Date: April 24th, 2013
Time: 1:00 pm
Place: DSB Boardroom
Chair: Ginger Forget
Recorder: Tara St-Amand
Present: Ginger Forget (CCCCGE), Tawnya Parry (SDHU), Carla Guthrie
(Chapleau Learning Centre), Crystal Greig (Apano), Brenda Lindquist (SSCHS),
Tricia Stewart (Best Start Hub), Doug Greig (Town Council), Lynn Bélair
(CFC/ICDS), Pauline Lecuyer (CFC).
Regrets: Lise Dewar (Ecole Sacré-Coeur), France Houle (Ecole Sacré-Cœur),
Sylvie L. Rousseau (Formation Plus), Doriane Jones (CCN), Ami Madsen (CAS),
Lilianne St-Martin (Formation Plus), Jody Anderson (Kuno).
Agenda approved by Tricia and seconded by Tawnya.
Minutes of the last meeting of March 27th, 2013 were approved by Tawnya and
seconded by Crystal.

Each item was discussed and revised as needed.
Agency Updates

Sudbury District Health Unit – Tawnya Parry
 Currently running a prenatal series. Class # 3 (Thursday evening (Apr.25th).
 Adjusting to new changes put out by the Ministry of Health to the HBHC program. New assessment tool. Much more detailed.  Rachel will be in the schools doing sexual health education in the next couple  Still working on finalizing things for the sexual health clinic. Advertisements, etc. in the communication process. Hope to be up and running by late May. Some supplies have been brought over to the FHT clinic.  Planning in place for Foleyet Fun Day. Scheduled for June 5th or 6th. Just  Will be in the school for immunization in the next couple of weeks to  Health Unit will be providing support to the Recreation Committee in developing a Strategic Plan for recreation for our community.  Regular immunization clinics on Wednesdays as usual.
 The Health Unit will be participating in the Career Fair on May 8th.
 Tawnya will be at Trillium on Tuesday April 30th, to participate in the
parenting class. Discussion will be on prenatal/postnatal information, as well as some information on Labour and Delivery.  Dental screening taking place in May by the Sudbury Dental Team for  Birth control recall: Alysena (generic brand of Alesse).

Chapleau Learning Centre – Carla Guthrie
 Chapleau Learning Centre has a new website: chapleaulearningcentre.com
 Link should be on Chapleau township portal.

Apano – Crystal Greig
 Apano has introduced a Health & Wellness Circle to their program. Diana
McCartney goes over and presents a topic to the adults in which they discuss.  The Community Garden and After School Programming are still ongoing as
Chapleau Best Start Hub – Tricia Stewart
 On April 15th, John Stark, speech pathologist offered a workshop for parents
about language development and how to use it at home. Five parents and two staff attended.  Kids Can Cook program being offered for children ages 9-12 years of age.  The Hub will be participating in this year’s Pow Wow at the Chapleau Public School on Monday May 6th during education week. Grand entry for the Pow Wow is at 10:45 am. There will be dancers, drummers and food.  Preparing for school readiness. The Hub is advertising through all of the schools this year to try and get all the children entering JK. The Hub will also participate in the Public Schools Welcome to Kindergarten to discuss school readiness and the benefits of the program.  The Hub has set up in the common room for two weeks now, trying to attract families on Ontario Works or living in the geared to income housing on Pine Street. No one has attended the program.  Parent Chit Chats have been recorded and will continue for the next couple of  Funding cut backs will be affecting Hub programs and services. There will be more days that the Hub is closed at 28 Golf Course location, so that the Hub is able to offer other programs and services. The Hub has also had to prioritize those programs and services therefore some of those programs and services have had to be eliminated. Child and Family Centre – Pauline Lecuyer
 Active clients
 11 wait list
 CFC will be participating in the career fair on May 8th at Trillium from 1-7 pm
 CFC is in the process of developing and participating in a community
integrated Eating Disorder Program (intense training coming up).  Guest speaker at OLF for career day on May 9th to emphasize the importance to stay in school and have an education.  Reminder that Children’s Mental Health Week is May 5 – May 11
 Looking at options in Chapleau such as group therapy for self-harm.

Children’s Community Network
 Increase in referrals.
 OT/PT in May, date unknown at this time.

Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB – Tara St-Amand
 Have been in contact with Ginger Forget to discuss kids that are already in
care that may need extended hours or families that may benefit from child care.  Tara will discuss with on reserve staff (Penny) and CPS (Ray) at E.S.C.T.
 Career Fair is on May 8th, from 1 pm to 7 pm. MSDSB have 23 organizations
confirmed with 24 tables. Posters to be distributed.  Couponing/Budgeting
 Tara spoke to Gilles and was given approval as this can be offered through
E.O. as a budgeting course, MSDSB will be working together to put something in place after the career fair. As such, it will be offered during business hours.  Family Containers Gardening Event on May 25th from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.

Chapleau Child Care Centre – Ginger Forget
 Continues to run a Preschool French Immersion Program on Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Thursdays out of the main site location. The program will be concluding in the next few weeks and hope to offer it again in September.  As part of their 2013 marketing plan, the Chapleau Child Care Centre reviewed and changed activities so that they would address enrolment issues in our programs. They are implementing several incentive programs in hopes that they will attract new members to their programs and increase overall usage of services. The incentives include – monthly draws for a free day of care for scheduled users; will cover the enrolment fee for the first 10 new users to register in 2013; days of use bonus cash prizes; make a referral cash bonuses; reduced scheduled user deposit and 24 hour cancellation policy for drop-in users.  The Manitoulin-Sudbury DSB Service Providers continue to meet to discuss the new funding formula for child care programs. The next meeting is scheduled for May 14th in Espanola.  The Child Care programs for both English and French sites will be joining together to celebrate Mental Health Week with special activities and a healthy snack sponsored by the Child and Family Centre. This event will take place on May 6th at their 28 Golf Road site.  The Centre is scheduled to participate in a Career Fair on May 8th at Trillium High School. This activity is sponsored by the MSDSB and Employment Ontario.  The Centre programs will be joining together to celebrate Mother’s Day with a Mother’s Day taking place on May 10th.  The SDHU Dental Program will be offering a dental screening session for children attending child care programs at both sites on the morning of May 14th.  The Centre is still looking for new members to sit on their Volunteer Board of NEW BUSINESS
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013 at the DSB
The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm

Source: http://public.msdsb.net/bsn/Meetings/2013/May%202013/CSPN%20April%20minutes.pdf


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