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What is tooth whitening?
It is a process that lightens stains and discoloration from the teeth and underlying surfaces of your teeth. Will my teeth become sensitive during whitening?
With our new whitening treatment teeth do not usually have any discomfort when whitening. You may detect a slight odor which will only be present as the products are being activated. There may be a feeling of coolness on your teeth as some of the materials evaporate. Will my teeth become sensitive after whitening?
All people respond differently. Since our formula is different than most other whitening agents, there is little if any sensitivity following our treatment. There may be a slight sensation that occurs from our enhancing product which is due to evaporation of alcohol. This may produce a cooling sensation on the Can I whiten my teeth if I have caps or crowns on my front teeth?
Porcelain or acrylic caps or crowns will not lighten or change color beyond the original color when If I whiten my teeth and I have caps, or tooth colored fillings will my teeth end up having
different colors?
If you whiten your natural teeth you may have to see your dentist to change the shade and color of older dental work. Filings and crowns will not change color equally if at all, however, it is likely that the surrounding teeth have gotten darker so the GTW treatment will even out the smile. How long does tooth whitening last?
The results you achieve from the GTW tooth whitening can last forever if the GTW tooth whitener is used once/ twice a week. If not used, depending on your eating, drinking, and smoking habits, discoloration could occur within 6-12 months. What causes tooth discoloration?
There are numerous reasons that teeth discolor. Genetic factors, trauma or injury to the teeth, medications such as tetracycline or excessive amounts of fluoride, as well as tobacco and the foods and drink we consume. These will all increase the amount of Can teeth whiten unevenly?
Yes…Teeth can sometimes whiten unevenly. Discoloration can vary in intensity within the teeth. Teeth can have white, yellow, or brown blotches or stains that will make it impossible to lighten all areas of the tooth with equal intensity. The edges of the teeth are thinner and may appear lighter than the thicker area around the gum line. Can I whiten my teeth when pregnant or nursing?
We suggest that you discuss this with you physician. Tests on tooth whitening have not been done on women when pregnant or lactation. Therefore, we suggest that you do not whiten your teeth when Does the existing color of my teeth have any effect on the whitening changes that will occur?
Yes…Yellow and brown tooth discoloration will respond to whitening agents better than blue or gray tooth discoloration. Horizontal bands and white or colored markings may respond somewhat differently Is whitening safe for your teeth?
Studies indicate GentleTouchTM and the GTW Brush-On Tooth Whitener are safe for your teeth. There are no indications of changes to the morphology of the teeth or damage to the enamel. How much of my smile will be whitened?
In general the first 4-6 teeth on both sides of center will experience some whitening. Can the light burn my skin? Will the light heat up my teeth?
This light is the newest technology. It emits a cool light that will not burn your skin or harm your teeth. Gentle Touch is the coolest system on the market. It has eliminated heat side effects. Can I get sick from the gels?
When used as specified, our products are safe, easy to use and will not make one sick, even if ingested. The gel is FDA approved as a food additive. How safe is the GentleTouchTM system on the gums and soft tissue?
These special products are safe and effective for tooth whitening, and have been found to have a positive effect on the gums and other soft tissues. How white do my teeth become when using the GentleTouch TM system?
All teeth whiten differently, but our studies confirm that the GentleTouchTM/ GTW system will produce visibly whiter teeth and up to an 12 shade change on the darkest teeth. How long does it take to whiten your teeth?
With the GentleTouch TM Whitening System we have reduced the total whitening time to 45 minutes. Enhancement of the system requires less than one minute of your time twice daily after brushing for up Does the GTW Brush-On Tooth Whitener cause any sensitivity on your teeth?
The tooth whitener is safe and effective for your teeth, but may cause a slight amount of sensitivity as it Is the GTW Brush-On Tooth Whitener safe on your gums?
Always be cautious. Avoid the gums as this material contains alcohol and is meant to be applied directly How long should I continue to use the GTW Brush-On Tooth Whitener after my whitening
We recommend that you use the tooth whitener for no more than 4 weeks twice daily after the initial treatment, and then 1-2 times a week thereafter. What is bounce back or Rebound?
This is the natural process that affects most all teeth after any sort of whitening procedure, where they tend to return to their previous darker, discolored shade. Our brush-on tooth whitener will continue to whiten your teeth and will prevent Bounce Back!


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