services Inc. All rights reserved. Member SIPC. UBS Financial Services Inc. is a subsidiary of UBS AG. Agreement
We consider your enrollment and continued use of our e-Delivery services as your agreement to the terms and conditions for
e-Delivery, which appear below. The terms and conditions apply to all UBS accounts that you or anyone in your statement
household have now, as well as any you may have in the future.
• A UBS Online Services account and a valid e-mail address are required for our e-Delivery services and clients are
responsible for notifying UBS promptly when their e-mail addresses change. • Enrollment in e-Delivery is effective immediately and may be cancelled at any time, either by changing your elections online or by contacting your Financial Advisor. • Clients may request paper copies of any document we are required to deliver to them at any time for no additional • We notify clients who are enrolled in e-Delivery by e-mail when a new document is available; the electronic message will include a link to a website where the document can be viewed and downloaded. • We will deliver documents by postal mail if we cannot obtain a valid e-mail address. • Users agree to owning or having access to a printer or other device to print or save documents they may wish to retain. • We do not charge for e-Delivery, but Internet access and telephone charges may apply.


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