Don’t Forget Who to
Stop the Spread of
Brazos County Health
Phone: (979) 361-4440
Fax: (979) 823-2275
Texas Department of
(800) 705-8868
Report To Your Local Health
Centers for Disease Control
and Prevention:
B r a z o s C o u n t y H e a l t h
D e p a r t m e n t
Why Should I Report?
How can I report patient information and still
Who Should Report?
remain compliant with the new HIPAA privacy
1) Reporting is required by Texas law
(Communicable Disease
According to the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Act, Section 159.004, an exception to
the privilege of confidentiality… exists with a
governmental agency, if required or authorized
2) Increased threat of a biological
1) Any healthcare worker
(including dentists and vets!)
According to the Communicable Disease Prevention and Control Act, Section 241.153, you may provide 3) Protection of the public
2) Daycare workers
patient information to a federal, state, or local
against contagious, and
government agency or authority to the extent
3) School officials
possibly life-threatening diseases
authorized by the law without a patient’s written
4) Anyone with any knowledge of the
presence of a reportable disease.
To Whom Do I Report?
Where can I learn more about biological agents
and symptoms of exposure?
1) Brazos County Health Department:
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has (979) 361-4440
a wealth of information on its website at: What Do I Report?
2) Texas Department of Health:
(800) 705-8868
You can also contact the Brazos County Health 1) All diseases listed by the Texas
Department for times and dates of various 3) 911 dispatch in the case of a biological
Department of Health (TDH)
educational programs on communicable diseases attack: (979) 361-3888
(list found at and bioterrorism. In some cases you can earn continuing education credits for attendance. How Do I Report?
2) Unusually large sales of certain
Is there software available to help expedite
pharmacologicals (Imodium, flu
treatments, etc…)
3) Unusually large numbers
available to aid in the reporting process. Unfortunately, many are very expensive of people complaining of
1) Fill out a TDH reporting form and mail
and have compatibility issues. TDH is considering flu-like symptoms,
or fax to the Brazos County Health
testing various software packages for standardized especially when occurring
outside of the normal flu
(form available at http://www.tdh.state.tx.
Also, in the future the Brazos County Health Department hopes to provide a more user-friendly 2) Call the Brazos County Health


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