The Court Bistro at Dean Court Hotel, Sample Menu
Late Breakfast & Elevenses (Available from opening time 'til 12 noon) BACON BUTTY toasted soft bap fil ed with crispy bacon £4.25 or sausage £4.55 or both! £5.50 ask if you prefer ketchup/brown sauce on it too CROISSANT (2) £2.95 with butter and preserves FULL YORKSHIRE BREAKFAST £11.75 A Fruit Juice, Eggs cooked as you wish plus three other items. Choose from Bacon, Tomato, Sausage, Black Pudding, Fried Bread, Hash Browns. Toast with preserves. Pot of coffee or tea. A LIGHT BREAKFAST £8.50 A fruit juice, bowl of cereal, croissant, toast with preserves,. Pot of coffee or tea HAM HOCK RILLETTES on toasted ciabatta, homemade chutney £6.50 WARM GOATS CHEESE & CARAMELISED RED ONION TART with dressed salad leaves £6.95 HOMEMADE SOUP with homemade bread - see Recommendations Board £4.50 All sandwiches, wraps and paninis are served with salad garnish TOASTED PANINI £6.95 fil ed with brie, caramelised onion, chorizo with grain mustard mayonnaise QUORN, LETTUCE & SWEET CHILLI JAM WRAP (v) £6.95 CAESAR WRAP £6.50 lettuce and parmesan and croutons in a Caesar dressing with chicken and bacon £8.25 THAI SPICED CHICKEN WRAP £7.20 creamy coriander mayonnaise PRAWN COCKTAIL WRAP with Marie Rose Sauce £7.95 HAM, TOMATO & CHUTNEY CIABATTA £6.75 HONEY & MUSTARD CHICKEN CIABATTA £6.95 B.L.T BAGUETTE £7.95 crispy bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayonnaise CUT BREAD SANDWICHES Terry Howards bread has no additives and is the best we've tasted for years, but his deliveries are late morning! on wholemeal or white - available from 12 noon SMOKED SALMON £8.25 black pepper and lemon juice THE SHARE PLATTER - £21.50 for 2. A daily changing meze-cum-tapas-cum-smorgasbord selection for 2 THE COURT HOUSE SALAD £8.75 - something different every time! a generous bowl, a different surprise selection every day with suitable dressing.Please ask if you prefer a vegetarian version (V) POACHED SALMON SALAD £9.25 courgettes, fine beans and fennel served with French dressing Above dishes accompanied by a complimentary basket of various breads, butter, olive oil and balsamic dips TARTIFLETTE £8.95 A traditional dish OF the Savoie region. Bubbling hot potatoes cooked in cream, caramelized onions, bacon lardons. Glazed with Reblochon cheese. Vegetarian version available (without lardons) and cheese £8.00 BANGERS N MASH £9.75 Local sausages made exclusively for us by Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe (The Shambles) Your server wil tel you of todays selection - al served with buttery mash, caramelized onions and gravy THE COURT FISH N CHIPS £9.90 in York Ale beer batter - with tartare sauce mushy peas and chips THE COURT BURGER £9.75 our burgers are made with Yorkshire-reared prime beef and are served with chips, salad garnish and tomato relish topped with melted cheese £10.50 topped with Bacon £11.75 topped with cheese and bacon £12.25 Homemade basket of bread £1.95 (per person) French Fries £2.60 Spicy-seasoned potato wedges £2.60 Onion rings £1.95 Garlic bread £2.00 Mixed salad £3.10 Tomato & basil salad £3.25 Extra dips £1.50 Fresh vegetables £3.65 CHOCOLATE BROWNIE £3.95served warm with vanil a ice-cream and butterscotch sauce APPLE CRUMBLE £5.25with cream or ice cream WARM BAKEWELL TART £4.75 with thick cream SELECTION OF ICE CREAMS & SORBETS (please ask your server) £4.25 CHEESE AND BISCUITS £6.95 A trio of Yorkshire cheeses served with accompaniments THE COURT AFTERNOON CREAM TEA £9.75 dainty sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, choice of cake or gateau, pot of tea of your choice THE COURT CHAMPAGNE CREAM TEA £18.50 A (125ml) glass of Remy Massin Champagne, cucumber and smoked salmon sandwiches, scone with jam and cream, choice of cake, pastry or gateau and a pot of tea of your choice HOMEMADE SCONES (2) - butter £2.50 - jam & cream £3.75 GATEAUX i.e Lemon Drizzle, Victoria Sponge (from £4.25) Please see our Gateaux selection or ask your server A pot per person with milk or lemon £2.60 Traditional * Earl Grey * Pure Assam A CUP OF COFFEE - with cream or milk. Standard cup £1.95 large cup £2.50 Speciality Coffees - al £2.75. Price is per person for a cafetiere, with milk or cream Kenyan brisk and invigorating Colombian - mellow and nutty Java mature and full bodied Decaff al the taste without the caffeine topped with whipped cream £3.50 - dusted with cinnamon £3.20 - topped with marshmal ows £3.50 Camomile Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower Peppermint Lemon & Ginger Camomile & Spearmint Blackcurrant, Ginseng & Vanil a Green Tea Fruit Smoothies - All priced at £3.95 Grapple (Grape & Apple) Bannoffie (Banana & toffee) Mixed Berry Bananarama Chocoholic SPECIAL OF THE DAY - ASK YOUR SERVER FOR TODAYS SPECIAL SMOOTHIES Chocolate Vanil a and Butterscotch Banana Cookies and Cream
Please note this is just a sample from our menu


4:1 triamcinolone intra sheath injection for diabetic flexor tenosynovitis ( trigger finger - tf)

Vol:12 4:1 Triamcinolone intra sheath injection for diabetic flexor enosynovitis (Trigger finger - TF). TF is caused by a disproportion between the flexor tendon and its surrounding tendon sheath, in which smooth gliding of the flexor tendon within its sheath is restricted. The incidence in the general population is 1-2% while that in diabetics is 10 – 20%. Steroid injections for TF in


Prospektive Erfassung des Polyomavirus Infektion bei nierentransplantierten Patienten Seit 1995 verursachen Infektionen mit Polyomavirus BK zunehmend Funktionsstörungen in transplantierten Nieren. In retrospektive Untersuchungen wird die BK Virus Nephropathie mit zirka 5% der Patienten beziffert. Bei mindestens 75% kommt es in der Folge zu einem Transplantatverlust. Fast alle dieser Pati

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