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Pediatric-Adolescent Headache Section
Meeting Minutes
Friday, June 8, 2007 (7:00am-8:00am)
Saturday, June 9, 2007 (3:00pm – 4:00pm)
Present: Andrew Hershey, MD, PhD, Chair; Anne Albers, RN, CPNP; Soe Mar, MD;
Alma Bicknese, MD; Ann Pakalnis, MD; Kimberly Gerhart, MD; Michael Sowell, MD;
Scott Powers, PhD, ABPP; Donald Lewis, MD; Marcy Yonker, MD; Kenneth Mack,
MD; Donna Kring, RN, CNP; Steven Leber, MD, PhD; Deanna Duggan, MS; Elza
Vasconcellos, MD; Jack Gladstein, MD; Steven Weisman, MD; Marielle Kabbouche,
MD; J. Alan Fry, MD; Alexander Rovner, MD
Staff: Andrea Taylor
I. Welcome and introduction to section
Dr. Hershey welcomed everyone to the meeting and introductions were made around the table. He gave a brief history of the section and explained that the Section at both meetings (Annual and Scottsdale) and the second Tuesday of the odd months at 9pm Eastern via conference call. II. Research activities
A. Obesity Study
1. Dr. Hershey explained the study and reviewed the basic results.
This study is coming to an end.
B. Longitudinal CDH Outcome
1. This study is being lead by Dr. Mack who explained it to the
2. Dr. Mack is awaiting IRB approval from Mayo. Once this is
obtained the protocol will be distributed to the study group. 3. This study is being considered as a retrospective study. However,
Dr. Vasconellos that it may be see as prospective. IRBS tend to be fickle 4. Dr. Mack explained that they are making sure that standards of
practice are similar with all care centers. 5. All centers should treat patients like they normally would and see
what happens after treatment. If care is altered then it becomes a prospective study. 6. Dr. Mack would like data from at least 10 sites.
Everyone should be collecting the same date and incorporate
8. Dr. Mack also explained the items that are being tracked for the
9. Anyone that is interested in participating in the CHD study can
contact Dr. Mack at C. Referral Pattern
1. Dr. Vasconcellos explained that this study is to determine what
types of children are being sent to each center. 2. IRB didn’t review this as being a retrospective study.
It was required to create a research subject info sheet to be filled out
4. She explained the survey (parent questionnaire)
5. Dr. Vasconellos works in Miami, which has a large Hispanic
population. The forms should be translated into Spanish. 6. This study is being conducted using the funds from a research grant
7. Anyone that is interested in participating in the Referral Pattern
study can contact Dr. Vasconcellos at 1. Dr. Kabbouche explained this study, which currently involves at
2. Results from PEDSMidas were originally not going to be used.
However, after Botox was administered, they went back to PEDSMidas and saw changes. 3. Anyone that is using Botox and is interested in the survey can email
Dr. Kabbouche at She is looking PEDSMidas results before and after Botox use. E. Emergency Department (ED) Management
1. Dr. Hershey explained that they would like to come up with
2. Dr. Kabbouche is taking the lead on this project. She can be
contacted at if you are interested in participating. 3. The goal is to look at the care given by ED physicians and come
4. What is done in the first stage of treatment? What is most
5. This study is a good way to see the variety of treatment options used
6. Dr. Lewis suggested having the guidelines followed in 5 – 10 EDs
7. Each attendee was asked for their first method of treatment.
a. Compazine – 14
Toradol – 14
Triptan – 1
Depacon – 3
e. Magnesium – 2
DHE – 4
Reglan – 2
Steroids – 2
Opioids – 1
F. Validation of Diagnostic Criteria
1. Dr. Hershey explained that this idea was brought up during the
previous conference call by Paul Winner, DO. 2. Standard way of validation – expert opinion and what fraction of
3. He asked the group which project they would rather request a grant
for and the consensus was the ED Management project. 4. Anyone interested in a validation study can email Andrea Taylor at

Respectfully submitted by:
Andrea Taylor & Molly Tritt


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