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Gemini Project – Shipper Group Workshop
27 April 2004
Radisson Grafton Hotel, London
Jill Griffin – NGT
Fran Miles – NGT
Stephen MacPherson – Attachmate
David Lazarus – Attachmate
Dave Roberts – BGT
Mike Carter – BGT
Nick Gold - BGT
Mark Mugglestone – Exxonmobil
Stuart Wing – Shell Energy
Michael Reid – Scottish Power
Kevan Tate – SSE
Noel Regan – Bord Gais
Richard Norris – Sungard
Tony Byrne – Corona
Tim Johnson – Powergen
Nonie Toogood – Powergen
Jamie Walsh – Powergen
Jaivanti Maisuria – Conoco Phillips
Sarah Stevens – Statoil
Warren Collins – Statoil
Bob Davis – RWE Innogy
Derek Lewies – RWE Innogy
Yasmin Sufi – ENI UK
Gavin Pickering – Total Gas & Power
Neil Dewar – APX Group
David Hutchinson – Hess Energy
Keith Stanton – Sempra
Harb Sidhu – Centrica Storage
Iain Chalmers – Allegro Development
Nick Barney – NGT
Simon Cave – NGT
Susan Knights – NGT
John Regan – NGT
Steve Thompson – NGT
Dave Williamson - NGT
Note – Not all attendees signed the register.
C:\Documents and Settings\transco\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK12\Gemini Shipper Group Output - April 2004.doc 5 May 2004
Workshop Content
The Workshop opened with an introduction by Susan Knights who explained that the aim
of the forum was to provide an update on the Entry Capacity and Energy Balancing/Exit
Capacity release timescales and to facilitate a discussion on the interfacing options for
the Energy Balancing release.
Susan provided an update to the Issues Log. The following Issues were updated:
GPSG29 – Open.
GPSG66 – Closed.
GPSG67 – Closed.
GPSG68 – Closed.
GPSG69 – Still being investigated.
GPSG70 – Closed.
Two new issues will be logged:
The community asked NGT to establish whether it is viable to provide a separate test
environment for EB for a longer period.
NGT agreed to establish whether XP1 is going to be offered as contingency for the EB
Entry Capacity Project Update
John Regan, Programme Manager, shared a presentation that gave updated timelines for
the Entry Capacity release. The key milestones were shared and these included
confirmation of the following:
Activity Date
Connectivity Testing
Simon Cave, O&T Project Coordination Manager, then talked through the programme for the Shipper Trials for the Entry Capacity release. Simon explained that the Trials provided an opportunity for the community to gain further familiarity with the system and to examine their migrated data. It also provides an opportunity for organisations to place bids against specified auctions and to register/confirm trades. During the Trials organisations will also be available to familiarise themselves with the new ECBB On Line Tender Process. It allows a trial of the API functionality that is being provided under the Entry Capacity release. C:\Documents and Settings\transco\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK12\Gemini Shipper Group Output - April 2004.doc 5 May 2004
Simon talked through the three-week timetable and also explained the support process
for the Trials.
Dave Williamson, Gemini Technical Manager, provided a summary of the End-to-End
Testing that had been carried out with a number of organisations within the community.
Dave confirmed that the results had been as expected and that performance had
greatly improved. The testing included screens and APIs with a variety of combinations
of O/S and third party application versions. NGT confirmed this had been a very useful
information gathering exercise and thanked those organisations that had supported the
It was brought to NGT’s attention that the UK Link Committee still feel they need to
ratify the Gemini implementation plan. Susan explained that this was not the case as the
formal governance process had been followed by the project and Susan agreed to take
this up directly with the Committee.
Energy Balancing/Exit Capacity Project Update
John Regan provided an update on the timescales for the Energy Balancing/Exit Capacity
release and confirmed that there will be a phased cutover commencing 31/03/05 with a
Go Live date of 07/04/05. Further detailed information on this release will be shared in
future Workshops.
Feedback from the community identified that more time may be required for Shipper
Trials. The community also asked whether it was feasible for them to have a separate
test environment for a longer period. There were some concerns about the release date
as it conflicts with the BETTA Go Live date.
John then opened a discussion on the interfacing issues for the Energy Balancing/Exit
Capacity release following the email from NGT in March acknowledging that the
introduction of the revised infrastructure with the Citrix client would make screen
scraping technically challenging.
There was a great deal of discussion about alternative options including more APIs and a
secondary Internet based access that would allow scraping to continue. With regard to
the extra APIs, NGT agreed to write out and reconfirm API requirements with the
community so that the project could understand the requirement. John Regan agreed to
share the feedback from the community with the Programme Board at their next
meeting in early May. A further meeting will be held with the community in early June
to progress this.
All of the presentations shared at the Forum can be found on the Shipper Web Site
(Gemini page).
C:\Documents and Settings\transco\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK12\Gemini Shipper Group Output - April 2004.doc 5 May 2004 C:\Documents and Settings\transco\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\OLK12\Gemini Shipper Group Output - April 2004.doc 5 May 2004


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